A Boathouse of One’s Own.


You really should go out and pick up the new House Beautiful if you don’t have one already.  It’s the small spaces issue, which in my opinion, is always one of their best every year! And in this issue one particular space made me just freak out.  It’s a tiny boat house on Nantucket designed by the Boston-based designer Gary McBournie. Let me say that this is simply the owner’s boathouse- used for entertaining after boating and sometimes to house some of the crew. They have a large house in town that they actually live in. I mean….I would be over the moon to just have this tiny house as my vacation house! This is a prime example of #lifeaintfair. :)

Love the Dutch door in this gorgeous blue color paired with the grey shingles and white trim.


It does appear that this isn’t insulated, so it’s just for warm weather- but I love the open ceiling and shiplap walls. It looks like everything has a it’s place too, which is key in tiny homes.


The itty bitty kitchen is ADORBS and mimics a boat interior with it’s high gloss wood countertops and porthole detail on the cabinets.


Love the built in banquette and the ceiling in raw wood.


Does this view not just send your blood pressure down??? My dad would KILL for this kind of view (he texted me last night to see if I had seen this spread- which was hilarious since I had already decided to do this post! Great minds…)


A little bedroom with everything you need and a punch of color in an upholstered headboard and small groupings of art.


I would be positively delighted to sit here with a cocktail and watch the sun set over the harbor. *Sigh*


Love this preppy, nautical look? Get it for your own home with some of the items below!


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Knowing the insanity that is Nantucket real estate, this baby would probably go for over a million on it’s own. No joke. So it spurred me to look into what small houses are for sale right now on Nantucket… and like I suspected, it doesn’t come cheap.

This house, in town, is perfection. The wide plank floor, the white woodwork. Yes please.


This adorable bungalow is already renovated with a very cool modern but nautical kitchen.


I’d love to get my hands on this one!


Just stop it with the cuteness in Naushop.


I’m heading over to the island for my birthday in a couple weeks and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!


  1. Was just looking at some of these exact listings yesterday! I’m headed over on Saturday for a week. While I rent, i would love to own a place. Unfortunately you have to tack on another 1M for a view ;-)

  2. I would insulate the hell out of that boathouse and move in right now! But if we’re dreaming, give me nimble legs to climb down that ladder at night in the dark and stumble to the bathroom (tiny flaw). The location is stunning.
    Why don’t I live there? Or at least have the owners as really good friends?

  3. Love love love!! The shaker, that kitchen, the furnishings , looks like effortless perfection. Thank you for the post Erin, I am going to pick up a House Beautiful, forgot how much I like that magazine :)

  4. We just went and stayed on a float house that was smaller but similar in finishes in NC. about 350 square feet floating on the water in Lake Fontana. Heaven! Your post reminded me of it.

  5. I cannot stand how cute this place is – I almost tossed the mag away before reaching it (HB is going downhill in my opinion) but this one is a stunner. Makes me want to run out and buy that bar cart though I suspect its not as cute without the view!

  6. We stayed at a boathouse on Vancouver Island, Canada for our honeymoon 16 years ago. It’s even smaller than the boathouse you featured. It was wonderful. If anyone wants to take a peek, here’s the URL for the property. http://www.vrbo.com/225893

  7. I agree, that is a fantastic issue! And the small spaces really fascinate me- I’m intrigued by all the thought that has to go into making them work. Smart AND beautiful is a great combination.

  8. I am heading out to buy a copy! I don’t know why, but I find small spaces more relaxing and inviting. The main space you featured might be too small on a full time basis but I would very happy staying there for a weekend. Great feature. thanks!

  9. The article said it was a boathouse (the crew use it too) and place they could relax and have a drink after a day on the water, they have a house on the island too. Amazing!

  10. Loved this in the mag. Thanks for the sourced items. We have a house on the Chesapeake that is in need of redecorating. It is 150 years old, but redecorated last in 1985.

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