A Black and Blue Room

No, not a room you’ve given a pummeling to, but rather a room which combines these two colors that so often are thought to be impossible to combine. While in Jamaica I got to thinking as I looked out at the ocean, how HAPPY the water makes me, and yet I have NO BLUE in my house! I love blue! Why is this? So I decided I want to add some more into the house somewhere, and the most obvious place for me is the living room. I purposely did all the main pieces in neutrals for this reason- being a designer I constantly want to change things in my space. It’s a laboratory for me, of sorts!  However, since I have my black stripe chair (which I adore and wont change), the black and white greek key on my drapes and my black buffet/bar I starting thinking I couldn’t use blue in here instead of the green.  So I did some Pinterest research and hot damn, yes I can!

Here are some great examples of combining blue and black together in various ratios and shades.

I adore this blue shade on the chair.

Just a hint of black and blue here in the this bedroom, or a dramatic blue door amongst lots of black.

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Small pops of blue in this entry. Light blue, like this shade, is much easier to mix with black.


Busy but awesome.


A big classic black storage piece with the interior painted pale blue mixes with classic deeper blue and white patterns.


Such an awesome, textural space with interest!


My favorites- leopard and blue and white chinoiserie.


Works even in powder rooms.


And brass looks fabulous with it.


This heavy black chest looks dramatic against the blue and white paper and white woodwork.


Such a fun statement.


Blue, black and one of my favorite shades of green! And it all works!


Bold and fun!


In this corner of my room I actually DO have blue- this vase is one of my most favorite things in this room- so I want to play of that more!

Erin Gates Newton_288-2

Some thoughts on changes to make at some point… (that art was borrowed, I have a huge horse photograph on lucite up there now)

Erin Gates Newton_309edit

I could paint the lower cubbies a light/ medium blue to make it pop a bit more than the malachite wallpaper I have in there now.

Erin Gates Newton_257

Erin Gates Newton_344

Some thoughts and inspiration on what I’d add in!


velvet // drawing // rug // sisal // table // lamp // vase // horn // paisley fabric // block print fabric // leaf fabric




  1. Great post – I am always reluctant to mix blue and black, but here you have it! Do you happen to know the source of the modern brass chandelier?

  2. I think blue would be a great compliment to this room. Definitely the pillows should be blue, maybe a throw and the rug like you suggested.

  3. I love black and blue together, which is why I have it throughout my downstairs. I’ve been slowly adding a bit of green, too. The leopard pillow looks great with the blue and makes a room with ginger jars a little bit more modern.

  4. Love blue and white and your living room refresh! I have a question for you. It looks like your curtain rod is from west elm. I bought the same for my guest room. How did you get the rod so close to the ceiling? The way the brackets are made it seems impossible. Share your genius, please!

  5. I believe every room needs a little touch of black to ground it, but I’m obsessed with blue and white. I didn’t know why until my sis found my childhood tea set; blue willow. You’re preaching to the choir here. My pinterest board is socked with blue and white pins, anything animal print and British colonial style. In my mind, they all go together.
    I like the ideas you’ve posted but I hope you keep the malachite look inside your cubbies. In nature, green is a neutral and goes with everything.

  6. Tell me your source for Lucite frame and clips please. Also I would not change your coffee table, love it as is!!!! Still enjoying your book soooooo much!!!

  7. Good morning,

    Wonderful post, thank you! I love the blue and white bathroom wallpaper, wondering if you know the source or a similar wallpaper line.
    Thank you, Marie

    1. Hi Shannon – not sure if Erin will get back to you but as an avid EOS reader I recall that she had them custom made by a local furniture maker.

  8. One more- where did you find rings to match your West Elm curtain rods? I keep debating whether I should get those rods, the brass is the only one they dont seem to have the matching rings for. Thanks!

  9. My entire house is shades of blue and grey with a bit of green thrown in every so often. I love black with blue (several pieces of my furniture are black. Sounded good, looks nice…gets dusty very fast!) I have long admired your buffet/chest. I think the cubbies would look great in blue. One of my favorite blues is Benjamin Moore’s Little Falls. Online it looks very grey, but on my plaster walls with three huge windows in a small-ish den, it reads more blue than grey.

    I might add more pottery – the blue and white vase is so crisp. Even a small accent here and there would help make the room feel more blue without committing to or spending a lot of money on blue accessories.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Enjoy!

  10. My “happy” colors are blue and green and my wardrobe and house are these colrs along with black and white. Yes, it works!

  11. My entire house is blue and black. Asian influence pulls it all together. (I have a 1930’s Cape Cod copied from a Royal Barry Wills design, so it is traditional, but updated.)

  12. I love these colors together! I’m a certified blue and black girl though. That bathroom with the blue palm paper and the black tile….speechless! Oh, and the room with the perfect light blue walls with the painted black floors and the leather chair….drooling!

  13. Love everything!! Do you know the source for the coral blue prints in the second image or something similar?

  14. What about blue lamps in place of the white ones flanking the couch? I’m obsessed with the finish on the Gaios and Culloden lamps from Aerin. I also really love the idea of layering a slightly worn antique rug over the sisal. I’ve found some great antique oushaks with blue in them on etsy.

  15. Hi! Love the post today! I’m starting to add blue and white chinoiserie to my kitchen and I absolutely love it! I have a question about the last photo you posted. Is that a faux fiddle leaf fig or a real one? I’ve been searching for the perfect fiddle leaf fig tree and can’t seem to find one! A worker at a local nursery I went to in Houston tried to talk me out of one because they don’t last very long. Please let me know some info on your fiddle leaf fig. Thanks!

    1. It is real and it is a bastard. That one actually has since died and I bought another one this weekend because I apparently am a masochist! They die if not in the exact right light- you water them only once a week and they like bright light. Very fickle. Too bad they are just SO awesome.

      1. Aren’t they awesome?! Pretty sure I’m still going to get one and just hope for the best haha! Thanks for the tips!

      2. Try a palm. I’ve had a corn leaf palm that lived for 40 years. Ignore it. Water it. Ignore it some more. And it lives and lives and lives. Life is too short to stress over a stupid fiddle leaf fig.
        And how about a blue sofa? Subconciously you miss it…

  16. Love this!! I have a blue and white pottery collection but I’ve been wanting to paint some of our trim black (we have white walls) while also wanting to keep it warm with some wood tones.

    I’ve been looking up lots of “courage” inspiration pictures as well;)

  17. I used to hate blue. Hated it. Did not have one speck of it in my house. Then something happened and I started to love it. A lot. I painted my powder room a dark grey-blue, and added accents of a French blue into my bedroom decor.
    I, too, had a grandmother who had blue willow dishes. Maybe a subconscious childhood love emerged? Who knows?
    I do know I’m going to incorporate some black and brass with the blue now. Thank you for your always spot-on posts. I love your style.

  18. Have you been sneaking around my house? Because I am doing the exact thing, adding blue to my neutral/black living room. I was at one point a bit color crazy, so I took it all out and went neutral with the plan to gradually add color back into the room. After about a month of a blah-ville room , I knew I needed blue. It’s my favorite color as there are so many shades to work with, and it is the most soothing color as it reminds me of the water. Go for it and have fun. My first step was great vintage lamp finials in a deep cobalt porcelain. BOOM.

  19. We are working with an interior decorator for the first time, and she suggested Blue Dragon by Benjamin Moore for our bedroom walls. It’s a lot of blue, but it’s so calming and energizing at the same time. We have hydrangea print drapes to coordinate, and a summery green plaid on two stuffed chairs and an ottoman. We need art for the walls, but we’re getting there. Loving the blue…reminds us of our trip to Greece before we had our first baby.

  20. Hi Erin,
    I can see the Jamaican influence in this post today! Blue just always seems so fresh to me. I’m loving that powder room especially. Have a great day!

  21. Hi Erin! Would you share the source for your sofa? It’s such a great neutral platform with just enough personality! Thank you!

  22. Erin,
    I am ADDICTED to green. However, as we have moved and left our green behind, I’ve agreed to move on in colors too. This home will have tan (my least favorite color of all), blue, carmel, grey and black….ALL in the same room. This post was an inspiration for this home. Loved the bathroom with the black chest. And the lounge chair with the “blue birds nest” looking fabric. Indigo blue is my focus….if it’s not going to be green, it had better be a strong color to keep up with black!
    Keep the ideas coming!

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