A Big Thank You.


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I just have to say how incredibly grateful and overwhelmed Andrew and I both are from all your wonderful comments and well wishes yesterday regarding our big baby news.  I spend a whole lot of time reading each and every one and am so amazed by the incredible community this blog has built from all you wonderful readers.  It was especially lovely to hear from longtime readers who had never commented and those of you who live both near a very, very far!

I also want to say a special thanks to those of you who shared your own infertility stories, worries, concerns and info on what it’s like being the momma to BOYS. :)  I know that I will lean heavily on your wisdom and guidance when trekking through these unchartered waters in the next 5 1/2 months (oh, and for the next, say , 18 years???)  I also plan to crowd-source lots of great info from you on everything from strollers to swaddling to sleeping.  It’s so fantastic to have access to so many women who know so much about motherhood!

And yes, I plan to share ALL my nursery plans once I get started on it (I plan to wait on that until after my 18 week appointment just because I’m being extra cautious about this whole process).  And there will be plenty of maternity style posts once I’m actually IN maternity clothes (I am feeling grateful for the first time in my life for my crazy long torso- but I’m not sure what to do with these BOOBS!?)  And there will be a lot of writing about pregnancy and all my fears and joys as I go through this (fingers crossed).  But don’t worry- this isn’t going to turn into a mommy blog.  I plan on keeping the focus on style, interiors and lots of things that non-pregnant people can wear! :)

Yesterday was a whirlwind that consumed me, so that’s all for today.  Just a big thank you.  Back to all things interiors tomorrow :)

Much Love & Respect,



  1. I do hope you can relax and enjoy this time. Due to miscarriages, I spend my second pregnancy worrying the entire time. It turned out to be my last and I so wish I could have the time back to do it again with more joy.

  2. When I read the post title yesterday I actually let out an audible woo hoo…so excited for you! I hope you are able to stop every once in a while and just breathe and take it all in. Creating a human is a pretty amazing experience and I can still (13 years later) recall certain moments that make me smile.

    And I’m cracking up about your boobs comment…The day I found out I was pregnant I remember waking up and looking down at my chest and going WTF??? Totally knew by the increase in size that I was definitely pregnant! :)

  3. I’m so happy for you! We struggled as well and it was so hard to hear “this will all be worth it when you hold that meant-to-be baby in your arms.” But then, one day, it was true. I actually spotted Andrew at a conference in Co. Springs last week and thought “gee, I bet they are pregnant and just not saying yet.” Yay! I was right!

    1. For the record…I love when people recognize me because of my wife. So please feel free to come up and tell me!! It makes me so proud. :)

      1. Ha! You were on the phone crossing the lake so I thought interrupting your call bordered on crazy! Congrats, Andrew! Watching my husband with my son and daughter is one of my greatest joys. There is nothing like a Daddy’s love.

      2. Ahh…makes sense…I am on my phone a fair amount. :) Thanks for all the well wishes!

      3. Congratulations Andrew and Erin!!! I would recognize you, Andrew, even without your famous and lovely wife! We went to school together, and I have endearing memories of how sweet and kind you were. You both deserve all the happiness in the world, and I’m so happy for you.

      4. Truthfully, I accidentally came across Erin’s blog during a “where are they now” moment- just one day before her book came out. Not knowing anything about her work, I purchased her book to indirectly support you, my dear classmate. Then I read the book, and was hooked. :-)

  4. Congrats!! I can’t wait to see baby boy Gates in his first shawl sweater! Wishing you health and happiness.

  5. How exciting for you!! And a boy!

    I am one of 3 girls and didn’t know what to do when I had my first son. Then I had 2 more! I would like to suggest a book by James Dobson, “Bringing Up Boys’. I know I know, but before you dismiss it just give it a try. Lots of really good info there and it was so helpful. Even though you have brothers it will give you insight as a parent of a boy.

    Can’t wait to read all about your mommy journey!

  6. Such a big fan of not only your incredible eye, but the person I feel like I’ve gotten to know through your blog and book.

    My best friend and I feel like you’re one of us and even celebrated your great news together yesterday!

    I’m a Mom of two boys and wouldn’t have it any other way. They love their Mommy!

    Lots of love!

  7. hahaha even us non-pregnant ladies need to cover up our burrito baby every once in a while! My sister stayed so tiny she just borrowed my clothes! (I’m a little curvier and like to wear looser clothes) This gives me hope I won’t get too big when my day comes!

  8. You recommended the BEST book on your blog ( A Light Between Oceans) and I’d like to return the favor. For a good laugh, read Vicki Iovine’s book, A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy. So freaking funny.

  9. Congratulations to the both of you – the most magical day in my entire life was the day that each of my children were born. I have 3 – 2 boys (18 & 16) and 1 girl (12) – being their mom has been the greatest gift. My oldest is about to leave my nest ;( Heading to college in a few months. I have found myself reflecting on those days in the beginning when it was just he and I. I hold them close to my heart. You will love this little guy more than you ever thought you could love. Enjoy the journey.

  10. I love you, of course, but I also really love your readers. Comments are so helpful! Also…I never want to give the boobs up. Never. Going from A to C in 3 months is LIFE CHANGING. :-)

    1. I second this! Thankfully, I retained 1 cup size after baby #1 so don’t believe the hype about your boobs disappearing after the baby. Actually, I had much better luck than my well endowed friends (“pancakes” is the word they use…ugh) so maybe having little boobies all those years is finally paying off. I’ve gone from a little C to a DD this time around and I’m only 23 weeks! Yippee! Please stay! ;)

  11. I felt giddy when I read your news. My son will be 2 next week (tear) and seriously, boys love their mamas and want to be just like their daddys. I’m sure your son will be your greatest work yet. Congrats!

  12. Could not agree more, Erin, with all of the above! Probably, watching you pregnant and nursery-designing will make me want a fourth! Honestly, this is it. You are going to shine like never before. Enjoy every minute!

  13. Erin, I just saw the news and a big congratulations! My twins girls are IVF and my son is frozen cycle transfer so I’m right there with you (yep, I went ahead and had a third…crazytown). I will say that frozen cycle transfer wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, but compared to a full round of IVF, it was a helluva lot easier to handle. Secret: I hated being pregnant. Truth: I adore my children. While the process was awful, I can’t get enough of them. While I can’t advise you to enjoy this (because I honestly didn’t), enjoy the anticipation. That’s what got me through it both times, and the results are spectacular!

  14. Erin, yesterday was crazy so I didn’t have a chance to comment. But as I was lying in bed in the morning scrolling through Insta, I yelped when I saw your pic. I am SO excited – seriously cannot even express how thrilled I am for you! I’ve been reading your blog first thing every morning for the past seven years, and I’ve been waiting for this day (well, yesterday)! Congratulations, friend. I’m not a mom yet but am surrounded by friends with baby boys – they are the sweetest. :)

  15. Sorry, one more…I can’t say boys are the best because I only have a boy and have nothing to compare it to but I can say that having a boy is absolutely wonderful! I didn’t find out what I was having and left it as a surprise for the big day. I was 110% certain the baby was a girl though, even leaned slightly to the girly side when designing the neutral nursery (lots of floral patterns!). When my husband announced that it was a boy, I was in disbelief but then I saw his precious little (very boy) face and fell completely and totally head-over-heels in love with him. Love at first sight does exist and you will find out about that very soon! So happy for you!

  16. okay – my second post for the day- but have to chime in on the “relax and enjoy the pregnancy” which I know can be SOOO HARD when achieving it was a struggle it can be hard to have faith and believe. I had six pregnancies and now 2 children…each had increasingly worse morning sickness- and the nurses always said morning was a good sign of a strong pregnancy …so when I had not a moment of morning sickness with my last pregnancy which brought me my baby boy….I Stressed! All I can say is it’s a crazy ride and try to “relax and enjoy the pregnancy” It’s pretty awesome growing a human! And now that I am on the advice band wagon…relax and enjoy the baby! I spent 20 years in Australia where they have fantastic paid maternity leave- it’s a gift to have time off…those first 3 months are mind blowing- take your time and take a break if you need to- we will be here when you get back! PS the BOOBs are awesome! I loved mine :)

  17. Today my daughter graduates from community college and will head off to finish at a four year school in the fall. I was helping her wash and dry her long hair this morning, thinking about how it seems like yesterday that I was doing the same with her sitting on the bathroom counter. Enjoy the journey – twenty years goes by quicker than you ever thought possible!

  18. Congratulations! I was so happy to read your news. I am fellow first-time expecting mom (due in October) so I’m looking forward to all of your pregnancy-related posts (in particular the nursery ones as we are selling our beloved South End apartment and heading to the burbs!). If you are looking for any new-mom friends, give me a shout. I’m looking for some companions in my cluelessness!

  19. Sometimes it feels so weird to be so happy for someone you don’t even know. I guess I, like many other readers, feel like we know you after all these years of following your blog. Have to admit that your instagram pic was the first thing I saw yesterday morning, and it sent me into a frenzy of tears.
    I cried because I was genuinely happy for you. I can’t imagine how it must feel to know it’s ‘real’. I also cried because after 4 years of trying, it still hasn’t come to fruition for my husband and I. I immediately felt guilty for crying for myself. People who have never faced infertility don’t understand the emotional roller coaster it puts you on to hear other people’s pregnancy announcements. It took the longest time for my husband to understand that it’s not a jealousy issue so much as a reminder of my own reproductive failures.
    I truly do look forward to hearing all about your baby BOY and seeing posts on nurseries, baby clothes and maternity style. Just please don’t forget about all of us ladies out there who still long to be mamas!
    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    1. As the husband who just went through it, I can confirm we don’t understand the pain and the suffering…we can’t. Reading all of the comments from the previous posts both helped me to understand a little better and to be comforted in the fact that so many people have gone through the same thing , many times much worse, and come out on the right side. I obviously don’t know your situation, Raylan, but hold out hope. We’re pulling for you and your husband. Best of luck!

    2. I will never forget what it feels like to see everyone’s pregnancy announcements and want to just die. It’s a feeling unlike any other. Keep going, as silly as I thought it sounds, it’s true that it just takes ONE right time.

  20. Congratulations, this is such exciting news…I was just reading the nursery section of your book last week and looking forward to the day when we get to see YOUR own nursery, can’t wait!!

    P.S. I just bought my first condo (in Chicago) and am in the middle of the renovation process and I keep showing my designer pics of your work/your book (it’s my Design Bible)…you’re basically my design spirit animal!!

  21. Congratulations Erin!! The boobs comment cracked me up. I am super flat chested and I think I’m more nervous about having big boobs than actually being pregnant. Nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t know what to do with them :)

  22. I’m so looking forward to hearing about your experiences, plans, etc. over the course of your pregnancy and beyond that! I’m thrilled that you’re going to be sharing these things on the blog. Your blog is truly my favorite and I can’t wait for us all to sort of go on this journey with you, in a way. :-) Thanks for creating an open, honest, and supportive community. You’re amazing!

  23. I am so genuinely thrilled for you and praise you for being honest and sharing the struggles you had to overcome on your path to motherhood.

    The day I met you on your book tour, I had just hit my second trimester and I was dying to give you a hug and say some words of encouragement after facing similar struggles myself, but I could not bring myself to it because you had plenty of reason to celebrate otherwise that evening! I have shared your posts with my husband to help him understand a feminine perspective on coping with feelings about infertility, and not ‘jealousy’ which is such a dirty little word at the end of the day.

    I just gave birth to a beautiful healthy fat baby boy this morning, and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for you! My sincerest congratulations!

  24. Woo hoo!!! i am late to the congratulatory party because I missed yesterday’s blog, but I am so so happy for you and Andrew. What wonderful news!! Just thinking of being pregnant makes me crave Milano cookies (the whole bag…) enjoy all the food cravings! Can’t wait to follow the pregnancy updates! XO from a fellow AMAer!

  25. Erin – the biggest congrats in the world to you. I am so thrilled for anyone to become a mother, and especially happy to hear the news for someone who has been waiting as you have. I got the chills reading your news and am so excited to hear more about this as your pregnancy progresses.
    And don’t give vegetables a second thought! Your body (with the help of pre-natal vitamins!) will do what it needs to do for your precious boy and you. I hope you feel well & enjoy this incredible experience. xo

  26. Add me to the list of those so very happy for you. I do offer one correction…it’s not 18 years, it’s forever! Congratulations to you and Andrew!

  27. I was soooo happy when I read your news you would think I was your best friend! But seriously you are so deserving and its so nice to see good people have good news! So much love durung this happy time.

  28. Congratulations to you both! IVF is an emotional and exhausting process and I (though late to read your news) am so thrilled that you are pregnant. The analogy of birthing your book in 9 months with the coincidental timing, is really (to me) not a coincidence — but part of your path. Just wait ’til the day of your son’s birth — the happiness and love you will feel when you meet your little guy is unimaginable. I laughed at your food aversions. Raw chicken and anything with flavoring or spices were my evil. Bagels, cream cheese and french fries saved me. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!

  29. Lovely, pregnant Erin! Two things: baby boys are so delicious. He will be your tiny boyfriend the second you meet him and he will love you so so dearly!! The connection is amazing. So happy for you! Also, as you start planning your nursery – which I know will be gorgeous and amazing – please consider the materials you choose and make sure it’s as nontoxic/chemical free as possible. So important for everyone, but especially for your teensy newbie! I know you will do an amazing job! xx

  30. First time commenting. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so so so hAppy for you and Andrew!!!!
    Our baby boy is 12 months old and I love being a mom to a boy! He loves his mama so much! it will melt your heart every day.
    Can’t wait to see more mommy related posts In the future. You’ll see how fast time flies!

  31. Hi Erin,
    I have three boys and I have to tell you that you will LOVE having a little boy! They love their mamas fiercely and are so sweet. One of my boys is almost 12, yet he will still come up and give me a hug in front of his friends! I grew up with only a twin sister, so I was a little nervous when having my first boy. But I shouldn’t have worried–boys are easy! They just want to be with you, talking to you, going on walks or out for ice cream with you. You have have SUCH a close bond with your little guy. You are in for a treat!! Congratulations!!! :)

  32. Congratulations to you, Erin! I am so thrilled for you and your family! What an exciting time – enjoy this wonderful time!

  33. Congratulations Erin! To a mom of two boys (and a girl on the way), I absolutely LOVE living in the adventurous and adorable world of little toddler boys. Each person is so unique, but let me tell you, these boys are major cuddlers and to watch the imagination of little men is just absolutely precious.

    If you need a rug for the nursery, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m the designer for Momeni and we specialize greatly in baby/kids rugs, both themed and no-themes. As well, we offer over 60+ collections of different styles. I’m a huge fan of your blog and a daily reader, so it would be an honor for you to consider a Momeni rug for the nursery. No pressure, but please don’t hesitate to reach out!


    God bless Erin and the fantastic adventure of parenthood that awaits you!

  34. A HUGE congratulations to you and Andrew! I was thrilled to see your post and hear your excitement through your words. I’m a mom of 3 , 2 boys and 1 girl, and it’s all good – boy or girl you can’t go wrong :) Wishing a happy pregnancy.

  35. Erin! I’m a long time blog follower and was so thrilled for you I actually cried! I know it seems silly, but being a mom of 4 kids now, my heart would ache when you would share your struggle to start your family. I’m so excited for you to experience the most wonderful Joy that can be found on this earth!!! :) I have 2 boys and 2 girls….boys will keep you on your toes but are soooo wonderful and amazing and snuggly with their mamas! I wouldn’t be sad if this turned into a mommy blog :) or at least a 1/2 mommy blog! Much love to you both!

  36. I gave you congrats yesterday ,all the way from NEWZEALAND ,I love your blog and your book is on my bedside table I look at it nearly every day ,I work as an at home designer.so many great ideas , LOVE IT .

  37. Sooooo happy and excited for you! And can’t wait to see how stylish baby Gates nursery will be. Would love to read Andrew’s reaction. I’m sure he’s over the moon. You both will make excellent parents!

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