Moving Outdoors.


I spent ALL last weekend out on my patio soaking in the sun and warmth- I just love hoe much bigger my house gets in the summer! Our sunroom is usable and our patio serves as another living space, so we can really spread out.



It’s so nice to pretty up whatever outdoor space you have- be it a small balcony in the city or a big patio in the suburbs.  A little care and thought can turn it into a place you really want to spend time and give you some more square footage of living space.  Here are some fun favorites of mine to help get your outdoor space in shape for summer!


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  1. Love these! If only room for dining table/seating or lounge seating/coffee table, which would you do? Perhaps dining table with comfortable arm chairs?

  2. That fire pit at the lake…so magical! I can’t put a lake in my yard but where, oh where, can I get those red adirondaks???

  3. Thanks for linking to the West Elm drink coolers. A PERFECT Father’s Day gift for my prepster husband from our bound-to-be prepster son.

  4. love everything about Elements of Style…blog, book, instagram! Any chance you can share info on the fire pit on your patio? We are looking for a free standing one (this is perfect) while we decide if we want a built in one.

  5. This is exactly what I have been spending all day working on actually. We just bought a condo that’s a bit small, but the deck is amazing and I can’t wait to spend all summer out there! What are your thoughts on indoor/outdoor rugs? Should you just go for practicality, or do you think there are any fashionable ones that can take a little beating/rain?



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