A Little Office Makeover

It’s been about a year and a half since we moved into our new office and we decided it was time to do a little makeover. Mostly because I really am over the bright walls. They were super fun for a while and really kept the space cheery during the winter, but I want a fresh, clean, less bold look now.


We’re going to keep a lot of the furniture in the office (except the desks which are broken from our move) but update the look of the space.


We’re going to paint the whole space a creamy white, Farrow & Ball’s Pointing.  Of course to paint over this bold color with a white will take some work and a bit of primer to keep it from bleeding through.  Then I plan to make the following updates along with lots of organization and editing. :)


paint // lamp // desk chair // vintage chairs (similar) // rug // art

Spring is such a great time to make small changes  to your spaces like this! Do you have any spring mini-makeovers?



  1. I painted our master bedroom a bright, bold “regatta blue” almost two years ago. I had wanted it for so long and now… over it. I really want to re-paint it something softer this spring or summer, but I dread all of the priming and layers!

  2. I didn’t prime enough/properly when I took our living room from a dark pewter to a cream last year. I was too excited to see the results to be patient and prime yet again! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I tell them the color isn’t right, but I swear it grates on me every single day. I’m sure you’ll do it perfectly, but thought this would be a good thing to have in your brain when you are wondering if you need to do one more coat of primer. I hate to see another type-A suffer!!!

  3. I did Indigo Batik in my living room- too dark, went to Silver Sage-RH- didn’t need primer. Just used BM Regal Select- best paint ever when going over a dark color! Saves time too! And I paint ALOT- to the point I’m on a first name basis with my local paint store! I’m also going in the direction of whites this year- I think neutralizing the walls and letting the decor do the talking is where I need to go this year!
    Have fun! Can’t wait to see the pics!

  4. I’m actually decorating my office rt now. I work in a legal environment but have an interior design degree and decided I can’t take the beige box anymore! I can’t paint the walls or change the ugly redish wood furniture but I got some great white and gold accesseries and am pulling some art together to hang up. So far it’s made a huge difference in my mood about going to work. I spend 8 hours a day there it should look a little more me.

  5. We have that desk chair in our home office! It’s actually quite comfortable, although I don’t sit in it for hours on end…

  6. I’m looking forward to this re-do. I was never a fan of the bright coral / pink for a room you spend so much time in all day long. You see so much color and pattern and textures, you need some breathing room (don’t think eyeballs actually breathe, but you know what I mean). But sometimes you gotta experiment until you find your perfect place.
    But if this is anything like the sofa story, we’re going to see several more re-dos … I’m sure all of them will be stunning too.

  7. I love the bright walls but can definitely relate to your getting bored of them. I’m really loving fresh, bright white spaces right now and CANNOT wait to see the full transformation Erin!


    P.S. I love the gallery wall of all your amazing press – I’d totally do the same. Aw, one day, hopefully…

  8. Love those chairs and that linen will be such a nice contrast to the wood. Agree that the new look will be a stylish and sophisticated update.

  9. I’m redoing my office too, after being in it for just a year. Going from contractor beige-y yellow to a soft blueish lavender to coordinate with the overwashed violet Persian rug (thanks, Overstock). I’m also using a black Ikea desk, with shelves above for better organization. This is also my media room so I don’t need it to be bright; so was thinking of painting the doors black and stripping the beautiful antique brass hardware that’s been painted. I’ll add in quite a bit of sparkle to brighten the dimness.

  10. I’m just so glad to know other people paint as often as I do! I get teased relentlessly because I’m continually re-doing rooms, either with painting the walls or bringing in different accessories. Your blog is validation that I’m a decorator at heart (even though my paid job is in medical transcription).
    I painted my dining room gray last year. Loved it. Now I’d like to paint it a softer, lighter gray, with more blue undertones., and bring in gold and/or brass accessories. I’m sure I will–just need to find a free weekend :).

  11. I’m kinda bummed that you’re recovering those chairs! I know you’ve wanted to for a long time, but the beige linen is so… classy and classic and boring. I’m afraid they’ll go from awesome to generic in a Restoration Hardware kind of way. :( Can’t wait to see the after though.

  12. Can’t say I didn’t warn you! :)

    If you look back at comments from your original office-reno post, I bet you’ll find me saying THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU COMMIT TO SOMETHING SO BRIGHT!

    I painted almost the exact same color in my home office (Behr “Dragon Fruit”) and within the first year was completely exhausted by it. The color was literally draining energy from me every day.

    I ended up hanging a gorgeous grasscloth instead.

    Enjoy the new office!

  13. I love F&B’s pointing! I have often wondered why designers do not use this color paint more. Great choice!

  14. I do really love the pink but I can see how you would want to change it up after some time. I am all about creamy whites and grays…either way it will look gorgeous!

  15. I’m in the midst of an office remodel myself! All based around Anthropologie’s Chain-Stitched Poppies rug; http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-rugs/35269877.jsp#/ Picture that with light lime walls (Sherwin’s Springtime to be exact), B&W striped closet walls (already completed a few months back), a new ivory/shagreen desk, ivory upholstered chair from Vanguard with dalmatian printed pillow, vintage Labarge brass console & some new baskets to jazz up my old IKEA shelves. Still undecided on window treatments though. Excited!

    Makeovers are so good for the soul! Can’t wait to see your updates!

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