Etsy Find: Lola Donoghue

I sometimes struggle with when to keep really, really good finds to myself.  And almost 100% of the time I end up caving and sharing because I love you guys, I’m a big blabbermouth and I love to help people find awesome stuff.  If someone compliments me on something I’m wearing and it’s a total find, I’ll be the first person to be like “OMG! It’s from Target! 20 bucks! Can you believe it? Go get one!”  No playing it cool around here…

My latest Etsy art find was one of these examples.  Finding great, affordable art that is truly beautiful is hard, especially on Etsy.  Enter Lola Donoghue, an Irish artist whose prints you can buy large scale for a reasonable price (and some originals too)! I love the colors, patterns and feel of these works.  Here’s a selection of her stuff- go check her out!













  1. Agree – Etsy is a black hole. There’s just so much to sift through that’s it’s hard to narrow it down and get to the REALLY good stuff (which is definitely there!). These are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Eccoing what Jackie (York Avenue) said, but I get my desired fill of ‘antiquing in Pairs’ with a simple search. Adding her to my favorites now.

  3. I love these! Thanks for sharing! Sometimes I think Etsy has so much to offer that finding something really great is like finding something amazing at TJ MAxx…. it takes a little digging but it pays off.

  4. We can’t help it, it is in our blood to want to help everyone look better and feel better about themselves, both in home and on a personal level. I think if you are born to create beauty( like you were) you have to share. I for one, am very glad that you share your finds with us. YOU are my go-to gal for fashion and classic style with flair!!! Keep spreading the love!!!

  5. Love Etsy! You can find so many great things on there. A lot of things are hand made and very unique – things you don’t find anywhere else! You can also work with sellers to customize your products. I especially love looking for pillows and home décor items.

  6. Love the paintings and love Etsy! Like Pinterest, I can get stuck on Etsy for hours because there’s so much to look at!


  7. Love this artist!

    I live in Southern Ontario in Canada and just purchased your book and congratulations! What a beautiful book that is full of your great tips – I love the size of the book (clever) as one can hold it comfortably and a cup of vino (or cafe)…. Thanks!

  8. You are so funny! I have a David Yurman knock-off chain necklace that I bought at Scotts Antique Market in Atlanta for $40. Why, when I’m complimented, can’t I just say, ‘thank you”, rather than, ‘it’s fake. Got it at Scotts for $40!

  9. These photos are very exciting…always on the “look out” for new material. You’re one of the best!! franki

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