Fashion Friday: The Denim Silhouette For Spring


The flare is back in a BIG, BIG way- proof that things never really go “out” of style but rather take extended “time off” from being cool.  The good news is, this style works on SO many body types!  It helps elongate shorter legs (wear with wedges, heels or platforms), narrow hips and flatter thighs.  So why not try them out this spring?

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Here’s a roundup of my favorite flare styles for spring/ summer (I personally own two pairs of MiH, I LOVE them)


Row 1: Seafarer // Citizens // Mother

Row 2: True Religion // Hudson // American Eagle

Row 3: MiH // Gap // Madewell

Row 4: Frame // Current Elliott // MiH

Row 5: Stella // Citizens


  1. I’ve been seeing a lot of flares this spring. Have to pull mine out again and try them on.

  2. I guess I’m one of those people that never felt that the flair leg went out of style. I love a flair leg jean. But I dont like when you can see your shoe at all. They shouldnt be that long or big in my opinion. I also dont like them with an oversized top. You loose your shape.

  3. Definitely a fan of the flare, or even boot cut, jean. Thankfully, a more forgiving look for the mature woman (me). The skinny jean is not a flattering look on everyone and, even though I have a few, I was never truly comfortable wearing them. I’m glad I didn’t get rid of my old pairs of flares/boot cuts. What goes around comes around!!

  4. Applause from the over 50 section. I never stopped wearing mine after they faded from glory the last time, and am especially happy to see the higher rise this time around. I especially like the white ones for spring and summer. Few bodies are perfect enough to look attractive in white skinny jeans, in my opinion.

    1. This “tickled me”…do you watch “The Good Wife” by any chance… Anyway, I agree with you, Pam, if you’ve got it, wear it! franki

  5. I will not be partaking in this trend. I am 5’2″ and this style never really looked good on me!!! I do think that yes in order for a short person to pull off this look you have to be wearing tall heels otherwise it just looks wrong…but that is just me.

    1. I’m barely 5’4″ and I’ve never been able to wear this style. Probably because I can’t wear the 4″ heels I would need to look good in them. But, hey, all you tall girls, go for it!

  6. The irony of fashion! Good thing I still have some from when they were in style 6/12/18 years ago. But I love the new styles you posted! Awesome work ;)

  7. Bootcut, or even better baby boot cut -Yes! Universally flattering

    Flare/bell bottom -NO! Even the beautiful women in the photos look ridiculously out of proportion – too much weight on the bottom. No thank you.

    I always drool over your style and decor choices, but not this one.

  8. I love how flares look but I’m weary that they won’t work on my short frame, but I will definitely give them a try because they’re a welcome break from the skinny jean trend!

    Adia | beauty luxe life

  9. I have a pair of 7 For All Mankind and a pair of Banana Republic flares. Its a nice change from all the skinny jeans. The one thing I don’t think looks good is how long they are in the pictures above. When they drag the ground and cover the shoe, to me it just looks weird and sloppy. I’d much rather see a peep of a fuchsia heel, or a bright green sandal!

    1. I totally agree….I can never understand why anyone would think that cuffs that drag on the ground look good never mind make it into a magazine or fashion shoot. To me they always look like they are in desperate need of a good hemming. Not only does it look sloppy but it’s dangerous. You would always be in danger of stepping on your hem. I like Boot cut myself and I think that it looks universally flattering but a sever flare just looks out of proportion never mind the dragging hem. I could go on and on as this is one of my pet peeves with the fashion industry in general…….

  10. You can never go wrong with a flared jean! I am loving the fact that they are back in style because I can finally wear mine again, haha. I am obsessing over the white flared jeans. Need to get a pair ASAP.

  11. eek. I have too big of hips to wear a flare leg jeans again… it makes my body from the waste down look like an hour glass. And hour glass figure only works when you have one hour glass… not one and an a half!

  12. I saw someone mention this a few days ago, and they’re right – if you don’t cite the source of an image you don’t own on your blog, you’re breaking copyright law (and essentially, claiming that person’s work as your own). If you read other blogs, you’ll see they cite the image sources at the bottom of the post, if not directly under the picture itself. You’re one of my favorite blogs, and your blog is pretty prevalent, so don’t want to see you get in trouble.

  13. I have the MiH Marrakesh, and even on my short frame, they’re flattering. The higher fitted waist elongates the line and makes things appear smaller and perkier than they really are. We call this the “Pippa” effect in my office.

  14. Will the old flares really work now? All your examples are mid waist or higher. The last time flares were in they were all low rise, as I recall… Any thoughts on what might work with that?

  15. Nice to see flair jeans are back. I love skinny jeans but they don’t love me. Flairs are just more figure flattering.

  16. I love a flare jean…but only a low waisted one…I’m not a fan of a high waisted flare on anyone. I love it that maybe we’re entering a time when both the flare AND the skinny AND the boyfriend are all in style…how cool is that!!!???

  17. Ann Taylor has a great flare Jean as well. I never gave mine them with cowboy boots….

  18. I would love to see a photo of flared jeans “working” on someone with a small waist and bigger hips and thighs…I’ve tried bootcuts and flares and look awful…At 5’8″ I have the height.. but really think they only look good on long lean sillouhettes (I’d be happy to be proven incorrect though!!)

  19. Ha! That picture reminds me of my childhood, much longer ago than I care to admit, ok it was in the 70’s… I remember always trying to make sure that my pants were long and wide enough to completely cover my platform shoes:) As for trends: I go strictly with what I think looks good on me and fits well and is comfortable to wear. So I have a mix of different styles of jeans and I am basically covered all the way around as far as the “latest” style is concerned!

  20. Just because a trend shows up from time to time doesn’t mean “they never REALLY went out” It can equally mean it’s an ungainly trend that the haul out and try to foist on us ever few years. Just sayin’.

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