Fashion Friday: A Fresh Start

Ahhhh, hello new year!  While I find New Years Eve a bit hokey (I spent it quietly with Andrew, Bax and Ollie by the shore with a yummy dinner, some champagne, The Good Wife season three and a 10 p.m. bedtime), I do love the concept of a fresh start.  A renewed energy and spirit really helps you spring out of bed in the morning.  So, as we plan for all the big things we’ll do in 2015, we can begin with small changes.  Here are some of the ways I plan to kick off the new year…




Creating a website


  1. Happy New Year, Erin! Thank you for your blog – I read it every day. I also throughly enjoyed your book and keep going back to it for inspiration. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for you. xo

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I love the idea of a renewed start, but need the daily reminders before I get caught up in the same old stress life brings. So I am excited to hear what your focus will be as I am a daily reader, it will help me too. Better/fewer clothes and more time for me.

  3. I love Rose Byrne’s hair cut! If it hadn’t taken me so long to grow out my last short ‘do, I’d be half-tempted to go for that one. I can’t wait to see yours!

    Happy 2015!

  4. I’m with you on a fresh start. Just got my hair cut to a very short pixie (I look like Tinkerbelle’s grandma). I’m shopping my closet for the coming year except when I find important gaps. Then I’ll look around for good quality. I will just say no to something new and cute just because it’s on sale. Less stuff and better quality.
    Do come back to yoga. It’s helped me in so many ways.

  5. Happy New Year, Erin! I have read your blog for YEARS (and, of course, I have your awesome book), but I rarely comment. I wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for blogging everyday!! Yours is the very first blog I read every morning and it is, by far, the best. :)
    Wishing you many more blessings in this new year, and praying that one of those blessings will be a baby!

  6. I’m just catching up on a few days worth of blogs and I was so impressed by your lovely New Year post and now this incredibly motivating Friday post! Seriously girl, you’re killing it and I just dusted off my yoga mat because of you!!
    Cheers to 2015!

  7. As you know, your blog is also my first read of the day, especially on Friday! Love your post today and your inspiration. Looking forward to more in 2015. Thanks Erin!

  8. i love your head-to-toe fresh starts!,.. so important to reassess! i love the skinny jeans, yet wondering if you are spoting the bell-bottom also for 2015?

  9. I too, can’t wait to get all my Christmas candles out of my house! As soon as my pine and cinnamon/clove candles are burned up, I’m ready for the fresh scents too! One of my favorites is Dyptique Mimosa. Can’t wait to see how your haircut turns out! Happy New Year.

  10. Happy 2015 Erin. While 2014 appeared to be an extraordinary one for you, I hope that 2015 will give you, and by all accounts your wonderful husband the chance to savor your success and enjoy.

    I too am always ready to start the New Year by shedding a few inches of hair. I also put the candles away and go to citrus or lavender straight away in January, but never realized it until I read your post.

    I too LOVE the Marcie bag, but with a 90+ year old house, a furnace I’m praying will last through the winter, and two expensive kids I don’t currently reside in a universe where I can justify 2K for a bag. Have you seen any lower cost options in that style??

    1. I’ve been lusting over that bag for a long time but I just can’t see spending that much on ONE bag. If I recall, it’s pretty heavy, which I find to be a negative as I pack so much stuff in my bag. But, having said that, boy would I still love to have it!!

    1. When I lived in NYC, it was Eva Scrivo or a ponytail! Still considered one of the best salons in the city.

  11. I’m ready for the fresh scents too! One of my favorites is Dyptique Mimosa. Can’t wait to see how your haircut turns out! Happy New Year.

  12. ALL within reach….let’s go for it!! Your book….it was “my” day yesterday and I read it beautiful cover to beautiful cover, smiled, laughed, cried, *sighed* and will read it AGAIN and “loan” it to my daughter…it was heart and soul and design…doesn’t get any better in “my book!!” CONGRATS!! franki

  13. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best this year! Hello NUDE nail polish is RIGHT! Although I am currently sporting black onyx still…..NUDE is a must. Great post! You are an inspiration! xo

  14. Reading my mind! :)

    Nude polish for New Year’s (Essie’s Cocktails and Coconuts) and a new bag (3.1 Phillip Lim’s Pashli in Feather). And all Christmas candles are being replaced with “French Cade and Lavender.”

  15. Love your website! I was wondering where you were going to go (Pinterest, etc) for inspiration in updating your look.

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