A Trip to Ramble Market

Last weekend Andrew and I made a little trip to Waltham, MA to check out Ramble Market, a new hot spot for affordable and interesting vintage and antique wares in the Boston area.  A collection of various vendors, this space-while on the smaller side-really packs a big punch with lots of interesting finds at different price points.  And since antiquing can be my favorite form of cardio (Brimfield being the marathon of the sport) I love searching out new, hidden resources not only for me but for you too!

Here are some of the the things I spotted last weekend and see my tips for antiquing at the end of the post!


I wanted this mirror- but I have no place for another mirror. Oh wait, my office needs a mirror. SHOOT. Also of note, a bevy of candlesticks.


Early American style antiques can be found here too- this little chair was darling.


Some vintage wine bottles and a pair of antique rams that would be amazing flanking a fireplace or door!

IMG_0945 IMG_0919

This dresser had already been repainted a lovely grey, very pretty.  And two great old chairs just begging for a makeover (especially that left one!)


This pair of gold dog bookends went home with me! :)  And that buffet underneath them was GORGEOUS too.


This huge brass platter was probably 3.5 feet in diameter and I thought how incredible it would be hanging on a wall above a sofa or bed.  I should have bought that one too.  Also these two totally unique painted architectural remnants that would be INSANE on a mantle or as book ends.

IMG_0940 IMG_0938

More chairs and a HUGE print from the play Six Degrees of Separation. Also lots of cool sconces and such.


Awesome mirror and various objects.


These mid-century side tables were sold, but also that armoire!!!! SO COOL.


This long bench was lovely and topped with some old riding boots.


Another antique bench (like the one in my post yesterday) that I loved and have no place for- topped with the CUTEST vintage child’s chair EVER and a set of the coolest brass sconces.  Piles of goodness. :)


More fabulous chairs and a selection of vintage metal letters.

IMG_0947 IMG_0933

A gorgeous re-painted curio cabinet, just gorgeous accompanied by a row of old paintings.


This old sailboat was HUUUUUUUUGE, about 9 feet tall. If anyone has a cavernous, massive beach house this was the coolest!


Another grouping of lovely. The paint layers on that armoire is so pretty.


These andirons were so, so wonderful, but broken.  You could prop up the back on bricks though! And another vintage chair deserving of a nice re-upholstery job.

IMG_0943 IMG_0937

These two chairs were super unique- great as occasional chairs in a formal living room or bedroom.


Great metal bowls and an old croquet set.


A stack of rug ready to be flipped through.





  1. I’m on a five year downsizing project … I can only go to places like this if I leave my credit card at home. My problem is that I have too much imagination. I can see cool ways to use almost EVERYTHING in your photos. Sigh.
    Take care of yourself with that nasty cold. I’m finally back in the land of the living after ten days of sitting on a couch reading and sneezing and coughing. My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. i too am a cardio antiquer! wow the antiquing in your neck of the woods looks so much better than in Illinois and Wisconsin! i can never find items like that here! i adore that vintage child’s chair which would be so cute reupholstered in a nursery. and the greek key detail on that curio cabinet is amazing! xo

      1. BTW, Darby Road Home still exists right on 117 on the Weston border. After you visit Ramble you should check out DRH. It’s a great furniture store, with unique, thoughtfully selected items for your home. The inventory changes monthly so it’s always interesting. Custom upholstery and great case goods always in stock.

  3. I’ve been meaning to get to this place since a friend told me about it last fall & after seeing your images — all those bergere chairs just waiting for new upholstery? *swoon* — I’m getting there as soon as I can dig myself out of this god-forsaken snow.

    Love the punched-tin pie safe (I have one that I inherited from my mother and it makes for such great office supply storage) and I am also obsessed with deacon benches (currently have one I couldn’t pass up in our basement just waiting for the right client/spot); there’s something about the simple lines of utilitarian antiques that make them so incredibly beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing; hope you feel better soon!


  4. I was wondering what was in that warehouse now! If you’re up for a more hit-and-miss experience, there is also Buy and Consignment (closer to the new Market Basket). My hubby and I popped in there on the weekend, and I think you might find gems at good prices if you’re lucky, but it’s definitely a place where you have to dig.

  5. LOVE this post! Makes me want to go to the NYC flea markets again (as soon as it warms up!). That child’s upholstered chair is seriously too much, and I see a gorgeous secretary desk in the background. So many good items here. The only problem when I go antiquing is how much I desperately want to buy the vintage furniture (like that gorgeous curio cabinet!), and definitely don’t need any of it. So fun to look though.

  6. Have you ever been to Biagio in Waltham? So, so delicious! And New York Deli has the best chicken salad on the planet. I actually go there from Natick almost every weekend just for a sandwich! Excited to check out the new antique store!

  7. Hi Erin, Hi Andrew,

    My husband and I are planning to visit Boston for our 9th wedding anniversary in the spring. Since Rick Steves doesn’t write a travel series for the US (Why Rick?! Why?!!!!) I was hoping to convince you to do a little write up on your favorite things to do, see and EAT for your fans since we trust your taste (emphasis on eat since we like to think we’re foodies). We hail from the San Francisco Bay area, Santa Cruz to be exact, so we’re not scared of price since everything around here costs an arm, a leg, three toes and one pinky finger. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Best Wishes,


  8. Erin,
    I live near Brimfield and love to go too! You also should hit up Crompton Collective in Worcester! http://www.cromptoncollective.com
    I never walk out empty handed, but I will also admit to regret for not grabbing a beautiful wall hanging once! Ahhhh, the one that got away!


  9. Ooooh, those vintage rugs make GREAT covers for benches…I’ve just recovered a foot stool, a bench and made three lounge pillows using them. All those treasures…!!! franki

  10. We have a pair of Dunbar end tables identical to the pair you photographed in your blog on antiquing . They are for sale next Monday night, February 9th, at Winter Associates, an auction house in Plainville, CT – if you’re interested, you can call us to leave a bid or request a phone line to bid live (plus 20% buyer’s premium), or you can bid though invaluable, though you must call us at (860) 793-0288 to pre-register and if you bid through invaluable, the premium is an additional 5%, so I recommend dealing directly with Winters. The auction house is 2 1/2 miles past Miss Porter’s on Cooke Street in Plainville (Main Street in Farmington becomes Cooke Street) There is a preview on Sunday afternoon from 2-4 and on Monday afternoon, prior to the auction which begins at 6:30.

  11. This place looks amazing! One of the things we seriously lack in Las Vegas are good antique shops. I love when I have a chance to get down south or back east so I can get lost in a few stores.

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