Going Dutch.


I like to keep a mental (and Pinterest) file of all the details that would make up my dream home- from furniture to paint colors, trim styles and doors. Yep, doors. Especially a good, cozy, dramatic, lovely dutch door. I love the look and function of these doors and thought I’d gather together some great examples of employing dutch doors in various style homes.

How about the bold exterior color showing when you open the top of the door? So great.


Clean, modern farmhouse style.


Simple and colorful.


I love the modern, rustic style of this entry.


A more modern look.


I really wish I could bake cookies in here right now.


Check out the diagonal planking on the exterior of this one.


I posted this house a few weeks ago but could not help posting it’s pure perfection again.


What a fancy yet rustic mudroom.




I adore the combination of brass, green, white and blue patterned pottery here.


Dutch doors are GENIUS if you have pets- you can corral them into a space while not feeling like you’ve locked them in.


My parents have an interior dutch door on their laundry room and it’s the perfect spot for time outs for the dogs when they too rowdy- you can still hear them but keep them contained.  Same goes for kids- they are kind of fabulous on playrooms- you can hear everything but know they are safely in a specific room!




  1. Dutch doors are so beautiful , but expensive! I luv the one with the interior shutter for privacy, so perfect. Also that soapstone sink is so beautiful.

  2. We had a Dutch door in my parents’ house when we first moved in, before we renovated. As kids, we thought it was the coolest thing we had ever seen! I love how sleek these inspiration photos are. Totally different and updated from the one we had!

  3. The house I grew up in had a dutch door. I loved being able to open just the top when a stranger came to the door.

  4. What a great post. I love the dutch door and grew up having one at my parents house. We are currently in the process of painting and redoing the outside of our house in Newton Center, right near Crystal Lake. Erin, do you know of any local places where we might be able to get a dutch door? Thanks so much.

  5. Erin I LOVE Dutch Doors – but where do you buy them?!?!?! I’ve looked every where but can’t find a great resource…any ideas?

  6. LOVE dutch doors. I’m living in Holland at the moment and obsessed with the fact that practically every has house one. Going to install one at my house in Newport asap! So great for fresh air and keeping animals in or out!

  7. Love Dutch Doors! We recently got a new front door, but we live in a Prairie Style so it couldn’t be Dutch. However, the company we used has quite a few beautiful Dutch Doors as well as the option to custom-build! So, if anyone is looking for one, check out Rogue Valley Doors out of Oregon (no, I don’t work for them!)

  8. These doors are simply beautiful – especially in those awesome colors! But is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?? BUGS!! Ever seen an option with screens? Kind of ruins the look, I know, but at least your house wouldn’t be full of mosquitos. Perhaps why we see so many of these on the West Coast – these wouldn’t work during a Midwest summer!

    1. I don’t have a Dutch door but we have a screen door that might work really well with dutch doors and not take away from the look. Look up Phantom Screen doors. The do not look like or open like a regular door…they retract so when you look at the house from the sidewalk it looks like there’s nothing there…hence ‘phantom’ screen. My neighbor actually called me out of concern that my door was wide open when the screen was being used. True story. And they have a great feature that allows for some ‘give’ if someone (no names) should mistakenly not realize it’s there and walk thru it. Look them up They are very cool! They have standard colors or you can custom match it to a color or stain if your front door and door jamb are stained.

  9. Love the look but always thought somewhat impractical for the bug factor. But I adore the idea of using one in a laundry or mud room. Corralling dogs and kids seems like the perfect way to use one!

  10. I have a Dutch door in my home, between the kitchen and the laundry room. It used to be the exterior door before we owned the house (the laundry room was an addition somewhere along the way). We do use it to corral the dog, and also so the laundry on the floor of the laundry room isn’t visible from the kitchen, reminding us that it needs to be done! Someday I hope to paint it a great color that contrasts with the kitchen, or to take all the paint off of it and leave it natural. Some day.

  11. yes – as stated above…any fave places to purchase them from? i’ve been covetting a dutch door for a while now, but am afraid of how much it will cost me:) what is your fave color of the moment to recommend?

  12. Love the look. A neighbor had one when I was a kid. They also had a house with a two sided fireplace. And a play house out back.
    Charm aside, if you think a double door will keep kids inside, rethink that. Unless you’ve get very docile children. Our three year old granddaughter would consider that an invitation to climb. At age two, she defeated every baby gate ever made. Even using two baby gates in tandem just slowed her down for a month or two.

  13. for those asking where to get them, most major door manufacturers offer their standard styles in dutch option. just google it! then call that company and ask for a local dealer that carries the line you like.

    i too love dutch doors but i discovered that they are NOT great with dogs like mine who like to JUMP! in those instances you have to go with a dutch that opens higher on the door–like 3/4 of the way up.

  14. Hi Erin,
    These Dutch doors are fresh-looking and fabulous! I’m loving the rugs in the foyers too, especially the worn oriental ones, and just break my heart with cute pup in the mudroom, why don’t you?!

  15. I am swooning for these Dutch doors! They are a perfect way to let the outside in and keep any critters out in the process. Much like a window ;) But oh, so quaint and country!

  16. I love the look of Dutch doors too – these are all such cute examples too. I have one question though, do you think people leave them without a curtain or shade or do you think that was removed for styling purposes? I ask because my front doors have windows (50s California ranch style with diamond panes) and my husband insists on something covering them. Right now we have semi sheer curtains, but I would prefer nothing…do you know of any other options?

  17. We just “re-did” our full door armoire into a dutch door…I’ve always luv’d them, too!! franki

  18. I’m the one who lives in Manhattan Beach down the street from the green house door with the dog in front. When we built our house last year I told my finish carpenter from out of the area that my front door would be a dutch door. He thought I was crazy and said he’d never seen that done on a front door before. I told him to drive down a few streets and he’d see almost every single house here has a front dutch door. And fortunately we don’t get major bugs here – just a few mosquitoes and flies during the summer.

    As to where to buy them – you can get them at any door store. They just have the regular doors cut in half and rabbeted (creates a step at the joint where the 2 halves meet). And they don’t have to be expensive, mine was about $800.

  19. I would love a dutch door at Halloween for the 200+ trick-or-treaters we get. So much easier than continually opening and closing the front door and bunching up the rug in the front hall. And for the politicians around primary time. Perfect.

  20. Our family is Ditch so we always put a Dutch door in all of our homes as a nod to our heritage. We have just moved to a farmhouse in the south and I really miss my door! Trying to figure out where to put one. As for the bugs, we have always had a screened door. Very simple wooden designs look best. I will definitely look into the phantom brand. Enjoy your Dutch doors!

  21. I love Dutch doors! My childhood bedroom had one so my mom could keep an eye on my twin sister and me at play.

  22. Love all the Dutch doors! But I can’t help but notice you have given absolutely ZERO credit to the any of the copyright owners or photographers of the photos. What a shame. Very unprofessional to say the least.

  23. We used Dutch doors in both our girls’ rooms, when they were babies/toddlers. We could close the door and know they were contained to their rooms, but they could also see out, and there was never an issue of being afraid of the dark. We also have a Dutch door in our laundry room, much like your parents, to contain our dogs. Love them!

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