A Teeny TINY but Stylish Kitchen

I came across this ADORABLE tiny Manhattan kitchen that stylists Zio & Sons gave one heck of a makeover.  Proof positive that you don’t need a brand new, huge kitchen to have style!  In a tiny space like this you can make big impact with the right materials and accessories.


Subway tile to the ceiling heightens the space (and isn’t pricey) and you can find an affordable remnant of marble for a counter of this size no problem!  Smaller spaces sometimes free you up to use nicer materials because you need so much less than in a big kitchen!


I love the blue and white plates hung on the painted brick wall and the exposed pipe wrapped in rope! A great, cheap way to make something that is regularly an eyesore into something decorative.


The reclaimed wood shelves look awesome against the sleek tile and give the space real character.  And of course I love the brass faucet and bin pulls. :)



This picture straight up stresses me out because that red pomegranate juice will stain a counter like no one’s business.


Here’s how to the look!


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  1. I love this because of the pomegrante on the marble!!! Everyone is afraid of the staining on marble and steers clear but I personally have no issue with staining other than minor shades that appear and go with time. I love that about marble and use the surface for everything!

    1. I agree, it’s not for everyone, but if you are down with patina then it rocks. I preferred hones for this reason- patina looks better with honed than with polished!

  2. Lots packed into this little space…and so styled & organized. I love the rustic textures juxtaposed against the sleek surfaces.

  3. Love this post–adore the idea of a small, well appointed kitchen! I’m not sure where the idea came from that something doesn’t have value unless it’s HUGE. More isn’t always better, sometimes it’s just more.

  4. Very cute! Love all the materials too, especially the blue plates hung over the painted brick. I also love the idea of open shelving but with two small kiddos the need for bottles and/or sippy cups is necessary but they’re ugly and need to be hidden.

  5. I too love how it looks, however, where’s the stove hood vent?? Especially since it is a gas stove!! That would never fly here in Canada.

  6. This is what my dreams are made of. I would LOVE to see more posts on EOS that feature smaller spaces! I’m currently renovating a small bungalow and could use some inspiration :)

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