Design Detail: Shiplap Walls & Ceilings

Shiplap has been around forever, in fact, it’s more of a historical, period look than anything, however it seems to be making one fierce comeback as of late!  I’ve been seeing so many fabulous modern images of spaces utilizing it on walls, ceilings, in bathrooms, bedrooms, mudroom and kitchens, it no longer is reserved only for older homes.  As I dream of renovating our sunroom into a four season family room, this style of wall and ceiling treatment is in the forefront of my brain!

This laundry room uses it with an amazing result (although that lantern placement is driving me bananas.)


This entry, I can’t decide what’s the best part- the walls, that window, the floor or that steel door???


A rustic meets formal room in some deeper tones.


These guys went all out.


Another fantastic entry/ mudroom.


I love how this design uses it to define the eating nook in this kitchen. Also, another example of how great shiplap looks with wood beams!


These bunk beds have a nautical but modern feel.


Raw wood shiplap looks pretty amazing in this kitchen (and that ceiling and stone sink are pretty stunning too!)


A serene and simple bedroom showing how the horizontal seams add interest without too much pattern.


Simply gorgeous!


I love this bright, modern room.


This bathroom has so many details to be inspired by- the dark ceiling, wall mounted faucets and patterned floor.


LOVE this- such a great gallery wall.


In rooms that open into each other, shiplap throughout creates a cohesive, textured feel.


I did some searching and there are some good DIY tutorials out there if you want to tackle this on your own: HERE, HERE and HERE.





  1. I love that look. We recently renovated our first floor and I’m so bummed I didn’t think to use that to add some texture to our walls. They’re kind of boring now.

    I watch Fixer Upper (my fave!) and they use shiplap all the time. It actually makes a great drinking game while watching the show. Take a drink every time someone says shiplap!

    1. Yes they do! I just started watching that show and was introduced to shiplap because of it.

    2. I too was introduced to shiplap from Fixer Upper, which I love! Some other words to add to your drinking game are really cool, good flow, and cased openings!

    3. I second that- Fixer Upper is incredible. I love it when they save shiplap walls, soo much texture.

  2. If you don’t want the commitment (or expense), is it possible to faux paint it on? Line plus shadow line for depth? Might be practical in a kid’s room when you know their tastes are going to change several times over as they grow up.

    Just wondering…

  3. I agree that lantern placement is wonky in the first picture. I wonder if they wanted a light over the window seat for reading or something? In which case a wall mounted reading light/sconce would make more sense to me. Things like that drive my eyes crazy.

  4. That kitchen with the raw wood shiplap walls and the tin ceiling is everything. Where did you find that image? Atlanta Homes?

  5. I’d never heard of shiplap until I watched Fixer Upper either! Now this incredible post about it! I love it and all the different inspirations photos you showed!

  6. I love this look! We have done shiplap walls in a few of our more recent projects (mainly in kitchens and living spaces) and I love how it adds interest and character without being overwhelming. I also love how it works for modern homes and more traditional ones

  7. What are your thoughts about the use of shiplap walls/ceilings in “non-coastal” homes? Is it a bit cheesy if you’re in a land-locked state?

    1. I think shiplap is the word for the placement of the wood. It is found in older homes in the southern part of the country (before drywall).

  8. Do you think it’s just a trend or something classic?

    I want to add it to our powder room but in a dark is color. Wonder if that will take away from the texture it provides?

  9. Love these images. We used a lot of shiplap (which our architect spec’d and called “butt-joint paneling”) in our basement renovation. We used it in the bunk room (with 4 built-in bunk beds), in the laundry room, the bunk room bathroom, and as the wet bar “backsplash” in the basement family room. Wish I could attach pics here because I think it turned out really well!

  10. VOILA! There you are in the Spring edition of “The Cottage Journal!” There is no end to your versatility!! Kudos on Cottages!! franki

  11. Thank you for this!! I’m a recent viewer to Fixer Upper and hear them use that all the time– never could tell exactly what it was before now.
    I’d like to know if this can applied to basement concrete walls somehow without using drywall or some other type of underlayer.

  12. Hi Erin,
    I do love the casual feel of shiplap. Those raw shiplap walls with the tin ceiling in the kitchen is pretty spectacular! Just love your selection of images…..very inspiring….thanks!

  13. I too was wondering about the use of shiplap in a landlocked home. Would love to incorporate it in a future reno, but wondered if it would look out of place? I love the look of it in southern homes (all over it in Charleston!!) and coastal homes, but what about in my traditional Northern NJ center hall colonial home!

  14. Thank you so much for this post. My husband has been thinking about going in the same direction for a new laundry room and entry from the yard. I wasn’t so sure about it until I saw this post. Now I think I can get on board. I also really like the bunk beds and this gives me an idea for a new BR that we are considering adding for our twins.

  15. Hi Erin! I LOVE me some shiplap! We did that in our sunroom addition this past year…. Designers think alike that is for sure.

    What I really wanted to reach out about is possibly doing a post for designers on project management, bookkeeping [email protected]$ I continue to use Quickbooks (on my own, but ready to hire it out) as that is what every accountant knows, but I’d love to know what the majority of designers use: cloud vs. local bookkeeper. Maybe its not relevant for your blog, but thought I’d put it out there. Thanks!

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