Fashion Friday: White Jeans in Winter

Oh yes you can.

I love me some good white jeans, in fact I have four pairs in my closet, and I hate that I’m not “supposed” to wear them after Labor Day.  But guess what? Rules were meant to be broken- and the fashion elite agree with me!  Just check out all this winter white inspiration!

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So here are some ways to get this look! The key is textural layers (knits, fur, suede, leather, wool) and keeping the colors you pair it with either natural or black.  There are some richer “winter white” jeans available too that really look fabulous in chilly weather, but you can also rock those summer whites too! (And side note about this J.Crew stretch merino sweater I featured twice- it’s awesome– like a thick wool tee that you can layer and is snug is the right places and loose in the others I don’t want snug! And it’s 40% off today! I’m going to get even more!)


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. (more sizes here too) // 6.


1. // 2. // 3. (yep, same as above in another color- it’s SO good) // 4.(on sale!) // 5. // 6. // 7.


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.


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  1. Loving it!! White breaks up the darkness of winter. I love all three but the editor especially! The pic of the 2 women under the umbrella is the perfect one, specifically the woman on the right with the navy shirt and blazer. Effortless!! And there is something about European women- why are they able to put things together so wonderfully and looking like it was no effort at all?! :) have a great day!

  2. Love! I wore a similar look to the editor yesterday-black faux fur vest, statement necklace, black turtleneck when a woman called me out about my white jeans. HA! I will send her to this blog post.
    Agree with you Katie Dana, it breaks up the darkness of winter.

  3. Just bought 3 of those JCrew sweaters, they are 40% of with the promo code listed. Thanks Erin, love these looks and love your blog.

      1. erin – do you find that in the past few years JCrew sweaters pill more? I have gone through 3 Minnie sweaters and keep buying because I love the style and fit but they seem to only get one winter before they go to Salvation Army. I dry clean…. wondering if you (or anyone) has input.

      2. Emily, totally agree about the JCrew sweaters. I gave away a ton of them this year as I find even their cashmere to be a bit wanting. My daughter uses a sweater stone that she swears by for removing pilling.

  4. I have been rocking my white pants from summer, into fall, and now into winter. I can’t tell you how many comments I get about “wearing white after Labor Day”…from GUYS. So funny. I love this look and think it is so classic.

  5. As an author of etiquette books, I fully approve this message!! And these style choices. Love white w/ camel, and love fisherman sweaters. (Though I did try that particular one on and it didn’t love me back, sadly.)

      1. Love it! Refer anyone who calls you out for wearing white after labor day to this blog post and the response from Emily Post herself!

  6. I love white jeans anytime. Alas, I can never wear them at home. No matter how much I clean my sofa (and have a designated cat sleeping pad) there will ALWAYS be black and white cat hair in my favortie spot. Always.
    So put on white jeans and bolt for the door.

  7. I love this idea. This actually makes more sense than wearing them in the summer. Ohio summers are too humid for jeans and when its cooler its usually raining so I’m too afraid to get them muddy.

  8. I wish my Canadian winters looked like these photos! I love white jeans, but here, those would be splattered black, snow cougar style, the second you walked out the door. I’m jealous of your winter fashion!

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