Fashion Friday: Buy Now, Wear Next Year!

I’ve been following fashion week closely and have found so many patterns in what designers are showing as the “trends” for fall 2015.  By assessing what’s going to be hot NEXT fall and winter, you can buy some great items NOW that will still be chic in 12 months!  And with all the fall/ winter sales going on you can get some great stuff for low prices too!

FUR, FUR and MORE FUR (Faux, preferably)

Fur was everywhere on the runways.  There was hardly a designer who DIDN’T show fur, especially fur collared coats and blazers.  Now, real fur is not for everyone (I do my best to not buy it personally) but there is such good faux fur now that you can get this look without sacrificing your beliefs.  In my opinion, this was the number one trend of fashion week shows!

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If there is a statement color for fall, the runway made it VERY clear that it’s pink! From outerwear to gowns and shoes, bright pink is going to be “it” come fall.

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Layering creams, tan, camel and even white was another hot trend.  A singular pale tone, but done is rich textures like knits,  wool, fur, silk and suede.

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It’s going NOWHERE people, and I am deeeeeeeelighted!  Now I just have to find the perfect leopard faux fur jacket for myself!

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I think every fall in recent memory has had a bevy of merlot and cabernet tones (is it wine time yet, btw?)  I’m loving the bohemian accents and fringe, but also the sleeker deep red pieces as well.

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I kind of DIE for this first look, so French, no?  Suede and leather skirts were super popular (as are leather pants still, so go ahead and pull the plug on your hesitation to buy some).  Whether pencil, full or mini- a leather skirt will be a must for fall 2015.

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I hope this helps with your shopping! There are many more trends as well, so perhaps you’ll see a round two of this post soon!




  1. I ordered that $93 Nordstrom leopard topper… just arrived yesterday. Do not waste your money :-/ major fug alert.

  2. Fun post, so glad I kept my fur collars from coats that are no longer in my wardrobe, I have two very pretty collars I can attach to other coats and blazers. Always love your take on fashion and design. You might not realize it but you are my Go-to on both counts. Love your young fresh take on both subjects.

      1. Please, please show us how to do this! I also have an inherited coat and a stole like the one you wore recently. I would love to figure out how to wear them in a modern way. I would also love to make a gorgeous throw pillow out of the coat, it would be amazing to figure out how to make one. Thank you Erin!

  3. I saw your instagram on Valentines Day about wearing your Grandmothers fur! I loved the coat – and the fact that your re-wearing a family piece! I have a coat of my Grandmothers that I’m getting remade for me and I would LOVE to see a post from you about your fur pieces and any reamakes/restyles you have done!!!! It has been a slightly daunting task researching for furriers (really, thats their name!) in Boston and mapping out styles and prices. Any experience and input you have would be lovely!

  4. There are some great trends here for fall! I have to admit that the leopard outerwear trend is by far my favorite. I’m so obsessed with collecting vintage leopard coats. I have about five of them in closet right now and can’t stop looking for them at flea markets and antique malls even though I don’t need another one!


  5. Fun post, but these long-scroll, image-heavy entries are hard to read with the huge new header promoting the book. Don’t get me wrong: I understand the desire to promote the book. But I already have it, and I wish it was easier to see posts like these.

  6. Have you been watching Empire at all? The costume director nails it. Cookies wardrobe especially is to die for. Everyone’s handbags and shoe gah! Its set in NY so its very on trend.

  7. I love your blog …as a 50 year old! gasp! Have to say, would rather wear real fur over fake any day. Real fur lasts in style and product 50-100 yrs and is bio-degradable,…where as faux, will be seen in land fills for centuries….ps. faux is a chemically created product that looks like something it is not. Tooo many chemicals are being dumped into our watersheds in the name of “vegan” or “animal friendly” PS#2 …If you wear leather, you wear fur…..own it!

    1. Exactly! Erin, I love your blog, too — but come on, people, if you wear or carry leather (pants, skirts, shoes, belts, coats, bags, wallets), you aren’t morally superior to people who wear real fur. You’ve just been intimidated by the anti-fur movement , that’s all. If you want to be politically correct in your fashion, then go the (vegan) Stella McCartney route and drop real leather entirely.

      Don’t get me wrong — I really enjoy ALL the trends featured here — but it seems jarringly inconsistent to promote faux fur and then showcase a series of leather skirts. Real fur is not only more environmentally responsible than faux, it’s also much more beautiful. And top-notch quality always lasts. That’s why you can still repurpose Grandma’s furs (which is a great idea, by the way).

  8. Love that Kate Spade dress! But what are those awful sandals paired with the first lovely leopard coat? They look like fear boy Adidas shower sandals!

    Great post!

  9. I was trying to think of any color that DOESN’T work with leopard print. I was thinking pastels won’t go with it but I remembered years ago I saw a Dolce Gambana dress in leopard and powder blue (it was a creamier leopard colorway) and it was stunning. The tones of the leopard print change who it can play with … I’m guessing.
    Leopard rules.

  10. Love these!!! And thank you for encouraging faux fur, wow, didn’t realize there were so many non-Kardashians still down with purchasing fur today. Not sure how an animal killed for food and clothing is the same as what is often a rare species killed for it’s coat alone but hey, to each his own.

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