Paper Fancy.

I have LONG held a true love for beautiful, intricate and detailed paper goods. In another life I would have gone into a career in it (and wedding planning). Every opportunity I can find to use some kind of amazing cards, invitations or stationery I do. And I still obsess over other people’s wedding invitations- it’s such a spectacular way to set the tone for your event. And my GOD, the options available now!  Oh to be a bride in the time of Pinterest (when I was planning my wedding I only had magazine clippings and had to walk to the meetings two miles through the snow barefoot….)  No, I’m not THAT old, but I didn’t have Pinterest or wedding blogs to alert me to all the incredible vendors out there!

So here are two paper goods designers that I found that I’m quite keen on and thought you may be as well!

The first is Sideshow Press out of South Carolina.  Some of these wedding suites seriously made me weak in the knees. The liners, the detail, the unique quality to each….just spectacular.  Oh, and they do letterpress, which if you can swing it, is totally the way to go.  Such a rich tactile and textural option.


I mean, incredible.





Simple but completely stunning.


Just magnificent.


They also have an adorable inline shop with paper goodies to buy.  Currently they are rocking a scout/ camp theme and it’s quite adorable and perfectly executed.

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The other company I found is brand new, called August & Osceola out of my own home state of MA!  I love the wedding suites available here and they also do custom designs if you are looking for something specific!







lady_detail_1 magnolia_detail_2

makai_detail_4 makai_detail_5



  1. Wow, these are so gorgeous! I too was married pre-Pinterest, and I’m actually glad for that. I was 1000% obsessed with all the details as it was, so I can’t even imagine the levels of psychosis I’d have achieved if Pinterest were there to help me over the edge!

  2. so glad to see August and Osceola here. Shanleigh is a former JHill Design intern and we are VERY proud of her.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I relate to this post! I started working in a fine stationery store when I was FIFTEEN. (Everyone else wanted to work at Wet Seal!) I also had a pretty sweet wrapping paper collection as a freshman in high school that did not help my reputation one bit! ha! Thank goodness I got married when you still had to wade through the Crane’s and William Arthur catalogs and internet invitations were still totally cheesy because I would have lost my marbles with all of the choices today. And can we talk about the fact that letterpress is finally getting the love it deserves??? Please??? LOVE IT SO MUCH SO glad there is a resurgence in the artist community and people are dragging those old clunky machines out of basements and into new, swanky shops in every corner of every city. It rocks my socks off!

  4. Erin, Thanks for sharing these! What beautiful work :)

    You might want to tell August & O that they have a typo in one of their marketing pieces – they spell the bride’s name differently on two pieces in the same shot! Might make some brides wary :)


  5. Loving this post! Those wedding suites are honestly pieces of art. I had to comment and add in one other element though — custom lettering by a talented calligrapher makes such a difference on gorgeous papers like these. I’ve used a local MA company in the past called Dear Rose Studio and they are simply the best! Highly recommend!

  6. I LOVE these. So classic and yet the modern use of the naturalist prints is to die for. I’m going to call them. I work with a ton of brides in Washington, DC and specialize in carrying independent designers. I can’t wait to see their whole portfolio. Beautiful attention to detail! And I’m so happy that you love stationery so much. I obviously do, which is why is started my business, but I too find it so satisfying to use the perfect card and pen for the perfect note! I actually love getting invited to people’s houses for dinners just so I can write a thank you note! (OK, and for the company too…). Love these, thanks!

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