Feeding My Blue Obsession.

I saw these pictures from Mark D. Sikes’ Legends of La Cienega window design and just LOOOOOOOOOVED it.  I don’t know why I am having such a blue obsession right now- perhaps all those Y chromosomes from Baby Gates are affecting my brain- but I am loving the bright, bold blues shown here so much.  And I love the combination of all the patterns- from the tile to wallpaper, leopard and chinoiserie vases. I have GOT to work some of this shade into my living room STAT.




Here are some ways to recreate this look in your own house!

blue       1. // 2.(an affordable version of Le Touches!) // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6.Benjamin Moore Paddington Blue  // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13.


  1. Gah, that layering of patterns is EXPERT! So good! I’m having a blue moment too and I don’t have any Y chromosomes on board. ;o) Just had a client’s massive formal living room painted a deep indigo and it’s breathtaking. If I hadn’t just had custom draperies done in a different direction, my living room would be headed in this way too!

  2. I’ve been having a “blue moment” for about two years now. I’m currently shopping for a new sofa and am vacillating between this blue and something more neutral. I suspect the blue will win out.

  3. I’ve been loving blue for the past two years. I just got a blue overdyed rug for the living room. Our dining room is Gentlemans Gray and our bedroom is Polo blue by BM. I’m thinking Blue Hydrangea for the kitchen. Its currently gray but it doesnt go well with the old tile thats in their. Also, blue goes well with pink and I love a vase of pink flowers.

  4. I have one pinterest board dedicated just to blue and white. I am so with you on this. Love the chair fabric (#2). I’m leaning towards indoor outdoor fabric for cleaning ease but with enough anti stain spray, I could switch. Love your choices. Go team blue! (and white).

  5. Always loved the idea of framing a blank canvas – inspired to finally buy some of these vases:-)

  6. Beautiful! That ceiling fixture is making my mouth water. I can imagine the soft diffuse light it throws would be very flattering.

  7. My entire place is blue and white, with a little bit of wood. I love that I can mix as many patterns as I want in the same color family to give it a different feel.

  8. Love the sofa, but I don’t see the link – can you let me know where to find it? Thanks so much!

  9. Oh my gosh, I am having the SAME obsession! I have never loved blue in decorating, but somehow now, I do! I am pinning blue and white looks like crazy! I wrote a blog post about this very thing a couple weeks ago (link here: http://maisondecinq.blogspot.com/2015/05/feeling-blue.html) and now I am re-doing my family room so that it will have blue accents (used to be red). As Mark would say, “Blue and White Forever!”


  10. Did you see Zoe Saldana on the cover of InStyle? Looks like she is wearing the “this or that” version of this post! Tres chic!

  11. This could be my apartment! I have a blue & white navajo madeline weinrib, blue velvet chairs, blue ginger jar lamp, and plenty of animal accents (including a brown alpaca hide which is beautiful against the blue). I never tire of blue!

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