Good Things Come in Small Packages

Shelter magazines have been letting me down lately- a bevy of them just full of way too lofty, astronomically high end and even flat out disappointing features. I was delighted to find the new issue of House Beautiful to be quite interesting this month though- one I didn’t just absentmindedly flip through! A total mix of styles and sizes, I found myself looking at it a couple times and reading more of the articles, which honestly I haven;t felt compelled to do in a while!

My favorite space was the smallest one- which is no surprise as I LOVE tiny things. Tiny houses, tiny animals– you name it, if it’s super small I am ON BOARD.  This space was a unique top floor one bedroom in Manhattan that was gutted and renovated to create the most soothing, simple space ever- and BONUS, it has one hell of a roofdeck. Please pardon my crappy iPhone snaps and pick up the issue to see them for real :)

It feels like everything in this space was chosen because the owner (Leslie Klotz) loved it. Truly loved it.  There is nothing contrived about this space- and it’s very sparse and simple, which proves things don’t have to be “over-designed” to be beautiful.


Can’t you picture yourself in here reading on a snowy afternoon with the fire going? And all that LIGHT! I so love a good quirky space with angles and character- this is so much more appealing to me that a giant new construction space.


I love the variation of hues of gray and the multipurpose pieces, like this desk/ dining table that can actually seat 10 when pulled out from the wall!


I love how the Ms. Klotz made the bedroom doors massive so she could keep them open to make the space feel bigger and let more light in. Not to mention they are painted the same darker shade as the beams- brilliant use of contrasting color.


I really wish we could have seen the kitchen, but I assume it reflects the bathrooms in a way- clean subway, grey grout and vintage inspired fixtures. :)


And just to make you REALLY jealous, check out this tent she got at the souks in Marrakech.  I just adore this crazy cool spot on the roof!


Here are a few ways to get the look of the living room in this space! The keys here are a mix of neutrals and textures with small pops of orange and a fabulous collection of small works of original art.


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  1. Totally agree. The Dec issues for some were bizarre. Couldn’t even tell if there was a holiday that month in some. Downright depressing. I’m digging HB these days.

  2. I bought the West Elm Overarching Floor Lamp in antique brass, and love it!! I’m not a contemporary girl, per se, but I can appreciate how a mix of styles can elevate the level of a space, and add interest. Enjoying my family room/kitchen, even more these days.

  3. I love this apartment and I am VERY jealous of Ms. Klotz’s roof deck. Let me say that again, very jealous. Her place in the Hamptons was featured in HB. I like how she mixes high and low.

    I’m going look for a copy of HB over here. It will probably cost 10 euros but sounds like it’s worth it.

    Is this from the December issue or the January issue?

  4. I feel the same about this month’s slew of shelter magazines, meh. I was looking for inspiration but all I got was frustration. I’m feeling more and more inspired by blogs like your’s lately, even though I hate to give up my mags. I love this small apartment and your version of it! That coffee table is incredible! Still loving your book!

  5. I agree. I actually let my subscription to Elle Decor expire for the first time in almost 17 years. I found that month after month I would flip through the magazine in less than 5 minutes, totally unimpressed, go back again assuming I must have missed something – nope…… The reality is that I tend to like a more relaxed, mix of high and low, livable, cozy, bright space with some global touches and it’s difficult to find in magazines these days.

  6. I felt this issue of HB was quite “meaty” and was impressed the the quality and quantity in this issue. I’m so jealous of that outdoor space too.

    1. Ditto to shelter mag disappointment! Am wanting to love Domino, but after 2 issues there’s no love there either. There is a niche that’s not being filled! However, love you, your blog, and your book! Congrats!

  7. Ooh so glad you posted this. I have a top floor manhattan apt (w roof deck!) and have been searching f or inspiration high and low. I love what she has done here.

    Ps want an 880 sf e project in NYC???

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