The Holiday Kitchen: Must Haves from Sur La Table & Nespresso

We are approaching a VERY busy time in most kitchens- even if you aren’t hosting a holiday gathering, my guess is you still are doing a good bit of cooking and baking.  I love all the nesting that goes on this time of year- from the decorating to cookie making, and so to kick off the season I partnered with Sur La Table to gather up some of my must have items and got pretty crafty with a Christmas cookie project (I’m still wiping up icing)….

We have a Sur La Table right by my house and it’s our go-to spot for all our kitchen ware- in face I oh-so- dangerously put a new chef’s knife from them in Andrew’s stocking last year (no blood was shed, I promise).  Here are a few of my must-haves fro the holidays (or anytime really!)

1. I love the look of a copper teakettle- I have this one on my stove. // 2. A must have dutch oven- loving this one in gold and black // 3.  The perfect pair of nice knives is all you really need! // 4. This roasting laurel is perfect for your holiday turkeys- plus it looks adorable! // 5. Also for your turkey- an amazing maple glaze // 6. Gold rimmed champagne coupes to toast the holidays! **also a great gift! // 7. Fancy grey salt- a key staple for cooking (and eating) // 8. A gorgeous cutting and serving board **also a great gift  // 9.  We picked this slicer and dicer up and already LOVE it- makes prep work so much easier! // 10. The most darling Eiffel Tower cookie cutter // 11. Black and white striped dishtowels are a must for cleaning but also look great (these grace my kitchen) // 12. GORGEOUS gold cutlery to set the table with // 13. Essential bakeware for casseroles, sides and such. //14. No time for “from scratch”? I think Stonewall Kitchen has THE BEST mixes // 15. New baking essentials for the slew of treats you need to prepare // 16. Rosemary topiaries make PERFECT kitchen decor by looking pretty but also for cooking (and a wonderful housewarming gift for all the parties you go to this time of year!)

And what keeps me fueled this time of year? Cooooofffffeeeeeee.


On our counter right now is the new Nespresso VertuoLine machine which makes not only the espresso Nespresso is famous for, but also regular size coffee as well- giving you many options for your guests this holiday time! The machine can detect the smaller espresso pods from the larger coffee ones and pours out your ideal beverage. And what goes best with coffee? COOKIES.  I decided to get all Martha Stewart and make some rolled sugar cookies in a shape that makes ME giddy- the Eiffel Tower.  Using the cookie cutter from above and this easy and delicious recipe I got to work….


Thank goodness for parchment paper when it comes to large, delicate cookies like these!


Even plain, they looked so fabulous cooling off. :)


So, one of my most magical memories was the first time I went to Paris and Andrew and I took a dinner tour on a Bateaux Mouches boat and while sipping champagne we looked up and all of the sudden all the lights on the Eiffel Tower flickered on and sparkled. I may/ may not have shed a tear.  So I wanted my Eiffel cookies to sparkle too!  After dying some simple cookie icing black I piped on some detail and then sprinkled silver sparkle sugar on it.  I must admit, I was kind of impressed with myself.


But they didn’t look Christmas-y enough so I piped on some wreaths! A merry Christmas from Paris!



Andrew had been waiting patiently for one of these (and it PAINS me to let anyone eat them after all that work, but that’s what they are for right??)


The perfect little snack. :)



Each one packaged up in a cellophane bag and tied off with a cute bow make for a great tiny gift! Voila!


*This post sponsored in part by Nespresso & Sur La Table.


  1. You can bake! endless talent! :)Going to try this recipe…my cookies always come out on the “plump” side….

  2. I assumed you bought these from an upscale (and terribly stylish) bakery. But no, you made them yourself. Color me impressed! I do not do any roll out cookies anymore, but you make these look so stunning.
    And yes, they do look like the Eiffel tower at that magical moment when all the lights shimmer.

    1. PS I forgot you were an art major. Of course you can whip out decorated cookies like this with one icing bag tied behind your back!

  3. It’s absolutely FREEZING in Toronto today, so I’m starting to come around the fact that the holidays are upon us. Fully embracing Starbucks red aprons and festive drinks, thinking about Christmas shopping – your post is a timely one!

  4. WOW – those cookies are seriously impressive. I think i’d get bored after doing about 3 cookies.

    do you like the nespresso machine over a keurig? my husband doesn’t love keurigs for some reason, I do like the convenience and ease of them in theory – but thinking maybe a nespresso machine would be a better fit!

      1. My husband loves the Nespresso…dislikes the Keurig. If you go into Sur La Table, they will let you sample the Nespresso coffees!

      2. Great – thanks! I think we will go sample! makes sense to spend more if we like it instead of spending $4-$8 a day at Starbucks!

  5. Hi Erin!

    I have been a long time fan of your blog and have to say how excited I was today to see that you gave a shout out to Stonewall Kitchen! I work on developing our baking mixes and my friend, another long time fan of yours, designs the packaging. We are so excited you love our products!

    PS – I recently purchased your book and it’s fantastic! Congratulations! :)

  6. Your cookies came out great! I love everything in this post. My mother has had that very copper kettle for over 15 years and, although the protective shield around the coils did come off at some point, it continues to deliver boiling water for her tea at least twice every day!

  7. I love my Nespresso machine! It’s literally the first thing I do in the morning. Best purchase we’ve made and I can’t imagine ever having to be without out it (ok, that was dramatic – but you get the point).

  8. Just ordered 2 items from your Sur la Table recommendations: the Eiffel Tower cookie cutter (tres bon!) and the Laurel Roasting Rack (or whatever the heck it’s called). Bought one of each for moi and more for stocking stuffers. Thanks for the timely post, Erin.

  9. So talented, mini Martha! I would kill for that Nespresso machine! If you like cracked out espresso, try their Cuban coffee variety it’s crazy strong and so close to kind you get in Little Havana!

  10. Hi Erin,
    I just purchased your book and while snowed in this past weekend, I pulled up my chair to the fire and read it cover to cover.

    What impressed me the most is your honest style and how you just said what you said. That type of writing and vulnerability is most refreshing.

    I’m a small town girl and I like it when wonderful decorating photos can be coupled with zero bullshit! I am now following your blog and look forward to more!

  11. Those are super cute! We have a Sur La Table down the street from us and it’s a hard shop to walk out of without buying anything. I need to whip out my icing set I got earlier this year and start baking! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Um, I would totally pay money for one of those cookies if I saw them in a bakery! I’m such a sucker for all things Paris/French, so you know I now need that cookie cutter in my life! :-)

  13. Those cookies are absolutely gorgeous! I am loving all of the gold flatware and just purchased four place settings…


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