Windows on the World

As a New England-er and daughter of a traditional architectural designer, I know I will always live in a classic style home- Colonials, Cape Cod and Greek Revivals are my jam. Wonderful historic details- molding, wide plank floors, incredible paneling is just in my blood. However, that doesn’t keep me from loving and oogling more modern spaces, especially ones with dramatic, huge windows. Lately I’ve been enamored with such spaces- both in the city and in the country!

Can you even imagine waking up to THIS???  My toes are actually curling over this image, I can barely take it.


This home is in the current Architectural Digest and is AMAZING (although baffling too- if you read the article the bedrooms are in separate buildings from the living area and no matter the weather, you have to walk outside to get there…um, no thanks.)  However, I can TOTALLY imagine sitting her with a book and coffee in sheer delight!


Yeah. Bathtime. Woah.


This view is vastly different yet equally interesting.


Pure insanity.  Incredible light (and what the nightmares of any window treatment installer are made of).

Photographer Nam

Another example of less of a “view” but still a phenomenal use of a glass wall to the outside!


This is a more traditional take on a wall of windows… and I love it. :) And the entire room too.




Iron framed windows are something I crave.  They are the architectural equal to the Cartier Love bracelet for me. Something that I hope is in my future, but I don’t count on it. :)


Another hideous spot for a bath. ;) This is at the Four Seasons in the Seychelles and it’s now added to my list of places I am dying to go.


I LOVE the use of these iron framed wall of windows all along the back of this kitchen. Amazing views.


A fabulous combination of stark modernity and pure coziness. Pass the cabernet.




The glare here might give me a migraine, but it may be worth it.


Another dreamy spot for a soak. Not sure I’d ever want to get out.


Do you like these kind of spaces? Do you live in one? Do tell.


  1. Growing up in md, I thought I’d never like modern spaces. But after moving to Florida, specifically Miami, there is something about the ocean and the palm trees and the Latin joy of life that make modern spaces and huge windows make sense. I love them now!

  2. SO STUNNING. The funny thing is I always LOVE these kinds of windows during the day… but then I think about what they’re like at night and I get SUPER creeped out! I mean, they’re not exactly curtain windows. Especially that 2nd image with glass all around? WHAT IF THERE WAS SOMEONE OUTSIDE?!?! You wouldn’t know!!! AND THEY COULD SEE YOU.

  3. There is a reason why many ICU units have switched from being located in the inner core of hospitals to where patients now have large windows surrounding them! They seem to recover better with a sense of daylight and nightime! Healthy for homeowners too, and why not a new window wall in a traditional New England Cape kitchen or bedroom?!

  4. I want to wake up in that bedroom overlooking the sea (umm, wearing really cute jammies just in case anyone is looking in). Good outdoor lighting makes nighttime a lot more attractive and lots less spooky.

  5. I am so glad I discovered your blog (and your book). There are two photos on this page that are absolutely the style I am going for in my next house. The rest of the pics are divine as well. I appreciate the fact that you distill so much information for our benefit, and I look forward to growing along with you (style-wise) in future. You are one talented chick!

  6. I swoon over these windows! I would totally put a bank of these windows in a NE traditional house….love the mix of modern and traditional or rustic.

  7. Pretty, but all I see is an expensive heating bill. Guess I’m too pratical for this kind of design. Also, big windows are scary when there is a bad storm.

  8. These spaces are amazing. I moved into a townhome earlier this year and have floor to ceiling windows on three levels. I love everything about my windows and home. I have views to Pikes Peak, the Rocky Mountains and Downtown Denver. The space has so much natural light that you never really feel like you’re stuck inside. Ironically, my heating bill has never been lower!

  9. Good point about the storm. I can just picture my dog freaking out during a bad thunder & lightening storm. But during the day and when the weather is fine, perfect dog TV. ;-)

  10. Amazing images. As someone who lives in an 18th century cape, I have a dream of someday owning a much more contemporary home, but whenever I visit charming New England towns (like Newburyport, yesterday) I always seem to abandon my dreams for a modern place for something just as old and historic as the home we currently own… or maybe something built in the 19th century this next time!

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