Life & FamilyFebruary 5, 2015

Surviving Winter Ills

I’ve been super sick all week, and finally my brain has just shut down.  Between the snow, frigid temps and this brutal cold I can’t possibly dream up a crafty post today so instead I’ll share what I’ve been doing all week to keep myself feeling a little less like death warmed over.


1.  Even when I’m sick, I try to get out of pajamas, take a shower and into something I can answer the door in if need be.   It helps me not feel as gross.  These leggings, a tee and cozy big sweater do the trick.

2. My constant companion these days? A box of tissues. OMG, it’s ridiculous. Pretty up the box with a monogrammed cover.

3. I love spraying my sheets and pillows with this Lavande lavender linen spray to help relax me when I’m freaking out that I’m missing work.  When you’re the boss missing work isn’t fun, it’s stressful.

4. I am obsessed with my lavender neck wrap I pop in the microwave to help with a stiff neck (or a cure for the chills).

5. Cozy, cozy slippers.

6. A hot bath really helps break up congestion, and this is THE BEST SMELLING BATH STUFF EVER. Seriously, and the salts help detoxify too.  Not to mention the gorgeous cobalt bottle.

7. Nothing fancy here, just some old school Lemon Zinger tea (with honey and a sliver of fresh lemon) to help soothe my throat.  In my fave mug to help cheer me up.

8. Burning some nice candles helps make the atmosphere feel cozier and less like a sick bay.  I am totally obsessed with these Le Feu de L’eau candles.

9. Theraflu seems to work the best for this hellish cold.

10. Since I’m almost caught up on The Good Wife I had to find a new show to binge watch from bed- The Affair is slow to start, but now has me totally interested. And the scenery in the Hamptons is SO amazing. It’s shot beautifully.

11. A good book is essential when you are sick- this one is SO good, I read it in three days.  If you liked Gone Girl, you’ll like this. I see a movie in the future.

12. For chapped lips from constant nose-blowing a good lip balm is a must.

Also, if fun news, check out this article I did on about what makes your home look dated and how to remedy it!


Here’s to a healthier week next week!

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