Black Beauty.

As you know, I just renovated my kitchen two years ago and it is awesome. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fantasize about OTHER kitchens. Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with fancy, vintage styled black ranges seen in glorious homes the world over.  I don’t think this is our forever house (I still harbor dreams of renovating a truly antique homes somewhere I can have  baby pygmy goats) and I like to think by then perhaps one of these ranges would be involved in said country house. :)

Take a peek for some yummy inspiration….



This modern/ rustic kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Design has long been a Pinterest favorite of mine. The beams, the floor, the windows….I could go on and on….



If I hallucinated my dream kitchen it would certainly look like this one.


A smaller scale version, equally as stunning…


Look at all that brass, baby.



So cozy. :)







For the look found in MOST of these photos you’d have to invest (and I mean INVEST) in a La Cornue or Lacanche range.  They are about the price of a car. The one challenge to the modern day cook- no glass doors to peek in at the “is it burning?” status of your baked goods.  Having never cooked on one, I’m not sure just how difficult this is…. but damn it sure is pretty.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.36.56 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 4.29.16 PM

Viking and Bertazzoni make gorgeous ranges that have some of the vintage detailing while having some more modern conveniences.

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And Smeg makes some really great looking ranges in a slightly more reasonable price point.

TRU90BL classic-range-oven-60cm-smeg-co61gma

Also there is a brand I’ve never heard of, ILVE, that has STUNNING choices!

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Any of you have a range like this??? Or ever cooked on one? Do share if so! I’m so curious!

Also, check in tomorrow for the final reveal of my master suite and addition! So excited to share with you!




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  1. Yes, I agree those kitchens are amazing but I’m obsessing over the tunic that the woman in the first picture is wearing – love it! Where can I get it? I’d love to see a post on similar, uber-cool tunics or as I like to call them, modern-fancy-housedresses…. ;-)

      1. That’s Dianna Agron from Glee and her home featured in Domaine. Maybe they have info on the dress there? Also, if you email them I’m sure they’d be able to track it down for you :).

  2. You are killing me with these kitchens! I love the black/white look but you know what really slays me are those steel frame windows. No second opinion on that. Have a great Christmas Erin with your wonderful husband and furry friends. I am enjoying your book…looks great on my coffee table.
    Much love and good health to you and yours.

    1. I had no idea that this was your kitchen! I stumbled upon a picture of your sink a few weeks ago and used it on our marketing for a Farmhouse sink giveaway that my remodeling company did last week. Fun to finally see more of your kitchen! Beautiful!

      Here’s where I had your picture and it was the featured image on our facebook link :)

      Excited to keep following your website now that I know about it!

    2. I pinned your kitchen earlier today! I’m pretty sure you have my dream kitchen (maybe life…MS in Historic Preservation??? Please tell me that you have found a way to make a handsome living with your degree so I can convince my other half to agree to me going back to school and dumping this pesky lawyer job!) I love your blog and am officially adding it to my daily list! (Right after EOS, naturally!)

  3. Just love these! And I agree with Angie that the black steel frame windows are one of my wishes. Merry Christmas to you and Andrew. So love your book!

  4. I have an incredibly old black Jenn Air range and suddenly I feel like I’m AHEAD of the curve … the curve being the ubitquitous stainless steel.
    Now my fantasy kitchen is open air pavilion in Bali overlooking the rice paddies. I’m ignoring the pesky monkeys and mosquitos in my fantasy…

  5. All gorgeous Erins. These kitchens just feel so right and full of the delights every cook will love! I do like to be able to see inside without opening the door while baking.

    Introducing Jewelry Designer Brady Legler!

  6. What’s the real deal with La Cornue? We are thinking of getting one, but I’ve read that they are not very well made and heat unevenly. I see one poster has had a very positive experience with hers, which makes me feel better…

    1. Hi Lucy! Saw your comment – It is literally the best stove/oven I have ever cooked with in my life! I will never go back to anything else. I am constantly recommending La Cornue’s to my clients, and they too have had the best experiences. It does cook quite hot, as I said above, so you do have to adjust cooking times – but unevenly? Never! I have a CornueFe 90 and highly recommend that or the CornueFe 110 depending on the size of your kitchen. Hope this helps!

  7. LOVE this! Is it weird that I am getting the keys to my brand new house tomorrow (one year in the making!) but I’m already thinking of my next “dream kitchen”?!

    I went with “all white everything” this time with an industrial looking 36″ gas range, but I think next time I’ll go for something like this. Thanks for the inspiration, once again, Erin. You rock! Bisous from Montréal! :-)

  8. I have two list in my head a dream list, this is a list of things I love to think about but realize I won’t be getting in this lifetime, but a girl has to dream so that doesn’t bother me at all. Then I have my someday list, this is something that I really want in my future and is attainable. These lovelies would have to stay on my dream list, but oh how I love looking at them. I too have wanted a vintage stove, but mine is a 1940-50’s wedgewood. I had one when I first got married and oh I wish I knew then what I know now and it would still be with me.
    Fun post, loved the black beauties!!

  9. I researched for months before I bought my Blue Star. It’s a gorgeous black with copper accents. Definitely not the cheapest thing out there, but much less expensive than their stylish competitors!

  10. Love all these kitchens! We’ll be remodeling/renovating our kitchen within the next few years so I love looking at inspiration kitchens for ideas!! Your kitchen is a huge source of inspiration for me (in addition to your whole house and book too!)! Is there any way you could provide a link for the Viking range you included above??

  11. Love all these kitchens! My kitchen mostly white and a little black – I would love to find a way to pull in some brass in a small way. Any ideas?

  12. Oh Erin, girl, you crack me up! Also, funny story, the house we just bought in Chapel Hill has pygmy goats & chickens next door, you are welcome to come visit anytime! There’s plenty of space (& might need your help!!) XO

  13. My MIL has a Lacanche and in my opinion it is an overpriced PITA. 2 ovens, but 1 is pint-sized. The control knobs are more decorative than functional. No oven windows is a big drawback. Lighting the burners is also overly complicated. These Cadillac-style ranges are not workhorses, but then again, some folks are in it for the bling.

  14. Love these vintage style ranges, however, we just tried using one in a client’s kitchen and the biggest issue was the interior space/dimensions. My client loves to cook and even in the largest La Cornue, there wasn’t enough room for her roasting pan. We did not look into ILVE though, so I will have to check those out. Great finds, as always!

  15. I have an Ilve Majestic range/oven, in navy blue. I considered strongly both the La Cornue and the Ilve, which is basically an Italian version of the La Cornue. The La Cornue actually has a fairly small interior space, and very little bells and whistles. The Ilve, at a lower price point, has a larger interior, a wok ring, rotisserie, pizza oven, light, and a WARMING DRAWER. It’s on my Pinterest board too but it is an awesome purchase, so happy with it!

  16. I have a La Cornue Range and it is BY FAR the best stove I have ever had! Mine is black with brass accents. I will NEVER get any other range but a La Cornue. Worth every penny!

  17. Just read some of the comments about the interior space on the La Cornue. I have never found space a problem. Have hosted 2 Thanksgiving dinners and cooked 23 lb. turkeys both times. No issues.

    1. Sorry for the multiple posts. Just wanted to mention how much I DISLIKED my Viking stove. I had so many problems with them that I would never go through the aggravation again. Uneven cooking times and expensive repairs.

  18. Curious if anyone else has a bertazzoni? I re-did my kitchen last year and bought the 36″ 5 burner gas oven and could not be more disappointed. It cooks so unevenly, takes forever to heat up- and doesn’t even accurately set to the temperature on the knob. It looks good, and was a lot less $$$ than the fancy ones, but functionality has been extremely disappointing…would love to know if anyone else has had similar feelings….

    1. We have a Bertazonni, the red one. While I am happy with our choice (it’s something no else has around here! And we got it, with matching hood, on mega sale since the store ordered the wrong size for a client) I clicked excitedly to read more about pretty stoves, since I’m already planning our next kitchen. We’ve used our stove for about a year now and I do have some minor complaints that I can’t voice around my husband. I hate, hate, hate our power burner. It’s the only one I have trouble getting to light. I have to count to ten, then let go and hope it works. Good luck if someone else tries. And it tends to go out a lot when down very low. I haven’t had any complaints about the how the burners cook, though, and I am pleased about that. I also didn’t expect the oven to be smaller than all my other ovens. I hate the rack placement (either too high or too low, if you have both racks in, but you often need to have both racks in: frustrating). I like to be able to cook a couple of things at the same time, if needed. And this really doesn’t allow me to do so. A minor complaint, which I can solve by using my cooking time more wisely. I have no complaints about how the oven cooks; it heats quickly and evenly. I do miss having a digital temperature readout and a timer right on the stove, but I love how beautiful my stove looks and how easy it is to use. And I clean it a lot more to keep it looking pretty. Bottom line: I like my Bertazonni but I will be upgrading to one of the ones Erin featured, for our next stove.

  19. I have the LaCornue 90. It’s great. I agree about the interior size of them. I actually have another wall oven because I couldn’t do a turkey in the 110. There are neat features that I wouldn’t have expected (like a defrost setting) and the low and high burners are very nice. I’ll be honest that I don’t use the oven often but the look and use are both great. Now i’m really rethinking the black vs. white!

  20. Completely off topic but I just opened up the latest (Jan 2015) issue of FAMILY CIRCLE magazine and there you are! Page 18 talking about personal style and your favorite things … hint, it wasn’t “whiskers on kittens”, yes, leopard strikes again. Erin, you’re everywhere.
    Congrats. Erin T. Gates is saving the world from bad taste, one leopard pillow at a tme.
    P.S. I’m leaning on a leopard pillow as I write. ..

  21. Great kitchen inspirations you have here! Black is really quite trendy nowadays and you shouldn’t hesitate to go for it if you want it for your own kitchen or any room at home even. It’s just fab! Couple it with gold and it’s a winner! And those ranges – guess such beauties certainly come with massive price tags though.

  22. See…it is FINALLY getting “hot”…”trendy”…all those “catchy” words…I LOVE my black appliance and cupboards, etc. kitchen. It works for me. That first photo…perfection. For aesthetics, I think that Bertazzoni is “da bomb!” Waiting for your “reveal!!!” franki

  23. I have a 55″ LaCanche Range and I LOVE IT!!!! I love the small ovens and the range itself is amazing. I went into the European market for a range with no computer controls and I loved the LaCanche look. LaCanche really is on par with WOLF money wise – maybe a little more or a little less depending on what appliance options you would choose from WOLF. They are made to order – cannot say enough about it…. I am a kitchen designer and I always recommend the LaCanche. Most people end up in Wolf rangetop and double ovens… I think dividing the 2 functions into 2 different appliances is out of date. You take up valuable wall space with a double ovens… Just thought I would let you know that they cook amazing and look amazing. … La Cornue’s are the price of a luxury car. LaCanche can be less than a car or a baseline car. :)

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