Fashion Friday: Holiday Event Dressing

There are SO many types of holiday events in the coming weeks and so I wanted to throw together some outfit options for different kinds of parties you might be attending!  From an urban dressy-casual look (my personal favorite- that blazer!) to more formal parties and everything in between!


Blazer // Jeans (amazing fit) // Cami // Clutch // Earrings // Heels // Luminizer


Dress // Vest // Boots (die-want) // Bag // Earrings


Top // Scarf // Pants // Shoes // Clutch // Earrings


Jacket (hello…) // Dress (adore- I wore in white on tour) // Shoes // Necklace // Clutch

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Time to get all that shopping done! :)




  1. Erin,

    Geez, such a fan of your blog. But-so much selling of stuff lately… also- little misleading that you don”t say upfront that you are receiving a cut of the proceeds from sales on items listed. some blogs do, I think most people don’t realize that you are making money…

    1. I don’t mind these kinds of links, especially since I enjoy the guides. Unlike sponsored blog posts, Erin is not trying to push a particular product even if she doesn’t like it. These are her choices, and if you happen to buy them, she gets a small commission. Putting out a high-quality blog post every day is a lot of work, so I don’t have a problem with that.

    2. I completely agree with Beth. You’re having someone cull the vast expanse of the internet for you and pick out wonderful, stylish, unique items – and in this case, suggest entire outfits for you – for free. You’d pay a stylist, personal shopper, or personal assistant to do the same work. Erin may make a commission for her linked content, but you’re not paying a dime more for these items, so who cares?

      Honestly, I’m so bored with all the manufactured outrage lately over the idea that bloggers have found a way to monetize their hard work.

      But, hey, Happy Holidays!

      1. Ditto to Beth and Morgan! Let’s also not forget that this is Erin’s blog, she is not writing it solely on the whim of pleasing individuals but what gives HER inspiration and joy . I always enjoy the outfits, interior design, recipes and advice I find here. I think its great she finds a way to make a little moolah for all the hard work and effort and FREE advice she puts in. If it bothers you so much, don’t click and buy from the link.

    3. I don’t care that Erin makes money off of these posts, but I like to read design blogs for home design ideas, not clothing & gift ideas. I find them all together very boring. But to each their own.

      Off to read about design.

    4. Really? My response to Erin making money for being my personal shopper: thanks, Erin, you’re a great personal shopper! And thanks JCrew/ShopBob/Stella and Dot/etc. for paying for my personal shopper!

  2. Thank you Erin! As always, perfect style. I bought the red dress in blue after I saw you in the white! Now wish I had the white to wear at Christmas!!

  3. Erin – I am loving your boards for holiday fashion and gift guides. Mostly classic choices with a few unexpected selections. You gave some great ideas for buying for the men in my life…. husband, teenage son, brother and nephew. I appreciate that you also include some very affordable options as well. [e.g., the Old Navy knit hat from earlier this week…!] Keep up the great work.

  4. WOW. I am in love with all of these outfit ideas! You always pull together the greatest outfits! Merry Christmas xo

  5. Love your picks! I have several of these items or very similar ones. Those Mother jeans may be expensive, but they are worth every single penny.

  6. Is it weird that I feel like you are my personal shopper sometimes? LOVE all of these picks!! Especially that chunky sweater dress- need asap!

  7. For some reason, I’ll admit that it bothers me as well that practically all your links for products result in a commission for you. Then I remind myself that blogging is business too and, for some, it is an entire career. It’s part of how you earn a living. Blogging has changed in its relatively young life and there are clearly now ways to make doing what you love pay off. When I think of it that way, the r style links and sponsored posts make perfect and totally fair sense.

    The main thing I wanted to say, however, and the thing I most like about your blog (and you) is that day after day, you produce content. Other than holidays and weekends, I can reliably click on the EOS blog and see something that wasn’t there the day before. And you’ve done it for years. I don’t read that many blogs, but the ones I do cannot be relied upon to have a new entry each day. I love much of your content, but that’s not why I’m a fan. It’s because it’s there each and every day. Impressive and unique.

  8. I had a quick question about holiday dressing: what’s your stance on hosiery when wearing a knee-length dress? I’m attending a wedding next week and not sure what to do…I normally wear tights and boots with dresses in the winter but that’s a bit too casual look for a wedding…

    1. Is the dress black? I love wearing sheer black hosiery and a rounded toe black pump in suede in the winter to formal affairs. That said, I rock bare legs a lot too and just run really fast from the car to the venue! :)

      1. It’s navy so the sheer black hose might work since my shoes are black. I might get out the self-tanner to see if I can just go bare…my legs are really scary white right now! Thanks for the response! Really enjoy your blog, read it daily and follow you on Instagram. You’ve got great style – and the dogs!! Love them!

  9. LOVE these picks, thanks for sharing this!! I have a lot of these items already in my closet, but seeing how to pair them is the most important part! Thanks for always guiding us to dress classy and fabulous : )

  10. I don’t care what you get for posting your fabulous ideas…..I love the outfits and since we have very similar taste I enjoy seeing what you put together. Great job!
    I bought the Lands End anchor sweater you suggested for our little pup and it came in yesterday. OMG it is amazing…..
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  11. Well I personally love these posts! Keep it up, Erin! You have a lot of people out there that value your insight – I could care less if you’re getting paid or not. Merry Christmas :)

  12. If I head to a store, and the sales person suggests a dress for me – they get commission on that sale. If I buy a dress Erin suggestions – I HOPE she gets a kick back. Whenever I’m a store and they ask “did anyone help you today?” I always tell them the name of an employee, even if it’s just the person that unlocked the dressing room. The staff member should get rewarded for helping me make a purchase and for their effort. I look at these affiliate links much the same way – Erin, I consider you the ultimate shopping guide!

    Thanks for helping me weed through a bunch of options and make great style choices so much easier! Love your blog, as always.

    1. Great point, Shannon. I agree. I always tell the cashier who helped me.

      Most people have no idea how much work goes into published a blog like EOS where there is a new post M-F. Also, this is not her only job. She’s a designer.

      Clearly, Ms. Gates doesn’t sleep. :)

  13. I have got no problem with you receiving a commission as providing quality content for a blog is hard work. As a SAHM, I just wish I could afford your suggestions, but I love seeing them just the same.

  14. Just wanted to add my two cents about the value of Erin’s suggestions. Yesterday, I purchased the Lancome eye-makeup remover, because of Erin’s recommendation. One use later, and I am hooked! This is not the first time I have purchased something because of her suggestion-it saves me a lot of trial and error, and I sure hope Erin is reaping some reward from it!

    1. I am sorry to read so many negative comments. Many blogs are doing gift giving ideas. I think a lot of grouchy people are planning a miserable holiday.

  15. Erin, could you do a review of the SJP Gelsey flat? I am thinking about buying a pair and I would love your input.

    1. They are awesome- very comfy but two things: the bottom is leather so no walking in the rain and there is very minimal cushioning if you prefer shoes with lots of cushion. But I think they are heaven- butter soft and from first wear never hurt!

      1. Erin, thank you so much. I have a pair of Tieks that I like but want another pair of flats that are a bit different and I love an almond toe. I’m trying to decide between the sjps, porcellis, or repettos. Your opinion was so helpful. Thanks again.

  16. I never understand why people critique your blog. I try so hard to understand; I really do. “Maybe they’re trying to be helpful…” “Maybe they think they’re providing a service by giving Erin insight into the psyche of a dissatisfied fan…” But here’s what I keep coming back to: if you’re a fan, just be supportive and enjoy, and if you’re not, go somewhere else.

    1. Perhaps the first poster is just trying to keep things honest. We all have to make a living but I work in an industry where full disclosure is the law. Sometimes I wish that law applied to other industries also to level the playing field.

      1. It’s a blog. What playing field are we leveling? You, the consumer, are not paying more because of it…so why do you care?

  17. Erin, you work so hard to create amazing content every day – you make it seem effortless and easy, but I know it’s not. You absolutely deserve any kickbacks you get and then some!

  18. Bah Humbug! Negative comments and non-constructive criticism are really uncalled for. Erin, you do such an amazing job with this blog- I really hope you pay no mind to the Scrooges of the world.

    On a side note- hoping you will do a Fashion Friday review of the Royal’s trip to NYC! 2 of my favorite guilty pleasures: reading Fashion Friday at work and obsessing over Kate Middleton’s hair.

  19. Loving all of your options! I’m looking forward to putting a great outfit together for a party we have next weekend…

  20. Just spotted your wrapping photos on instagram … maybe a post about gift wrapping in style? I’m more of a “shove it in a gift bag” person as I’ve gotten a little lazy.
    PS. I also really appreciate your posting five days a week with interesting content. Actually I wish you’d take more days off and goof off a little.

  21. Erin, what size of the white dress do you wear? I want to buy the red one but I’m not sure if I should get size 2 or 4. I’m 5’5″ and 120lbs. Thanks!
    BTW, love all your fashion posts!!! You rock girl!

  22. Get those commissions girl! I, too, love that you post daily. Never stop please. Unless you really need to for sanity or a baby- we would totally understand.

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