A Blush Bedroom

I saw this picture on Pinterest (via 1000 Layer Cake) and loved the combination of wood, white, blush and hints of navy.  To me, this is a great take on bohemian decor. Sometimes bohemian style spaces get TOO overdone and leave me looking for incense burners and Grateful Dead posters hidden somewhere (which may be your thing, but isn’t mine).  This feels like a fresh, clean slightly feminine take on that bohemian look.

So I tried to recreate it for you below! Combining some linen bedding, the same bed as above and a mix of leather, mongolian lamb, a handmade throw and brass I think it succeeds!


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    1. Agree. I see a charming room but no Boho. Each generation gets to define style for themselves and put their own imprint on it. Boho in the 70s wasn’t called “Boho”, it was just your college apt. Heavy on the Indian print bedspreads and macrame and plants and light on actual furniture (that cost $). Everything came from an import store or Goodwill.

  1. Erin, have you ever bought art from One Kings Lane? Some of their pieces look great on line but I’m wondering about the quality. Thanks!

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