Classic Obsession: The Rope Chair

I love chairs. I have a tendency to want to buy cool vintage chairs all the time.  Sometimes I have to be physically restrained from just “snapping up” a cool little chair at every turn.  I DO have limited basement storage and no need for any more chairs.  However, chairs are such a great way to convey your style and add some interest into an otherwise bland space. They are little works of art! Especially when they are unique and/ or vintage! I currently am kind of obsessing over vintage Hans Wegner rope chairs.  The texture and modern lines are so appealing. I do need a chair for a corner in my master so maybe…

Victoria Hagan’s Nantucket house has two of them that break up all the upholstery in her living room.


Another one in a more modern setting.


I just love the texture it adds!


Chairs like this can add a little warmth to otherwise sleek spaces.


Here are some vintage sets (very expensive real Wegners and more affordable replica ones as well) along with some new chairs that give off a similar feel!


1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8.

P.S. Gigi New York is having a big summer sale and two colorways of the Gates Satchel are on mega sale- $475 marked down to $285!



  1. Love these chairs, especially in the first living room picture. Beautiful. Do you know where one would be able to find the coffee table that’s between the two white couches? Any interest in a coffee table round up? Thanks!

  2. I used to have these chairs! Okay, the armless import store knock off version. I should have kept them, they fold up to almost nothing and store well.

  3. Hi Erin. I, too, am obsessed with these chairs. Have you ever actually sat in one? Are they comfortable? Also, have you bought anything from France and Son? That price is relatively doable, but I have never heard of that company. I have been dreaming about a pair for our family room. Thanks so much for any thoughts!

    1. I have not. I assume they are comfy for chatting during a party, but not for like, reading a book or something. Draping a sheepskin over it would make it more comfy and look cool!

    2. I had these so I have sat in them. Like Erin suggests, perfect for chatting in a group but not the comfy chair I’d flop in with a book and settle down for hours…

  4. I love these chairs and have been looking for a chair for master bedroom. I am also wondering, is it comfortable to sit and read in, or does it just look good??? And does anyone know of any sources that sell the chair and a matching ottoman? Great post Erin!!!!

  5. I have a pair of these identical to #3 in my living room. They’re surprisingly comfortable, especially topped with a sheepskin and with my feet up on a little footstool. Think of a low slung beach chair and these sit really similar. Love the visual texture they bring to a space!

  6. Hi Erin, I love the warmth that they bring to the room, especially in a black/white/gray room, it’s the perfect amount of color and texture. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello Erin,

    I cannot contain my excitement for rope chairs after reading this post. I’ll definitely be scouring my local markets in search of a similar chair for my home this weekend.



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