A Renovation I’m Dying to See

I read yesterday that actress Michelle Williams has bought this HUGE historic home in Brooklyn, NY that is in dire need of a major renovations- and I for one can’t wait to see what she does with it!  This home is more grand than I personally would want for myself, but I love the insane architectural details and grand rooms.

Gotta get rid of that hideous siding and return it to white clapboard (in my opinion).

Look at that front door!


Now, the current decor is quite the eyesore- but can’t you see the potential?? Or can you not? It’s interesting that some people can visualize a room wiped of dated decor and see what it COULD be and some who cannot (and those people are always on HGTV).


AHHH! The moulding, trim, paneling… I die. I wonder who she’s hired to redo the place!

MKG_NL_Tara_1FL_DOR_5526 MKG_NL_Tara_1FL_DOR_5530

Remove all the decor and that huge plate glass mirror above the gorgeous fireplace and you have one hell of a formal living room.


That bowed window? GAH.


I’m not big on stained glass windows, but in this house they fit. That little windowed nook could not be more charming.


Hoping they blow out this wall and make this room one big kitchen?



Really amazing detail everywhere…

MKG_NL_Tara_1FL_STA_5538 MKG_NL_2FL_BATH_5589

Brace yourself for the round bed and lion in this room… :)


This fireplace built in is incredible.


I hope this charming room becomes little Matilda’s space :)


And speaking of Michelle, can we discuss the perfection that is her advertisements for Louis Vuitton? Perfectly styled.

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  1. I posted the same article on FB about an hour ago, so jealous of that house and DYING to see what she does with it.

    If only I had her cash to do the same!!!

  2. I was just reading an article about her purchase! That home is going to be amazing–I hope it’s reviewed in Architectural Digest or something when she’s done, because I am DYING to see it!

    Ha and so true about all the people who can’t see potential being on HGTV :-)

  3. I would love to see her use Peter Pennoyer for the renovation (keeping it in NYC). Seconding everyone else, hopefully we’ll get to see some ‘after’ photos!

    1. Didn’t anyone ever tell you, if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all?

  4. I LOVE this house! Did you check out the floor plans? Place is enormous. Totally agree about the kitchen being blown out. Did you notice there are back to back kitchens? I’m sure one must be a butlers pantry type “mini kitchen”. I hope she does not get rid of any of the stained glass.

  5. so many rooms…..so many possibilities…..a beautiful Grand Dame waiting for a makeover!!!!

  6. Agree, it’s a house I’d love to visit but wouldn’t want to own myself. That’s a whole lot to maintain, heat, clean and insure.
    I love her look for LV. Love her with a red lip, tousled hair and impeccable clothing. I just had my hair cut in the shorter version of that cut and if I were 30 yrs younger, 50 lb thinner and very blonde, we’d practically be twins (in my dreams).

  7. Magnificent! Is the architect of this home Ernest Mayo? I live in an Ernest Mayo home in a suburb north of Chicago, Evanston, Il. The design elements look very similar.

  8. “If only it had an open floor plan!” ;) I was honestly hoping it would be even more run-down inside. I really love to see a huge transformation! I am sure the round bed and lion were what sealed the deal for her. hahahaha

  9. Oh my gosh–this is so gorgeous!! Or will be, I mean. What I wouldn’t give to be able to redo that house.
    And Michele has never looked better! Makes me rethink my stance on short hair…..hmmmmmm

  10. All so so so so gooooood. Lucky designer who gets that job :) Wish we had homes with that kind of history around these parts!

  11. Oh my word. This is the best combination of AMAZING structure and terrible decor that will make for the perfect renovation. I mean! That round bed killed me.

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