Wallpaper Obsession.

If I could wallpaper every surface in my home I would. But that would be crazy. And tacky. And expensive.  Lucky me, I get to use lots of fun wallpapers with my clients, so my little addiction is fed via other homes.  But right now I am crushing HARD on the amazing Sandberg wallpaper (Raphael pattern), particularly in the blue colorway.  I’m sure you’ve seen it on Pinterest, but I’m trying to think of just WHERE I can use this.  Re-wallpapering my powder room would work, but having to uninstall our sink and toilet is such a pain in the ass.  So for now I will just have to dream- and try to convince one of my clients to use it. :)


See how good it looks with that little hint of leopard? UGH!


This colorway is pretty too- reminds me of Peter Dunham’s Fig LLeaf pattern.





OMG, I’m obsessed.

Amy Bartlam Photography


Apparently it does also come in a fabric, but only in this one color. You can find it here.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 9.10.36 PM

This nursery employs another stunning Sandberg paper (from Color Me Carla) called Collette.  Is this not the cutest thing ever?





There SO many unique and beautiful patterns on their site.  To purchase you’ll need to work with someone in the trade (Stark in NYC reps them) or check Wallpaper Direct for some patterns), this site has just about everything, and this site (in the UK) has all the patterns as well.





  1. I wish there was a fabric that had the same feeling as the Blue Raphael Sandberg wallpaper – i could so use some dreamy curtains in those blue green tones! Maybe I am just missing green so much during this endless winter, but they are as lush as a floral print with out being ‘floral’. Thanks for the post – I have been a fan of the pattern on Pinterest but didn’t know the make /name.

  2. Love this wallpaper! Thanks 4 sharing.Is it possible to do a post on Asian panels like the ones you used?

  3. I love how the Sandberg pattern works in all the different interiors with all the different styles. Looks just as great with vintage and modern interiors as well as traditional interiors. I too love the deep blue/green color….so over white as in snow right now! That dining room is A-MAH-ZING!

  4. I recognize the photo from Camelles Lloret in France — had a lovely weekend there! Amazing design throughout.

  5. Thank you for this! I’ve been putting off diving into the world of wallpaper because I think it’s so overwhelming and there are so many choices out there. These sites are a helpful start!

  6. Love that last nursery wallpaper … but you have to expect the little darlings will go at it with color crayons. It’s just begging for that “special” touch. How DO you protect the wallpaper in a kid’s room? Washable? Vinyl? Force field? Electric fence?

  7. Have you ever removed wallpaper? If you have, you would never, ever choose to do this to yourself again. A few short years ago, having wallpaper in one’s house was just the tackiest thing ever – so strange how the design world works!

  8. i agree with rosemary! wallpaper is fun to look at in someone else’s home. luck y for designers haha.
    i lived with wallpaper in the dining room for many years that i originally loved and then got so tired of. of course i put off removing it and repainting because of the hassle. i finally couldn’t take it any longer and opted for a wainscot and paint combo. it’s unfortunate that our eyes get sick of pattern. so my advice is be ready to be married to your decision if it’s wallpaper. divorce is expensive and messy….

  9. I absolutely love some of the new wallpaper designs, but have to agree with the others that this look is definitely for those with the bucks to have it professionally removed in a few years after they can’t stand it any longer, or it becomes dated.

  10. Your home is lovely. I had to peek at your powder room and really love it. Did you replace all the baseboards in your home? It looks like new!

  11. Cool carpet sample on instagram … looks like spotted fawn. I’m a fan of spotted carpets and rugs. Hides the dirt and debris better. I’m not known for my vaccuming skills.

  12. I’m slow to jump on the wallpaper bandwagon, Erin! But I do love that herringbone pattern in the living room. So clean and fresh….I don’t think I’d easily get tired of it. The patterns in the nursery are perfect too! Oh no, what’s happening to me?

  13. I have ALWAYS been a wallpaper woman. There is such depth that one can achieve without hiring an expensive painter/artist. Just makes sense (and saves much dollars.) franki

  14. I have this paper in my powder room and I looooovvve it! My 8 year old calls it the magical forest, and it really is. Weird how a paper based on an 18th century textile is suddenly “trending” in 2015!

  15. My first response was OMG I love the blue! Then I remembered I just spent the last month removing wallpaper and fixing texture for paint. After my recovery my only wallpaper will be timeless grass cloth in 1 room.
    Love the blog and book Erin! You’ve inspired a bathroom makeover! Very challenging to convince people gold and brushed brass/bronze looks stunning with grey…until I show them a pic of your master bath!

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