I Want to Go To There: Babylonstoren

I’ve been dreaming of a getaway ever since returning from the book tour and came across the most MAGICAL place in South Africa that made me think that a stay there would change my life (granted, I also get that feeling sometimes at Whole Foods when loading up my cart with kale and organic face cream- a NEW LIFE!)
Babylonstoren is an one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms close to Cape Town. Renovated and made into a simply beautiful hotel, spa and working farm (not to mention the lauded restaurant and winery) it looks like a little slice of heaven.  Be prepared for some SERIOUS eye candy!

I love the Dutch architecture and gorgeous vistas.


1395240439-2014 WEB HOTEL


The rooms and baths are modern and simple. The all white scheme makes you just say “ahhhhhh…”






So much of the decor and branding here reflects the Delft Blue china that was found when excavating the gardens (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE)



There are many spaces for events as well…



I mean, wine and then farm animals? This is my kinda place.


I just LOVE the large graphics in the restaurant.




1412681684-WEB UPDATE 2014 BABEL 4 SALADS

How beautiful is this???


Yes, I’ll take a slice of this.



The incredible gardens.



An “insect hotel”. I’m serious.



When exploring the gardens you can take a little respite in this “nests” (um, AWESOME.)


The winery…



And when your done eating, hiking, exploring the garden, tasting wine, sitting by the pool, watching them make break and olive oil and petting the animals, you can get a massage here.

1395233446-WEB UPDat 2014 SPA BAMBOO ROOM


Hey Santa, note this one. ;)



  1. It looks amazing! I remember seeing photos one of my favorite photographers, Kate Murphy, took on her vacation there and it’s been a bucket list dream trip ever since. And oddly enough, some of the photos above remind me of The Wild Rabbit, also featured on EOS before!

  2. Is that guy in the last frame wearing a leopard Speedo? But I digress. Back to work. ;-0

    P.S. Thanks for the eye candy escape on a rainy Monday.

  3. One winery we visited in Winelands (the area you’re featuring) had goats! Goats climbing all over their own little mini mountain. I also remember seeing Calla lilies growing everywhere like weeds (really cool upscale weeds of course).
    If this sets your heart beating faster, you should consider some of the safari camps. Oh my, I was living my fantasy from “Out of Africa” … sans Robert Redford to shampoo my hair by the river.

  4. Amazing! Did you see this on Slim Paley’s blog? She visits the MOST amazing places. I lengthen my bucket list every time she posts about her travels. Just want to stowaway in her suitcase…

  5. I was there last spring and it is even prettier in person! Cape Town and this area were both just amazing. And the exchange rate makes it the PERFECT time to go!!!

  6. My husband and I visited there on our “Babymoon” this summer! It is indeed as gorgeous as it looks! Go for a visit during one of those looooong Boston winters, as it will be summer at the farm!

  7. Ah, you knew I would have to comment! And I have been there! It really was so gorgeous and although we did not get to stay there, we just did lunch, drank some wine, walked around and ooh-ed and ahed at the Cape Dutch buildings, cheese room etc etc. and the kids ate the best sorbet ever! Remember if you ever go to Cape Town my sister would love to be your personal tour guide for a day :-) I’m seeing her in two weeks and will be giving her your signed book. Now go ahead and book that trip!

    1. Hi Erin, This is one of our favourites in the Cape! When you come to cape Town, I will arrange for you to meet the owner, Karen Roos. You will be blown away by her. She is style personified! Can’t wait to receive my copy of your book, gifted to me by my awesome sister. Lots of love x

  8. Am I the only one who could mention the vast economic and social disparity that still exists in every corner of South Africa? Thank you for this lovely post, but remember it is simply a corner of a world that simply cannot and does not exist for so many.

    1. Claire, I find this to be true of most of the countries I have visited in the world. Come and spend some real time in SA, and you may find your opinions change somewhat .

  9. Babel the restaurant at Babylonstoren is magical — this was the most amazing meal and day of a magical two week safari and wine trip two years ago — this is a must … the people, the food, the beauty of the area – all incredible.

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