A Green Tabletop


Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my fellow Irish-folk. :)  While I’m not one for green beer or cabbage, I do enjoy some cabbage leaf style dinnerware.  So I thought today was a good day to discuss the new tabletop collection from Tory Burch and famed Palm Beach potter Dodie Thayer.  Now, I totally can see what some people would think this stuff is heinous, it’s not for everyone, but it in small doses on a springtime table I think it’s quite charming!  Not to mention the history behind it.  There is a great article from the Wall Street Journal about collecting these famed lettuce-leaf pieces, especially the originals signed by Thayer herself.


Two notable collectors of her pottery- Jackie O. and CZ Guest- so you know it’s legit.

Jackie-O CZ Guest by the pool in the iconic shot taken by Slim Aarons

I pulled together a St. Patrick’s Day table using a touch of the new collection!


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I’m curious to hear whether you love or hate this look?


  1. Because you asked, I have to say- sorry, not a fan of the cabbage leaf ceramics. BUT- I think you did great things with the styling of the table top (as usual). Happy St. Pattys Day!

  2. My Mother has collected China her whole life, so I’ve grown up with it and thinks it’s beautiful! BUT I do have all white China pieces in my house. I am very much a layered neutral girl. Much to her chagrin :)

  3. I am thinking of getting the canape plates. A pretty pop of color for a cocktail party or apps. The whole set? Would not be my thing.

  4. Beautiful! Admittedly, at first, I was not into the look. However, now that it’s put into context via the background of how it came to be and showing it styled with other pieces, I think it’s lovely.

  5. I love these. I think they’re an aquired taste though – if you grew up with Jack Rogers and trips to PB then check your parents’ attic because there’s a good chance you already have some of this waiting for you (my mother just unearthed a few boxes for me – she was shocked its “come back”). I remember being a kid and thinking the serving pieces were the most magical things ever, china that looks like vegatables = mind blown!

  6. Love them! And I love that the gold flatware is from Target! I haven’t invested in a set because I worry I will tire of the gold but these are so affordable! Happy St. Patrick’s day!

  7. I definitely would pick some pieces up if I found them for a good deal at a thrift store, but probably wouldn’t invest in the entire set at full price. They add so much interest and texture to a tablescape and would also be lovely to use for an Easter brunch!

  8. I’ve always been a fan of collecting small plates to use with my cream gold edged dinner ware. That’s why I picked such a neutral base. The cabbage ware looks lovely in your fantasy setting.

    Speaking of mixing, I have a zillion blue willow plates and bowls. What might mix well with that? I’ve collected some red willow plates (anything but blue is hard to find … but it’s the hunt that’s fun) and would like to venture further afield. Any suggestions? Blue willow has a grey-ish background color that makes it a challenge.

    Any of your readers with great ideas?

    1. I also have a ton of blue willow and would love some suggestions for making it look more modern. Erin – for a future blog, pretty please?

  9. I love collecting and mixing vintage China! Everything is mass produced now so everybody can have it if they want. There is something special about having something old and limited. The hunt IS one of the parts of owning these vintage pieces.

  10. I am such a fan but I think it’s in my blood. My grandmother’s porch was dotted with lots of little lettuce dishes. I always thought they were quirky decorations but in retrospect I think they were actually used as ash trays for Don Draper-esque guests back in the day.

  11. Very pretty and not to thematic. Leave up to you to do something timeless and chic. Love it and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!
    From one Irish girl to another,

  12. Love these! I’m a little obsessed with antique dishes featuring lobsters and lettuce as well. The quirkier, the better!

  13. Love these dishes! I have many pieces and use them as salad plates with white dishes. They really warm up a table setting. They add a great pop of color in other rooms on plate stands.

  14. I do like it but it’s not something I would buy for myself. You do such a wonderful job with table settings by the way!

  15. Love the cabbage leaf dishes. Especially use them at Easter/for Springtime. Such a fun pop of color and so many foods look lovely on the green. (Although I won’t do an entire table. Mix with white or blues and whites….)
    I have a daughter living in Palm Beach this year which makes this post even more relevant for me.

  16. Have been seeing this collection all over blogland but I love the crisp and fresh way you put together a table along with the unexpected gold tone flatware. Nicely done!

  17. I am friends with Dodie’s granddaughter who is also an accomplished and amazing artist! So exciting to see the successes of this talented family!

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