The Best Shower Curtains

Some days it’s SO hard to come up with good blog content.  Thinking back of the thousands of posts I’ve done, it truly amazes me sometimes that I’ve had that much to write about.  So it’s been great to see you guys chime in in the comments section about specific ideas and needs for posts.  Just yesterday two of you suggested I write about finding stylish shower curtains, something I would not have thought would be particularly helpful.  And seeing as I had no other genius ideas for today, I thought “why not?” So here it is- ask and you shall receive. :)

I like to keep shower curtains relatively simple, preferring white, classic styles to overly cute.  But sometimes in a very plain bathroom, you can really inject some style with a nice pattern or a touch of color.  Here are my current favorites when it comes to the almighty shower curtain. Click the pictures for links!

Plain, Bordered and Embroidered

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If you want to go really (and I mean, really) crazy, this custom Leontine Linens curtain at left is the Rolls Royce of shower curtains. I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing. :)

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These would be so cute in kids bathrooms!

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  1. Great shower curtain ideas! I love them all! On the topic of bathrooms, I would love a post about the best way to care for marble/natural stone bathrooms. I used your inspiration board last year to remodel our bathroom and I love it. But what I don’t love is the maintenance of our marble shower. It seems like any products that work are dangerous for marble. A roundup of great natural stone cleaners or ideas on this would be awesome! Thanks

    1. I have two bathrooms with Marble and have found that Aqua Mix works best and is safe on marble. It was recommended to me and I can honestly say I LOVE it. They sell an everyday cleaner as well as a product to seal and protect the surfaces. I’ve sealed the marble surfaces in my house with it using a small paint roller. I’m also a huge fan of Method Daily Granite (it smells sooo good)!

      1. NP Katie!

        Erin, Have you ever hung your own wallpaper? We’re building bookshelves for the sides of our fireplace and thought it would look awesome to have a textured wallpaper as the backing (instead of just the wall). It’s a small area so debating whether to hire someone or do it myself….afraid of it turning into a disaster!

  2. Good morning – doesn’t seem that the links are attached to the pics yet. Maybe too early in the morning. Yawn.


  3. I like to hang my shower curtain from the rod up near the ceiling. It makes the space feel taller. Naturally standard curtains are too short. So I end up making my own.

    1. I was just going to leave this exact comment. I love most of these curtains, but end up making my own. I wish they had length options.

      1. Cammee,

        I have the rod at the ceiling too. I’ve bought Twin Flat sheets and just sewed (actually I lie, my mother-in-law sewed) button holes in the top to attach to the rod.


  4. Thanks for this post, I always have a hard time finding simple understated shower curtains.
    Any chance you could do a post on what to do when you have a permanent ugly element that you have to design around. I live in a small condo in Southie that was built in 2004. The builders outfitted the open concept kitchen with traditional cabinets that have a sickening reddish stain. To add insult to injury they used that ubiquitous mottled peachy brown granite!

  5. I have a question about picking the color of a shower curtain. I have travertine tile floors and oak cabinetry with a cream laminate counter top. All of those items are not going to be changed. I’m trying to decide what color for the shower curtain (currently white), and the walls. There are no windows in the space. I’m thinking the walls need to be the same color as the travertine, and then I can keep the white shower curtain and towels. I tried a tan shower curtain and it was way too much tan/brown, etc. How do you decide on this? Trial and error?

  6. Erin, Every morning I grab my iPad and coffee and look forward to your posts! Please keep it up! I particularly love the posts about your renovations.

  7. Wait?!?!!? There are people in the world who spend $775 on a shower curtain??? I’m sorry but that’s just wrong.

  8. This is such perfect timing! I was just shopping around yesterday for 2 new shower curtains and now today you’ve done all the work for me :) Thank you! You didn’t feature this one, but I ordered the monogrammed Ballard pom-pom curtain for my daughter’s room and can’t wait to install it!

  9. Not design related, but since you are such a fashion maven, any chance you can do a post on where to find great casual clothes for guys? Trying to shop for my husband and it’s hard to find quality, stylish stuff for guys.

  10. Why do they always show the curtains hanging to the floor but in real life none of them do? Where can I find a ready made curtain longer than 72″?

  11. Love this post! It’s so hard to find extended length shower curtains these days! I moved in to my house in July and went with the BB&B style that you posted on the top left. Classic! A few of the West Elm styles you posted were in the running as well. LOVE your style!!

  12. Funny, but this IS a helpful post! These are great picks. What I’m dying for are curtains that are long enough to be able to hang from the ceiling. I bought one years ago from a hospital supplier. It was plain, white , duck cloth – simple and pretty. I can’t find anything that’s not polyester along those lines, now, and if you’re not budgeted for custom, the lack of super-tall, ready-made options are a bum.

  13. Thanks for sharing so many awesome shower curtain styles! Questions – mostly out of curiosity, what are your thoughts on using monograms as decor? Do yo think it is timeless or trendy? – this question isn’t too random, some of the curtains are monogrammed :)

  14. Thanks for the great post! If you’re looking for ideas, I would LOVE a post on Drapery. I think we all now know to hang the rod high, but I would love to read about pleat options, measuring, what fabrics work best etc.

  15. Thanks for the post Erin – very helpful to this new apartment dweller! Another question for you – how to balance / select the amount of color in a space, specifically with large scale items like rugs and curtains? My new studio has white walls, gorgeous yellow wood floors, and really tall ceilings. Curtains are so confusing – should I go white (comforter, furniture are white), a neutral (arm chair is brown), a solid color (turquoise and yellows are the big highlights in the room) or a pattern? I’m going for tie it all together and I’m worried I’m just going to give myself anxiety :) Thanks for your advice!

  16. I was JUST thinking about this because my shower curtain a) is getting kind of old and b) doesn’t go with the new art I want to hang in my bathroom. This is so timely and helpful!! Thanks for posting. The link on the tasseled curtain doesn’t seem to be working – I’d love to know where it’s from. Thanks!

  17. Erin, I don’t know how you can think about shower curtains while the snow continues to pile up outside your windows!! I salute you for your loyalty to your readers!

  18. In love with your book. I have a style conundrum though. I must have a clock in my bathroom. Preferably a wall clock. Any ideas? I am struggling to find something attractive.

    Best regards,


  19. Erin

    From all of us: THANK YOU for continuing to read our comments year after year :). This post was awesome and helpful – but the BEST thing about it was that in your eighth (ninth?) year of blogging on a cold, snow-covered February day, you read a comment and based a whole post on it the very next day. You’re forever committed to us, and it’s one of the hundreds of reasons we are life-long Erin Gates fans!

  20. I would have never thought there were stylish shower curtains! I always just head to Target and choose from whatever I can tolerate from their collection!

    If you need ideas, I am desperately in need of guy friendly bedding. I love crips whites and greys, but between my husband and two boys (ages 3 and 1), I either can’t get their seal of approval or they thrash it with their manly “jam hands”!

    Seriously, how does one balance beautiful design with manly men?!

  21. I’d LOVE a post with some recliner alternatives for husbands… I’m dangerously close to caving in if I can’t find a comfortable, stylish alternative!

  22. Ok I love this post. I think doing posts like these every few weeks, or when stuck for an idea, is great. A simple, easy, inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Would love to see such things as lamps, pillows, curtains, heck any aspect of a room! Hooks! Medicine cabinets! Knobs! Bookends! :) What I’m saying is I like your picks and style. While it doesn’t always line up with my taste it gives me a new perspective and a new place to shop sometimes. Thanks!

  23. Erin, I’m a daily -get coffee read elements of style- follower. Love that you posted something comments have asked for. I personally would love to see a sort of “Ask Erin” advice posts where EOS groupies like myself could ask either general design questions or even submit photos of their own homes for light design advice.

  24. I need ideas for a wall colors or paper in powder room with wainscoting and an orangey marble floor… white pedestal sink. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  25. Hi Erin,
    You have one of the best blogs! I’m with you on the white shower curtain with just a little border. It’s very classic and luxury hotel-like!

  26. I totally agree that less is more in regards to shower curtains. However, Anthropologie does have some really cute ruffled ones in bright colors that would be adorable in an all white bathroom.

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