A Spring Shear.


A few weeks ago when I had a scheduled book event in Los Angeles I had booked an appointment at Meche Salon, known for it’s perfectly tousled bobs and natural highlights, with the plan to chop my hair off and lighten it.  And then my flight got delayed three hours and I missed my appointment. WAAAAAAAAHHHH.  I’m still determined to make the change as I am SO DONE with my long hair, but need to find a fantastic stylist in Boston to do so (the one I had seen recently turned out to be way too expensive).  Any Boston ladies have stylists and colorists they love? If so please share!  And here are some of the inspiration images I have saved for when I make the cut!





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  1. Eva Mustafi at Salon Eva Michelle is a miracle worker!! Eva chopped 10 inches off for me years ago and gave me the cutest bob. I swear by her!

  2. Charles Maksou is amazing. He cut my hair when I lived in Boston and it never looked better. I used to travel from Southern California (where I now live) to Boston to have Charles cut my hair.

  3. I’m a recent NYC transplant to Boston and love your blog. Amazed at the number of suggestions! Having had had my hair cut at my share of high end salons over the years, Bumble & Bumble in NYC, Oribe when in MB, etc. I will tell you that no one knows your features and your hair better than you do. I have had some very experienced (and expensive) stylists talk me into something that at the end rang false at home. So try to find pictures of people that have similar features & hair as you, think of some loose parameters (what you like or not), write bullet points and bring that to your visit. Keep in mind that short hair will zoom in the focus lens to your face so if your features are prominent & your hair is thick, you will need to soften the face by having hair at at least the collar bone, with some weight taken off in the back (underneath) using scissors (never razors!), otherwise you will get the Cleopatra look. For spring, having some soft “light” around your face via subtle highlights or hand strikes from underneath is always nice. GP.

  4. Rebecca Woodfork is amazing. A brunette’s dream colorist (says me) and magic with the scissors. P.S. Ask Marie! :)

  5. Shawneen at the Kenneth Wildes Salon in Newton Centre is talented and a good listener. In addition, Steven does a great consistent job doing my color. The prices are reasonable , too, unlike what salons charge on Newbury Street in Boston. In addition, they regularly host charity events for the community; just today all the money raised from haircuts, etc. went to the Boston Children’s Hospital.

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