Tea with India.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of hosting a little tea party for the fantastic India Hicks at Mohr & McPherson in the South End and it was a fantastic event.  So many people showed up and enjoyed meeting the dynamic India and picking up some gorgeous goodies from her new line. Here’s a little recap!

Me and the fab India. I have submitted my adoptions papers for her to make me one of her brood.

We hired Vintage Tea & Cake to cater the tea and they were wonderful, providing not only yummy treats and tea but also serving it all with a fabulous collection of vintage tea ware.  So great!


The setting amongst the fabulous wares at Mohr & McPherson was perfection.


I am still enjoying this incredible arrangement from Winston Flowers at home.


The delicious treats and refreshments any proper tea needs. :)

IMG_1937 IMG_1931

All the goods on display, with India’s son Wesley expertly helping sell his Mom’s wares. :)


I am super obsessed with these tassel clutches.


India gave a hilarious talk about her new line, life and goals for her company. Everyone loved it.


The rest of my long weekend was spent outside working in the yard and enjoying the weather- and bringing some of the outside in.  I am crazy about white flowering branches in my favorite blue and white vase.  It’s such a natural, classic look and makes me smile. So glad I splurged on this vase a couple years ago.  Similar vase here, here and here.


And it’s finally PEONY SEASON! I was so happy to pick a little bunch up to put by my bed. The best flowers ever, no?




  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to not live within driving distance of Boston! That tea looks like it was so much fun. One of these days I’m going to splurge on a plane ticket to come to one of your events.

    And yes, peonies have my heart too! I about died when I found out they were out of season and unavailable the month of my wedding. =o[

  2. It was such a fun intimate get together. Great job planning!

    She’s like a breath of fresh air!
    And all I can think about is the clutches and the scarves. My friend signed up as a stylist so I’m anxious to have a trunk show!

    It was nice getting to meet you briefly as well. I was a little preoccupied by the goodies at Mohr & McPherson.

  3. Great post! And yes, those clutches are amazing! I love when you can see the quality at first glance! You look terrific, too

  4. I’m in Sicily right now so couldn’t arrange tea and scones. But I did pin that yummy tea table of treats and will try to recreate it when we get home. Looks like a fun day…

    1. The dress is from Zara but it’s sold out. You can get it on eBay though. My shopping buddy found it right away

  5. The event looks like such fun and you are glowing!! :) As for your garden cuttings, isn’t it fantastic what simple greenery can do for your mood? I have some hazelnut branches in an old glass wine jug that have been beautiful for weeks now and, living in the city, I think I’ll have to make sure to have some green leaves in here all summer long!

  6. Your party seems like it was a great success! I am so glad that no one used the term “high tea” which I keep seeing bandied about improperly (high tea is more of a hearty meal rather than then more dainty version we enjoy).


  7. Thank you Erin for hosting this event, it was perfectly planned, everything from the tea to the flowers, what a perfect setting in Mohr and McPherson, so much to see at one time, I have to go back soon! It was also phenomenal to meet you, I have become a ambassador for India Hicks now thanks to your event, so obsessed with the products, I know it will be so much fun being part of this!

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