Ralph Lauren’s Jamaica

So far Jamaica has been amazing, I’ll do a full post on Round Hill and our time here, but for today I just wanted to share a little more island style. Ralph Lauren owns a giant villa here at Round Hill and yesterday Andrew and I got in a kayak to try to go scope it out. I’d seen these images of his home in Architectural Digest before, but now seeing the actual location I had to post! No Ralph sighting yet, but I’ll keep you posted if anything changes!

Look at this pool!

This was the view we got from the kayak yesterday- that is the pool and poolhouse- up the hill is the BIG house. Mama mia!


Love this all white look!  The rooms at the hotel were done in a very similar style designed by Ralph.


Love the pops of blue against the white and lush greenery!


I’m reminded of Nathan Lane in The Birdcage here “One does want a hint of color!”


Like a lot of Carribean homes, there is a blend of traditional English antiques and more modern styles as well.


Indoor/ outdoor living is where it’s at!


Currently sleeping in a bed like this and couldn’t be happier.


The other pool up at the main house. You know, because TWO POOLS.


Yeah, what a dump, right? :)


Perfect lounging spot.


Here’s a way to get Ralph’s Carribean look- complete with his favorite white paint Tibetan Jasmine (apparently all his stores are painted this color).  Blue, white, pink, gold, natural weaves and wood- a great mix of texture and color that can work in any home, not just a Jamaican palace!


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  1. LOVE-Ly! I do love the all white. I used to live on key biscayne in Miami and all white just makes sense on an island more
    Than anywhere else! Have a great time!

  2. Sounds like you’re enjoying your trip — well deserved! Love that Ralph inspiration board; I pinned the couch. We bought one that we liked aesthetically when we bought our house, but it’s just not that comfortable for cuddling up. I feel like I haven’t TRULY relaxed on the couch in 3 years!

  3. I leave for Jamaica in a couple of weeks, and your posts are killing me with the anticipation of sun and sand to replace this freezing weather in the North East!

  4. That first pic is just the pool house?! I could live just there. Ralph has amazing style. I live near his ranch outside of Telluride, CO and it is the epitome of mountain living just as this is the epitome of carribean living.

  5. I spent hours yesterday pinning English Colonial style for our next home and today you just made my dreams come true. Jamica, Ralph Lauren, English Colonial thru Erin’s eyes. Sigh. Thanks for the inspiration.
    And i’m glad you’re taking some time away (even if you’re bringing us along with you) in the sunshine.

  6. This is absolutely stunning – what an idyllic retreat! The real reason I am writing is to high five you on the Birdcage reference: one does want a hint of color, and I can just see a barefoot Agador conga-ing his way around the villa.

  7. Bottom line: Ralph rules!! Thank you for confirming he also vacations a la American Dream. My version of Heaven looks like his pool house!
    Love that you were ‘scoping’ in the kayak ;)

  8. I’m so unbelievably jealous of this trip! Jamaica is now topping my to-visit list!

    x Lily
    whilemyboyfriendsaway.blogspot.com on my

  9. Hope you are enjoying your stay! The pool with the palms is the one we stumbled upon when were out exploring! Love to see pics of Round Hill. Wondering if they made any new changes to the decor….Look into the Houseboat for dinner… very yummy!

  10. JUST WHAT I NEEDED…it is snowing (white) here in Central Virginia…our first. I much prefer your “Tibetan Jasmine” to ours. LOVED your comment: Nathan Lane in The Birdcage here “One does want a hint of color!” Must stream that one …it’s gonna be “that” kind of day. More “Round Top!” franki

  11. oo i love a good new white paint color! i’m all for affordability when it comes to white paint (can’t justify paying Farrow and Ball prices for white paint) so i’m glad i can find something good at Home Depot!

  12. What a beautiful picture of Ralph Lauren’s pool! I have not been eager to travel to Jamaica, but now I am dying to go. As a seamstress I love looking at his clothes! He has a way of dressing a woman that is so classy! Love it! Thanks!

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