I remember when Serena & Lily was a new brand years ago seeing this crib bedding set below and thinking “they will probably stop making this by the time I have a baby but I am obsessed with it and maybe I should buy it”.  Well, I convinced myself that was pure craziness/ bad luck and did not. And now that I’m designing my own nursery I am PISSED at Past Erin.

I adore the linen and white color scheme and the embroidered Otomi-inspired details. LOVE. It might be a smidge feminine for Baby Gates but hey, it’s tan and has animals. And I still love it! Waaaaahhhhhh!


So now that this is not an option, I am thinking of other ways to work a touch of this kind of Otomi detail into the room.  I know Otomi was a bog thing like 5-6 years ago, but I still really love it in the right application, and especially in kids rooms.

I LOVE this huge framed piece of Otomi embroidery from St. Frank. It’s a fortune, but a girl can dream (or try to make her own potentially!)


Hygge & West has an adorable wallpaper in this print that could be ADORABLE in the small closet in our nursery.


A pillow here or a lamp shade there also are a great way to add a touch of this pattern without overwhelming a space.

CojinD_grande Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.38.15 PM

These pillows are fabulous.


Hoe adorable is this beanbag? See how this blogger made it from scratch here!

DIY bean bag chair

Or perhaps buy some affordable printed fabric from Spoonflower to make something else- a crib skirt perhaps?



If you’re looking for a big ottoman for a playroom or family room these from Olli are amazing, hand-crafted and quite pricey. :)


I also still love this pattern in adult spaces- this old tear out from Domino still looks really fresh today, no?


L’Aviva Home has a selection of Otomi coverlets for sale in tons of colors.


Toss one on a table as a gorgeous tablecloth!


Or use it to make a headboard!


Another offering from St. Frank of a framed textile cutting.


Need something much more affordable? Try this digital print out from Etsy.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.44.28 AM

Are there any trends from years ago that you still love despite them being “overused” or “played out”?




  1. I love the idea of making a crib skirt from the fabric! Our bumper pad didn’t last long in either of our boys’ cribs, but the skirt has stuck around! (I did the window treatments in the same fabric as well.)

  2. I am sure that you have and will get loads of advice on this subject. My only advice is that no matter what you pick, be it Otomi, toile or Ikat- make sure it isn’t too precious….. Meaning that you can wash the hell out of everything :) Forget Shag carpet, forget Silk…..I cannot tell you how many times I have screamed at a magazine spread when I see stuff in a baby’s room that has no place being there. Because let me tell you it won’t be any fun trying to get baby poop, baby spit up, baby pee or vomit(sorry-reality) out of a shag carpet. It is amazing how these little creatures are able to get bodily fluids places no adult is able too :) I wish you all the best in the coming months and years. Have a great time decorating the nursery. Sorry….was that too much Erin?? :) P.S I love the Otomi too.

    1. I agree! I really wanted this beautiful Pottery Barn rug for my daughter’s room. It matched everything perfectly. 2 kids later…it definitely needs to be replaced!

    2. Testify, sister!

      Erin, I hate to burst the bubble, but you should just do the nursery in linoleum and vinyl. At 3:00am, when you, Baby Gates, and the entire room are covered in projectile vomit, you are just going to want to hose it off and go back to bed.

  3. Another blog I read also had a baby boy and used this bedding and it turned out beautifully! It was Laurel-Dawn from Abode Love. Maybe she’d sell you hers! Worth a shot, lol. Congrats on your pregnancy. I know your nursery will be perfect and I can’t wait to see :)

  4. I just had a craving the other day for otomi. You are in my head! Thank you for some beautiful selections. The ones I found one ebay just aren’t as lovely.

  5. I am and always be a lover of stripes and buffalo checks, never tire of them, especially stripes in blue and white or black and white. You will find your perfect jumping off point. I have a children’s room pinboard even though all my children are grown. I think childrens rooms are the most fun to decorate. YOU are going to have so much fun doing this. Your very first nursery, don’t be afraid to do a BABIES room, you only get to do your first nursery once and they are only babies once. I found I did a nursery, lasted until they were 3-4, then I did a big boys room, then I did another room around 9 years old that was grown up enough to last them until they left home. My favorite room was a navy and white large over scale tattersal plaid with navy walls and all white furniture with navy drawers, still my all time favorite room. Enjoy this process it is a wonderful time.

  6. I dont have any kids but based on what some of your other readers mentioned you might be better off that you didn’t get it. You probably would have gotten poop and pee all over it. Better to put the fabric in places that wont get as dirty. Maybe use it for curtains. I like the lamp.

  7. And this is further confirmation of how much I love your style. I have the Hygge & West Otomi wallpaper in my daughter’s nursery, in the back of a built-in bookcase, in taupe/white. And as far as the bodily fluids issues referenced above, I have not had that experience. However, take that with a grain of salt–this is my first child, and she’s only 17 months old. So maybe I should go knock on wood somewhere.

  8. To jump on the bandwagon of unsolicited advice–I found that our crib skirt didn’t last long, as you have to lower the mattress when baby starts sitting up and ultimately standing, and the skirt will then be too long. I hemmed and hawed over bedding for our first child and for my second, I just have a white sheet with an Ultimate Crib Sheet on top (lifesaver–changing crib sheets is actually a huge pain in the neck). My experience has taught me that window treatments are a much better way to spend your planning time, energy and money in a baby room.

  9. I haven’t been on the blog in awhile so I only just saw the news! Congratulations! My oldest is a boy, and boys are so much fun (though their clothing choices are not nearly what they should be. Maybe you could design a boy clothes line and fix it?!) As for the puking….oh I hear you. I tried everything everyone told me and I still got sick several times a day. I ended up taking medication everyday for it so I could actually enjoy the 9 months of pregnancy, and not think I had some sort of demon in my stomach. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about that choice. You’re growing a human, and that is not easy work!

    Enjoy this time. It literally just flies by (my boy graduates from middle school this evening!!) I can’t wait to see your nursery.

  10. Love these ideas but, a reminder that The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not using crib bumpers. Have fun decorating your first nursery and agree you will probably want to change it in about 4years,especially a boy’s room. Congratulations!

    1. I also made an adjustable skirt and it worked out great. I ditched the bumper bc of the risk and spent the $ on a cute pillow for the rocker and drapes.

  11. I still love Chiang Mai Dragon and Cole & Sons Woods even though they are overplayed. I also super love chevron, although I’m laying low now–and just being pissed at everyone for ruining it :)

    Also, I echo the crib bumper as dangerous. I decided to ignore it with my first, but the research has gotten more significant and I decided to go without on nursery 2 and 3….and I totally didn’t miss it. If your hospital makes you watch a SIDS PSA before you leave with your baby, you’ll burn it when you get home (that was true for my last delivery and it was an intense video). But as a design obsessed person who loves that nurseries are the only blank slate for most of us, I promise I didn’t miss it –just buy cute sheets!

    1. Yeah, I have to jump in on the no bumper pad thing. Apparently it’s no bueno. Both my kids had one (10 years ago) and we’re fine, but if I had a baby now I’d skip it and bring pattern in somewhere else. Just one less thing to worry about in the middle of the night.
      Whatever you do will be gorgeous, no doubt:) Let me know if you want to try a custom color of anything! The Prinz pattern would be awesome in neutrals;)

    2. Agree re the bumper – they are actually illegal in Australia due to the strong link to SIDS . Never had them, never missed them. xK

  12. We make custom baby bedding in NJ. Although we do not have this fabric, we can definitely help you create this look if you have fabric. If not, we can try and source too.

    Congratulations !

  13. As a mom, I say : Go for it!

    You’ll probably design his room two, perhaps three times while he is still young, so you might as well do what you want to do for his first few years since you will be spending large amounts of time in his room. You might as well enjoy it yourself. Plus, he will have plenty of opinions about his decor (ugh) as he gets older – this time is yours!

  14. I am all for making your own crib skirt! Pillows, crib skirts and curtains/window treatments are pretty easy and you will always look at them with extra love since you made them for your baby. For he record, my son is 2 and a half and has only puked on his once! (Knocking on wood right now.) I used a system like this to make mine and it is great because it is adjustable. http://varietybyvashti.org/2013/04/14/diy-crib-skirt/

  15. Oh, I just read the other comments. Yes, I used Erika’s system for making mine. Also, I second (third?) what others have said about the bumper. They are too dangerous – once you get used to seeing the crib without one, they just make it look bulky and over-crowded anyways! You won’t believe the ugly junk you will need to put up in your house to keep Baby Gates safe…but you won’t care for a second! And the colors – oh the colors. So many primary colors. Ugh. They love them though and it’s only temporary!

  16. I put my money in a custom adjustable crib skirt in a fun pattern to make up for the lack of crib bumpers. It was totally worth it. We waited a long time for our baby and I felt like decorating the nursery was my reward. So far my 9 month old hasn’t done anything to her room that couldn’t be cleaned up with oxy clean or carpet cleaner (knock on wood), so I say just go for it on the decorating. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  17. I also made an adjustable crib skirt, which is a great option. I wouldn’t get anything too expensive for a nursery for the reasons listed above , but my kids didn’t make too much of a mess of the bedding and the curtains still look great. The carpet has definitely seen better days though. And don’t even get me started on the expensive baby clothes (most of them sit in the closet waiting for a “special occasion.” The nice stuff that was worn was quickly stained). Still, there’s lots of fun stuff to be had at all price points!

  18. It’s not Otomi, but Oilo makes some darling nursery bedding (etc.):


    As for me – I have a love/hate relationship with polka dots. I love that they’re fun and whimsical and add a little bit of sass to an outfit (or room); alas, they’re not very sophisticated (more my preferred style). I bypass using polka dots unless it’s a very subtle color or pattern that is only acting as an accent.

    Good luck with the bedding search! I’m sure the baby’s room will turn out lovely!

  19. Love the otomi! A couple of years back, I used the yellow spoon flower otomi fabric on a client project. I had it mounted in an acrylic box above the crib. It turned out fabulous!

  20. I just bought some hand embroidered otomi on my last Mexico trip and had it framed. Such a pretty choice for a nursery. Yes, plan on it getting ruined, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try!

  21. Not all babies ruin things. My 1 year old’s nursery is as clean now as it ever was—nothing ruined with vomit or pee in sight. I wanted to point that out in case you were fearful from what others suggested would happen to your lovely linens ;)

    1. Jess, I totally agree. Our twin boys have not ruined most of their nursery pieces, including a nice PBK cream colored shag rug. At a certain age they started to chew on their cribs a bit but they didn’t really poo, pee, or puke all over everything. Erin, my only advice is to not fight the bright colors or the jungle theme too much. We started out in cream and neutrals with pops of orange in their nursery. Lots of S&L. It lasted about 6 months. Over time, their room has become full of bright items, including many toys, that were gifts from others. We also gave in to the jungle theme after about 10 months because so many gifts featured jungle toys. We still favor buying neutral items (leopard rockers, plush toys, etc.) to balance out all of their brights. Some of the animal prints you featured last week from Newton are now out hit list.

  22. I know there will be back lash but I come here to get away for the kids……you promised this wouldn’t be a maternity and baby blog but seems like that’s what it is becoming….sorry so happy for you but yawn!

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but this is not becoming a baby blog. One post a week at the most is hardly unreasonable for someone who is going through a major life change. I also offered MANY non nursery items here, showing how this pattern is used in any space in the home, specifically because I don’t want to alienate readers. But you can’t expect me to not discuss having a baby, that’s simply not reasonable.

      1. I always loved your nursery themed posts before (that’s actually how I found your blog!) and am really enjoying sharing in this journey as much as you are letting us! Keep ’em coming girl!

  23. Love. My son’s nursery has an otomi lamp shade and a framed otomi textile I got in Mexico. It’s a multicolor nursery. His bedding is polka dots and we’ve hung fun banderas and paper chain garland as he has gotten older. It’s a happy room to be in and he loves all the animals. Sending you best wishes :-)

  24. You should try Ebay for those linens, you would probably find the whole set! (And for less than it was back then). You would be amazed the things I have found on Ebay – literally any clothing/bedding item I fall in love with on Pinterest ends up being a few years old. But I just search on Ebay, and there it is! All the best to you and your baby!


  25. Hi Erin! Our nursery is cream and gray- with a lambskin rug & white glider- my daughter is 18 months old now and it still looks beautiful! As long as you make an effort to clean up *messes* as soon as they happen you will be just fine. When I was debating the cream nursery (everyone had similar poop warnings for me) I was given some great advice by a sales rep at the Restoration Hardware in Boston (they have a beautiful baby floor if you get a chance to visit for inspiration!)- she told me to decorate the nursery whichever way made ME happy- because when everything is going wrong at 3:00 a.m. I would need a space to feel calm & relaxed in…great advice! I spent many night snuggled on the lambskin rug :) Good luck with your nursery- can’t wait to see what you decide!

  26. Hand embroidered Otomi is all over the markets in Mexico, and at all price points. Suggest a baby moon to Andrew and fulfill your Otomi nursery dreams :)

  27. oh honey, just get a cheap ticket to any Mexican tourist town and you can pick up Otani for nothing…like its embarrassing to even want it… It’s so nothing

  28. Just wanted to respond to your comment that Otomi might be “too feminine” for Baby Gates. I don’t think you should be concerned at all—the bees and butterflies and wild animals in these prints are whimsical and fantastical, just like childhood should be. I don’t think you need to worry that a little magic or sweetness in a baby boy’s room doesn’t conform to stereotypes (not that I think you would really worry about that—especially when he’ll have a father who will show him a boy is at his best when he’s strong AND soft). :)

    Wishing you the best!

  29. I have 2 boys, and I think the idea of animals and otomi is a great one for a new baby boy. A friend recently did a lake house/camp themed nursery that was so cute…a canoe bookshelf and hanging blown glass balls in fishing net, and an oar on the wall. So beautiful. And let’s face it…is there anything better than camp?! Space permitting…maybe even a PB kids or land of nod teepee? Gah! now I want to decorate another nursery (which means i’m officially crazy). congrats on the baby!!

  30. Anthropologie also has otomi wallpaper just like the one you referred to at Hygge and West, and in many colors. :)

  31. So excited for you!!! They are only babies for a short while- do your nursery however you want and enjoy it! I did all custom cream and white linen for my boys (with Erika’s adjustable crib skirt as a guide) and have loved walking into that room for almost two years now. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do!

  32. I saw a Robert Allen fabric that looked like an otomi yesterday. Can’t remember the name now but I think it had some poly in it, so it was more on the heavy duty side. I should have written it down! If you can’t find it let me know and I can check back. I looked on the website but didn’t see it.

  33. Bumpers are FINE! My girls had them and they were always cushioning my girls little heads when they whirled around in their sleep.
    And I saw those pillows at Darby Road in a plum and in a sea foam color. Might go grab them!

  34. Erin,

    I am sure so many ppl have opinions…. and I also do! I would save nice fabric for drapes or a pillow on the glider and art work. You will remove the bumper by the time sleep training starts (5-8 months). By 9 months, you lower the crib and your perfect crib skirt is too long… so it must be adjusted for it just looks frumpy.

    One thing that I did enjoy selecting was the paint color for my son’s nursery. Hardwick White by Farrow and Ball. It looks ‘taupe-y’ online, but it is anything but!!! You must check it out.

    xx, Lindsey

  35. i disagree with most of the commenters..dont let “the its going to get pooped on” set keep you from enjoying this process…get the most precious, beautiful thing you want and can afford…first off you care going to be so in love with this baby its going to puke in your hair and down your back more than on its bed because you are going to be holding it so much…my kids barely slept in their cribs but until later and spray and wash works wonders and if not it was used and loved and did its job…if you use the “kids are disgusting” logic we would never have anything nice anywhere in our homes.

    i was pregnant with our third when that serena and lily set came out ..i wanted it so bad too..we lost that baby sadly but i remember that bedding well.. i hope you get somethig you love and try to get the nursery finished before the baby arrives so you can sit in there and enjoy it and meditate and pray inthe space before the babe arrives..that was my fave thing last week of pregnancy with my first.

    for those of use who have been through infertility and waited for babies we dont mind baby messes near as much i dont think…its a reminder that there is finally LIFE in our home.

    enjoy the process!

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