A Collected & Layered Home

*Sorry this is so late guys- slept in because of a nasty cold…. and the Patriots win :)

I have been drawn to the beauty of layered and collected spaces more and more lately.  Those with a big focus on antiques mixed with modern staples and clean white backgrounds.  The Domaine spread on designer and antiques dealer Brenda Antin’s home in Los Angeles (for sale- see listing here) left me sighing.  How peaceful, bright and interesting is this home? And bonus, it once belonged to George Peppard of Breakfast of Tiffany’s fame (“Fred Darling”…)

Let’s take a little tour:

Other than the linen slipcovered sof and chairs, everything here seems like it has an interesting provenance and story.


I’ve never been a fringe fan, but this leather chair is incredible, as is that Buddha on a lucite pedestal on the mantle.


I would love to wake up here. It’s making want to paint everything white.


This corner KILLS ME. That chair is the stuff my dreams are made of.


Antique portraits are having a major moment right now– but of course, in many decorating styles they’ve always been having a moment!


The simple sofas really allow the special antique items, like that side table, to shine with detail.


Mixing in some modern antiques, mid-century style, add to the collected feel of the home.


A simple classic kitchen, complete with white and blue dishware.


I just saw a bench like this while antiquing this weekend and wish I had a place to put it.  Now I’m doubly troubled by it.


How peaceful does this look???


A guest bedroom with linens from my dream hotel in Paris, L’Hotel.


Layering drawings and paintings in a very interesting, dramatic manner.


A beautiful and classic bathroom.


There is a guest house on the property (complete with kitchen and bath). I LOVE the vaulted ceiling (and that framed flag and woven chair!)


And the outside! Oh the outside! It’s just the most darling thing ever!


A pool bridges the main house and guest house.


Brenda has an antique shop in LA that I’m going to have to go visit on my next trip (which will be in March- yes, I’m coming to LA for a book event finally! More info to come!)


Here are some suggestions on how to get a look like Brenda’s home!


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Interior images via Domaine Home.


  1. I’m collecting pins with this vibe. A little old, a little new (mostly to sit or lounge on) and a whole lot of all our travels layered around us. I could move in right now!
    About the stuff you don’t buy haunting you… how do you get around that? You’re a designer and exposed to so many wonderful things. But our houses can only hold so much (even the basement storage eventually fills up).

  2. Really love this. collected, layered home. The white base throughout the house feels perfect for LA, or even New England, but for some place Western and rugged, like Jackson Hole I maybe prefer a khaki-colored base. Beautiful post, Erin.

  3. Lovely post, lovely house. I got distracted by the outside shots showing that oh so blue sky. Why oh why do I continue to slog it out in the Northeast??

  4. Move me in! The use of white is what makes this truly spectacular. The crisp simplicity of major elements – walls, cabinetry, sofas – open up center stage for the unique artwork and collected pieces. I’m all for this fresh take on the traditional!

  5. I’ve always wanted to paint a whole house white on the inside – but how do you make it feel warm and not sterile? Which white would you recommend for this look?

  6. I just pinned every. single. one. of these images! This house is perfection!! There’s nothing better than being surrounded by items with history and stories behind them! And now I want my entire house white.

  7. I almost always love photos of white-walled interiors, but the problem I have with them is that real life isn’t always so perfectly lit. Like Shannon asked above, how do you keep it from looking cold and sterile? I moved last summer into a house with (mostly) white walls, and I’m struggling with the spaces I haven’t painted. I don’t have enough wood furniture to warm it up!

  8. I have a serious love for white walls. It’s hard to find just the right white though. I am *hoping, wishing* that your post tomorrow will have something on choosing a nice antique rug. I know you buy them from a website that you have given the link to in prior blog posts (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) but when I am looking, I can’t tell the good from the bad, the high quality from the lower end. Help!

  9. I think this is my style:). I’ve never known what to call how I like to decorate, but you’ve nailed it. I’ve flirted with color on the walls but have always gone back to white. That, mixed with some antique pine pieces and some more contemporary, is what I love. Antiques, especially family heirlooms, are the absolute best!

  10. This post makes me want to replace my couch with a comfy white slipcovered one! Not sure it’s right for my 1970’s modern house, or puppy paws though. That carpet is amaze!

  11. You HAD to mention the superbowl. We’re pretending it never ever happened. What game? Alas, the Seahawks threw it (the superbowl victory) away. It is interesting reading our newspapers; the coach, the offensive coordinator and the quarterback all claim THEY made the fateful decision to throw the ball instead of handing the ball off to Beastmode Marshawn.
    But congratulations to New England and their fans and to MVP Tom Brady.

  12. Can I put in a request for Boston area antiquing source guide? Everywhere I try either has crap or is far too high end (not looking to pay 40K for a console…)

  13. I was this close to buying a similar Windsor-like bench I spotted in a new thrift store around the corner from my house. I imagined it in black at my kitchen table, but knew Mr.Logic (a.k.a. my hubs) would challenge me since space is tight and he doesn’t like to share seats. Still thinking about it!

    Great post. I’ve been thinking about going white too, but hesitate since my space is north facing. Looking forward to your post about white.

    Feel better.

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