Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I wanted to do a gift roundup for him and for her in case any of you needed to send your significant other some suggestions. After watching Andrew spend the last 24 hours not only digging us out from the blizzard, but our neighbors as well, he deserves a special Valentine’s Day treat.


1. Remember making mix tapes for your crush? Well you can again with Milk Tape– as USB within an old school cassette tape.  You can even decorate the case. :)

2. A pretty pair of modern sparkly earrings.

3. What partner wouldn’t want a pass to get out of some bad behavior?

4. Beautiful bouquets from The Bouqs.

5. & 6. Delightful matches and a yummy smelling champagne candle.

7. Killer kicks (with pink, so they count!)

8. Pretty (and wearable- no trap doors) underthings.

9. A cute water bottle for the gym lover.

10. I am obsessed with this horn pendant– a different choice than delicate, expected jewelry. (HEY ANDREW…)

11. For friends but a bunch of these chocolate bars with room for little notes!

12. For him, another plaid shirt. Yes, another one.

13. A little sleep mask that reminds him of your adoration when he rolls over and wants to push you out of bed for snoring or stealing the blankets.

14. A cool watercolor print of Lara Stone’s lips. Great in a gallery wall.

15. A pyrite heart for your desk or console. Edgy meets sweet.

16. For the woman who loves color, pick up the new book by Australian blogger Anna Spiro from Absolutely Beautiful Things. Plus the pink cover is on point for the holiday.

17. A bottle of the inimitable Diana Vreeland’s new scent (one of a few versions). And that bottle? Killer.

18. A painted tray combining a love of pink AND leopard/ cheetah.

19. Maybe he doesn’t like chocolate but LOVES rice krispie treats like my fella? These are perfect.

20. Does your sweet love coffee? How about a set of these red rimmed mugs from my fave, Canvas Home.

21. A sweet dopp kit for his travels.

22. A stripe and gold heart iPhone case. I still have not gotten a case for my new 6!

23. Pink champagne truffles. Need I say more?

24. Her ultimate gift: the Cartier Love bracelet. On (almost) any gal’s dream wish list.

25. Fancy gift for him- an uber-cool Shinola watch.

26. A cute, funny bottle of wine. With love, of course.

27. A Boston based whiskey, to warm his belly. Or hers (I wish I were cool enough to drink whiskey, alas, it tastes like pure kerosene to me.)

28. You will DIE LAUGHING when you see what this kit is for.

29. A gorgeous robe for feeling all fancy-like.



  1. #28 … umm, so not hanging that on my wall! I’d die right on the spot if asked where that painting came from. Although the examples they showed looked somewhat like pieces I’ve seen online…

  2. Peeing in my pants. HOW did you find that paint kit? The best thing I’ve seen in a long time :) Thanks for letting us know about ABT book. It was out of stock for awhile and I was trying to get it! Ordering now! Love the list :))

  3. I think it’s crazy that people go all-out for a holiday that is less than 2 months after Christmas. Hubby and I don’t do V-Day gifts. We typically cook a nice splurgy dinner at home and hang out.

  4. #24 was my wedding day gift from my hubby.! I love that it is something that can be passed down to future daughters and granddaughters. This year we’re not doing dinner out or gifts because we’re burying an area rug! Ha! My how times have changed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)

  5. Hah, #28! That is kind of hilarious, but as the first commenter said, the piece they’re showing looks familiar and actually kind of cool. I love the red-rimmed mug from Canvas, really subtle and pretty.

  6. re: item #28 – The “Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed…” section below the description is… interesting? provocative? I don’t think there is an appropriate word. Who knew people bought those things off of Amazon! haha

    The champagne candle has my eye – great find! Now if only I could get my darling “oh so practical” boyfriend to spend $60 on a candle!

  7. We always give gifts in our house for Valentine’s Day, even to the kids. That said, No. 28, you will die laughing reading the review by Stephen on Amazon 1/6/13.

  8. #28 is amazing!! You weren’t kidding when you said people would laugh when they see what the kit is for. I am pretty sure this is one way to guarantee a fun time AND a truly one of a kind piece of art!! As always, I love your unique gifts. :-)


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