46 Great Coffee Tables

A good coffee table can really make or break your living room- functionally and visually. It has to hold the items you need at hand (remotes, magazines, candles…) but also sometimes serve as a dining table (or if you are me and Andrew, ALL the time) and provide a place for food and drink when entertaining.  So picking the right one for your family is essential. So I decided to round up 45 great choices to help make the process easier!

One of my favorite images from my book shot by Michael J. Lee.  This coffee table by Worlds Away is a perennial favorite because of it’s medium size, simple construction and lower shelf for storage- in fact, it’s the same on I have in my living room!


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  1. Number 38 has been one of my favorites for YYEEAARRS! I will own it one day. Also, glass coffee tables with sharp corners aren’t the best for little ones! just sayin ;)

  2. I have a similar coffee table as the one you have, which I bought years ago from Crate and Barrel. My room is rather small, so the glass keeps it feeling open and light.

  3. Thanks for the ideas – I love a good strong coffee table that I can put my feet up on so that the dog has a bigger surface area to stretch out. (Our dog is so spoiled! He stares at me until I put my legs out and he can hop up!) It’s been a while since I read your book so you probably covered this already and I can’t remember but what is the recommended height of a coffee table? Does it depend on your couch? Also, what is your favorite way to style them?

  4. I’ve had my eye on #19 for a while. I love the texture of marble. I do think west elm should carry a brass version of this table though.

  5. Love a good coffee table! When is someone going to do a coffee table book about coffee tables? Kramer wasn’t crazy about this one!

  6. Erin, people are going to drive you crazy with baby proofing comments! I have 2 kids (5 and 2) and I didn’t change any of my furniture for them. I did move sentimental breakables out of reach and lock up cleaning supplies, but other than that, it was life as usual and we’ve all lived to tell about it – even the glass coffee table :)

    1. Yup! I can tell already! I didn’t think I’d have to preface everything I post with my plans of what I’m keeping and what I’m not (FYI I have picked out at ottoman coffee table to replace the glass one when the time comes because I’m not a dope!)

      1. Can you please share the ottoman coffee table you picked out?? I’m driving myself crazy looking for one I like.

      2. Yes, please share your ottoman choice! I’m expecting and decorating at the same time and would love to know what you found!

    2. Ditto on this one. My kids are now older and I never drastically changed our decor. Other than things that were dangerous or truly priceless, everything stayed in place and the kids learned what was OK to play with and what wasn’t. This paid off even when we weren’t at home as they knew not to touch things in other people’s homes as well as stores, restaurants, etc. Just be on alert when other people’s kids are over!

  7. You’re not the only ones to eat at the coffee table. We also need a place to put feet up on, because that WILL happen. I do want one with the shelf underneath to hide all the stuff so we can put our dinner trays down. I have a couple pinned I really like …

  8. I have #9 and it’s PERFECT for people with a small living room and a big heavy couch – completely opens up the space! Also Erin – I am in the “no kids ever thank you very much” camp already but HOLY MOLY the comments on what you should be doing IN EVER SINGLE POST are enough to put anyone off! Ha!

  9. Uh oh! This glass, sharp cornered table will have to go with a toddler. Used to have one also. But, its worth it… so happy for you.

  10. Dear Erin — You have NO IDEA how awesome this is! Thank you! This is so timely for me and my work. LOVE all of these!!

  11. So fantastic!! I have to say, all the heart eyes for #s 4 & 8! And so interesting to see the different ones people are drawn too.

    We’ve held off getting a coffee table in this apartment because the space is so small (living/dining in one) and we knew we would want something easy to push around to re-arrange the space as well as double as seating (not asking for much, am I? ;p ). I’ve been thinking two small ottomans/poufs. So I second a request for the ottoman coffee table round-up if you feel like doing one. Would love to see some of your picks!

  12. Thanks for a great roundup! I’m currently looking for a coffee table so this is very timely! I had already pinned or bookmarked about of quarter of these but there are plenty of other good suggestions. If your readers like the lines of #23 but not the price tag, this table from pottery barn is an excellent substitute:
    It is billed as outdoor furniture and I just got it for my patio, but it could work well indoors also.

  13. Hi Erin – awesome round up for coffee tables, this is definitely one to bookmark for future reference. Side note, last Thursday I was walking to CVS with my 3 year old on Pleasant/Centre St and I think I saw you. I was so star struck – and not to mention keeping my little one in tow from wandering off ….that I really wanted to say “Hi” but was unable to. So, I’m catching up on your blog and can now virtually say Hello. :-)

  14. #2, #25, and #29 are the ones I have obsessed over for months. Great post! I love the roundup posts. I was checking out your brass sconces post again today as well, such great ideas.

  15. Erin, this post was SO helpful. Loved it! Can I put in a request for a similar round-up of dining room tables?

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