An Antiques Wonderland

I saw a story about Alex MacArthur’s home in Elle Decor and just HAD to look into it more. Alex is an antiques dealer/ guru in London and her home also serves as her shop and showroom! It’s the coolest concept! The whole place is like Disneyland for antique junkies like myself!  Just take a peek into this treasure trove and check out her website for current items for sale! You can also gather a lot of decorating inspiration from every corner of her home!


My mom will be SO jealous of this antler collection (she has her own started in her laundry room.)



Those mirrors are slaying me.



Adorable idea for a set of worn stairs you don’t want to carpet- paint a wide “runner” stripe down the center!


Love the color scheme here!


INSANE butterfly collection. Adore!


Want to vault into the tub?


THIS ROOM. Everything about this room. Just perfect.


Can we discuss those sconces? May I please have them?


Amazing. That sink. That mirror on the subway tile. Sigh.


Another version of the bathroom shown above sans pommel horse.  I like this version MUCH better. :)


All of it. The architectural detail too.



That tub!!!!!


I didn’t know how much I needed butterflies in a dome. But I do.


I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday! I’m going to take the next two days off but I’ll be back Friday!  Have a safe, happy, healthy Christmas!




  1. Nice counterpoint to the minimalistic modern all windows decor of a few days ago. Both are beautfiul. Love the way they live with everything they love…

  2. Just “spotted” adorable niece and jacket on instagram. I . want. that. coat. Will she barter for it?

  3. Just received my issue yesterday, and as i casually flipped through the issue I literally bolted upright when I got to this story! Amazing! Love every inch of this home/shop! So glad you posted about it. Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Merry Christmas Erin and Andrew!
    Thank you for bringing me so many hours of reading pleasure all year. Your book is an absolute favorite and this blog is one of the best out there.
    Hope your holidays are blessed with comfort and joy.

  5. Erin please forgive. You and Paloma are at the top of my list of favorites!
    Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!

    The Arts by Karena

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  7. Omg. That is all one house?! Can you imagine living amongst all of that history? How incredible. Thanks so much for sharing this space — it is truly the epitome of inspiring!

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