1. I buy the cleansing water from La Roche Posay and also Avene. It is awesome, and I first came across cleansing water in France YEARS ago. I will even soak a paper towel in the water and use it to clean the inside of my makeup bag!

  2. Love this roundup of things! That pendant is so lovely but I know I would have overlooked it on the lamp site without your prompting…so post idea, how about some dining room lights? I have 8 ft ceilings and am having such a hard time pulling the trigger on a chandelier. Have a great day!

  3. Erin,
    I love Eric Blum’s work. You should check out Robin Luciano Beaty.
    She’s an incredible encaustic artist based in Massachusetts. Her art is amazing as is her studio, which she helped build.

  4. Hi Erin, that pendant is a close “approximation” of a design set of chandaliers designed by two Czech guys, who won several design awards for it. I wonder if they know about this “version” ;o) Here are the originals : http://www.janandhenry.com/work/detail/id/55
    If you scroll down the page, there is more info about the inspiration for the work (opera house).

    1. Wow. The originals are SO much better. Thanks for sharing that link. I think I’m in love with these chandeliers. Now…to actually live in a place to hang them!

  5. Think I just spotted (striped) your book in the “Minotti” layout in “Elle Decor.” Best book-cover ever!

  6. I JUST read about this water yesterday in, maybe, In Style?? It said that you can just cleanse your face once a day, before bed and use this water in the am!

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