My Current Beauty Regimen!

I’ve been trying to not only use safer products lately but also be more diligent about my skincare routine. No more lazy gal face wipes to take off (i.e. rub around) my makeup at the end of a long day. I’ve been making sure I take the time, no matter how tired, to properly wash, tone, treat and moisturize. And despite the rogue lone pimple that just appeared (ARGH!!!), I think it’s been helping me skin a lot! Things feel smoother, brighter and way more moisturized; and somehow, the more natural and gentle stuff is making a bigger difference than the strong, chemical stuff!  So I thought I’d share (as well as some super awesome body, hair and makeup finds too!)



1. This winter my skin has been SOOOOO dry.  I still wash with Shamanuti’s Charcoal Cleanser but when I’m feeling really parched I’ve taken to using this cleansing balm– which leaves your face clean but super moisturized. And it gets every speck of makeup off.

2. I am still a big La Mer fan, but I tried this Kiehl’s moisturizer and adore it, especially for daytime.  It feels like giving your face a big drink of water.  Less heavy than La Mer but perhaps just as moisturizing!

3. Toner is having such a comeback.  I’m all about it right now- and this one from Arcona smells amazing and is such a nice middle step in your nightly cleansing routine. Also comes in pre-soaked pads which I’m keen to try!

4. Yep, I’ve posted this before and I’m going to post it again.  This Midnight Recovery Concentrate is the one thing I feel has made a true difference in my skin since I started using it.  A light oil that is just packed with goof for your skin ingredients. I’m on bottle number 2!

5. Clearly I’m on a Kiehl’s kick… this eye cream is an oldie but goodie for winter time!  Nothing is more moisturizing for the under-eye area than this little pot!

6. Another thing I think has really helped my skin is using this face oil from Beautycounter. I love a good face oil, especially those with Sea Buckthorn in them like this one.  When I feel super dry, I use this before the Kiehl’s moisturizer above. Layers of moisture is key!

7. We’re all trying to fight father time, and this may be assisting my battle- this Kiehl’s (I wasn’t kidding about being a big fan) Powerful Line-Reducing Concentrate. 

Body & Hair

8.  I went through this tub of body scrub so fast and need to order another. It has a great natural lemon smell and really makes me skin feel smooth.  Plus it’s completely natural!

9. I am all about spray texturizers, and have been using salt sprays for the most part but find in the winter they leave my hair too dry.  This Living Proof stuff is AWESOME.  It doesn’t leave your hair crunchy when you air dry for some waves  and also works great before a blowout to add body and control!

10. I’ve been looking for an all- natural deodorant for months.  Lined up in my medicine cabinet are a bunch that simply did not work. This little pot from Soapwalla DOES!!!!  I really love it- it takes a little to get used to putting a cream on, but it also leaves my skin SO much less irritated after shaving.


11. I have about 52 lip glosses rolling around my purse and bathroom drawer at any given time but this Tarte one has been in steady use due to it’s sheer, natural color and non-sticky texture.

12. You know that J.Lo glow everyone wants? THIS will give it to you.  It’s amazing when mixed into your everyday foundation or applied over top it for a serious dose of radiance.  I like the Opal color personally.

13. I’ve never been able to find a cream blush I really like, but this one by Makeup Forever I really do.  It’s almost like a cream meets a powder somehow.   The coral and rosy plum shades.

14.  This Borghese eyeshadow palette may be better than the Naked palettes. For real. I’m LOVING this bad boy- the shades are amazing and shadows have lovely texture.


  1. I always love hearing about new beauty products, especially safe ones! I’m a consultant with Beautycounter so I 100% agree with your comments about the cleansing balm and face oil. I have kind of oily skin, so I never thought I would actually be putting oil on my face to make it clearer and smoother but it works. If #2 is too heavy in the summer, switch to #3!

  2. Kiehl’s products are SO toxic. I’m confused that you want an all natural deoderant but use Kiehls on your skin! I recently threw away every Kiehls product I owned when I learned they contained parabens and other toxic ingredients that’s should be banned.

    1. I came here to say the same thing! That Kiehl’s isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. While Nordstrom does list some of the ingredients, it most certainly leaves out all the bad ones they still use. It’s not as homeopathic as they used to be.

    1. Hi Erin, Just wanted to add my two scents! I’ve weaned myself off of toxic body care products in the last couple years. I started by getting rid of all parabens, then I just kept going. I have oily skin, and always used oil-free moisturizer, matifier, toner etc…but now ALL I use is sweet almond oil. To wash, to moisturize…everything. And, my skin has never been better. I’m 33, and I used to still get a rogue spot, but since oil cleansing, none! Also, for a great body (and face!) scrub, try mixing some coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut or sweet almond oil. SO GOOD. Also, so natural and so cheap. I know it’s impossible to throw out expensive products, so finish up your Kiehl’s, then give the regular oil thing a try. I have expensive face oil too, with sea buckthorn and rosehips, etc…but really I’ve found sweet almond just as good. BTW, I still haven’t gone completely natural in terms of make-up, as I’m obsessed with Armani (but I buy it in Paris, and the EU forbids animal testing for cosmetics, so that makes me feel a bit batter…) Baby steps, right?!

  3. I’ve become pretty rigid about using products that are not tested on animals. It’s pretty hard to stick to 100% and I’ll admit I’m not quite there yet, but I feel so much better when I know that no animal suffered due to my purchase.

  4. I am obsessed with your beauty recos after I bought Seaberry oil after you suggested it. I love it and gifted it to my mom and sisters for our annual beauty exchange. This is a keeper of a post as I look forward to trying each of these items. THANKS!

  5. agree w/the kiehl’s toxic comments (sadly)…but ARCONA, the holy grail!! all of their products are amazing and constantly rotating to give you the jlo glow w/the highlighter. seriously. not a huge blog commenter, but arcona is worth the plug. amazing on all levels.

    1. YES! arcona is the bomb. their skin “peel” is amazing- i do the clay tea tree mask and then that peel. also try their exfoliator. whoa!!!! and it smells fab.

      i also love a little company out of australia called moogoo. their rosehip oil is fantastic and their skin lightening moisturizer (for sun spots) is pretty amazing during this dry winter.

      finally, i was gifted a pot of Toma eye cream and it’s the BEST THING EVER for my 34 year old eyes.

      1. will check out your recs….use the arcane peels religiously and it’s like getting a professional facial! thanks for the other tips.

  6. The best moisturiser I have tried is Ri na Mara Face Cream. ( is a natural day and night cream made in Ireland and it combines seaweed extracts,Aloe Vera and Ginkgo Biloba to reduce wrinkles, smooth appearance and restores skin natural moisture balance. It costs approx $25 for a 50 ml jar.

  7. I turned 37 this year and my skin totally changed; it used to be oily and now it’s much drier yet more prone to break-outs (awesome,right?). A few months ago I discovered this product at Follain in Boston and it’s been a total game changer. My skin is so much more moisturized, is much softer and much less prone to breakouts. It’s really been a game changer for me and is totally worth the slightly higher price tag.

  8. I always check out before I buy any products. She rates beauty products (skin care and makeup) and does it based on science. She explains what is in each product and what each of these ingredients is supposed to do. That should appeal to those trying to avoid parabens et al. It’s worth a look, could save you from wasting money and her site is a wealth of information.

    As for my routine, I’ve recently become a little more high maintenance. Maybe it’s my age — I’m much older I use Skinceuticals Vitamin C Serum in the morning; Retin A every other night; Cerave PM lotion at night; or coconut oil if really dry; or Avene moisture mask; or Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil. I’ve been switching things around this winter. And Cerave eye cream.

    Clarisonic is a must (a game changer) and I’ve recently been trying the PMD — a month in and I like it.

    I’ve just begun to try to enjoy the bedtime routine instead of dreading it. What do the French call it? Their toilette? That makes it sound so much better….I’ve been trying to treat it like a luxury instead of the final chore of the day and it’s really helped me stick with it.

  9. I’ve been on a kiehls kick too!!! I keep eyeing the face moisturizer but am scared to stray from the moisturizer I’ve used for years. My skin always thirsty, so I really think this one might do the trick.

  10. I have been on the ‘clean’ kick for a while now – best toner I have found is a simple distilled witchazel, which is also fantastic at helping to heal any break outs or other skin issues (and supercheap at the supermarket – Bonus!). Moisturiser, I use Josie Maran light Argan Oil, eyes Perricone green – no parabens, petrochemicals et al. Some of the Hourglass foundations are OK, but you do need to check ingredients. The other baddie is Titanium Dioxide – definitely carcinogenic, and in most makeups AND sunblock. Yep – use sunblock to prevent cancer, but it’ll give you cancer too. Lovely. Korres also do some good moisturiser/toner that are non-toxic. Good luck!!

  11. I have become completely addicted to all Beautycounter products (and their new makeup line)! Luckily, a dear friend is a consultant. I also use pure argan oil as a moisturizer. I have the most sensitive skin, and don’t need a lot of product, but this is a miracle in a bottle.

  12. I just started using the RMS Beauty un cover-up, lip2cheek and living luminizer. I love them! Each product has multiple uses!

  13. I’m with you! I’m turning 36 in a couple of months, and noticed that my skin is starting to change so I’m trying to take better care of it.

    Here are two things my dermatologist recommends: a vitamin C serum in the morning, and a retinol at night.

    I’m still looking for a great vitamin C. I’ve tried Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic oil, which is good, but expensive and it starts to oxidize before you use it all up. I’ve also tried Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum, which was nice. I tried Kiehl’s vitamin C but it felt a little greasy and it also contains propylene glycol (the stuff in antifreeze). Let me know if you find a good one!

    For retinol, my derm prescribed a .04% (it comes in multiple strengths) generic Retin-A. I’ve been using it for a few months, building up my tolerance (I started with every 3rd night, now I’m on every other night)…and it’s making a difference! When I put it on, I also layer my nightly face oil on top so my skin doesn’t dry out.

    Thanks for your skin care recs. I’ve tried a few of the products you’ve recommended and always love them!

    1. I was also going to recommend LaVanila deodorant. It’s the most like a traditional deodorant in its texture, and it works well for me. The other natural brands that have worked for me are Bubble & Bee cream deodorants and In Love With Body Care. The In Love deodorants are the only ones I’ve found that will actually eliminate odor when you reapply them. With all the others, I have to re-apply them pre-emptively throughout the day.

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