An Amazing Bedroom Makeover

I was checking out the designs for the One Room Challenge and was totally blown away by the master bedroom done by Design Daredevil’s Jessie Miller.   Such a glamorous, awesome, amazing room! See the before pictures and more detail shots on her blog.  The only thing missing? A copy of my book on those bookshelves (would look AMAZE.) Take a peek, and see how to get the look at the end!








Get the Look!


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  1. Jessie is from St. Louis! Represent. She also lives in the most stylish part of town, the CWE. She is def one to watch.

  2. That dog statue reminds me of the one in Joey and Chandler’s apartment on Friends! But really, this is gorgeous and I love the cool, unconventional artwork.

  3. Every square inch of this room is perfection! I’m so glad you found the One Room Challenge, Linda does such a great job! Are you jumping in in the spring???!!! BTW, adore your book and soaked it up in a cpl of hours!!! :)

  4. Are you sure you didn’t design this under an alias? Love it! That painting looked like yours from the book . Even down to the little touch of leopard. The only thing missing was stripes or a monogram.
    I just got my copy of your book (and read it twice this weekend). Yes, I loved it so much I had to read it again. It is not like any other design book I’ve ever read. And it si beautifully written. I can’t imagine how hard you worked putting this together.
    Thank you for giving us something so beautiful and personal.
    PS. Loved all the animal print accessories hiding in plain sight.

  5. What an honor to have my work featured on your blog Erin, especially on my birthday! Thank you so much!

    Your book would look PERFECT on those shelves. I designed them so she can easily switch them out, as she actually used the space as a reading nook – not just for looks. I’m pretty much positing Elements of Style will be living there one day and you will be the first to see a pic. XO

  6. This room is SERIOUSLY amazing! I adore everything about it, but most of all the juxtaposition of the modern/urban photography with the more traditional elements. That Adidas print is calling to me! Also, thanks for introducing me to a new design blog – I’m heading over to check out the archives now!

  7. Out of the whole ORC, this was definitely the one that blew me away the most! Such an absolutely incredible transformation. So glam and cozy, and the architectural details she added make such a difference. Truly so impressive!

  8. I agree I thought this was the most awesome of the One Room Challenges. What I was most impressed with was the addition of the architectural elements to the room like the molding, built ins, and marble mantel. Killer!!

  9. It’s a huge transformation but it’s totally not my style. I like black, white and gold but I like more white than black. I like more wood than metal. It’s just a little cold for my taste, though I can see why other people do like it. It is gorgeous in the details and lines and textures, maybe it’s just that I’ve seen this trend before and I’m getting a tad bored of it.

  10. OUT OF THE BALL PARK!!! I’m a “tweaker”….not one thing would I change with the addition of your book!!! franki p.s. “Canadian House and Home” is my FAV magazine!!! fmp

  11. This bedroom is absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing it with us. I agree, your book would look perfect in that room. Loved your book, I haven’t read for years, always so darn busy it seems, but it was great to sit back and relax. Thank you!

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