Fashion Friday: My Current Favorites

Some of these items are specifically for those who are pregnant too, some are just plain awesome for anyone! Here are the things I’ve been obsessed with as of late:

1. Any and all things from Isabella Oliver. I just ordered this striped dress but I also have this leopard tank dress and this dress as well. Her stuff fits SO SO great.

2.  I got a sample of this Kerastase Wave/ Texture spray at the salon and LOVE it. Creates waves without drying out the.  Since I never dry my hair in the summer, I air dry it with this stuff every day.

3.  My Spidey sense of smell right now has turned me off from many products, but I can not get enough of my favorite summer scent from Hermes.

4. I’ve tried a lot of maternity jeans, but my favorites are actually from H&M, not fancy brands!

5. Since coffee still isn’t appealing (and the smell used to make be dry heave int he first trimester) I’ve become hooked on Starbucks Green Tea Lemonades (ask for it unsweetened!) YUM.

6.  I’ve been keeping outfits simple and statement jewelry has been key to keeping things interesting- currently lusting after this Holst + Lee necklace.  Paired with a black tank, jeans and gold sandals– BOOM, perfect.

7.  This is TMI, but guys- I have gone up FOUR cup sizes since getting pregnant.  It’s terrifying.  Thank goodness for Lululemon’s Tata Tamer II bra. I barely can squeeze into the largest size but it really does it’s job and gives you a good shape!

8. My other MUST MUST have for pregnant ladies who need workout gear- these Old Navy tanks. Perfection!!! I ordered three and they will be the only things I wear to work out this whole 9 months.

9.  How I’ve never found this most perfect lip gloss color before I don’t know, but Bobbi Brown Gloss in Nude is my new staple.

10. When I want to look a little dressy but can’t muster putting on delicate gold heels, skinny strapped gold gladiators like these (I got some from J.Crew that sold out) are perfect with summer dresses!

11.  New favorite blush- Nars Mata Hari. It’s bright so you only need a dusting, but creates a “just off the ski slopes” flush- espeically on skin that has a little tan.

12. LOOOOOOOVE this body butter– it makes my skin feel like silk and the citrus-vanilla smell is yummy. I’m also using their stretch mark oil.

13.  I came across this line THML at a boutique and love it- and it’s accessible price point! Bohemian dresses like this one are perfect for me right now!

14.  OK, I’ve blogged about this Shamanuti cleanser a few times and have used it for the last two years. A couple months into pregnancy I notices breakoouts on my chest and back and nothign was getting rid of it- but my face was perfectly clear- so I used my Shamanuti on a loofah on my body and POOF, a week later all gone. This stuff WORKS.

15.  This is my favorite maternity top so far- I instagrammed a pic of me in it last night actually.  It’s sleek, pretty, unique and fits great!


  1. Great options! I recently found a brand called Loyal Hana That you might want to check out. They have clothing for pregnancy and later on nursing. I’ve struggled to find cute nursing clothes and mostly wear regular shirts that I pull up. I got a Loyal Hana jumpsuit with zippers for nursing. It is amazing!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Probably TMI but learn from my mistake – do not forget to do ALL of your legs during your pregnancy. I was so focused on my belly I missed the inside of my thighs and a few charming stretch marks appeared. Would they have shown up anyway? Maybe. But if I’d been vigilant at least I wouldn’t be kicking myself now. And of course – CONGRATS!

  3. Crowd sourcing bra advice ladies! I’m still in my first trimester, but before pregnancy I was a 32 E, I have no idea where to turn for bras that fit and are comfortable! I’ve already outgrown my lulu tatatamer help!

    1. Caitlin, Panache makes an underwire sports bra line that fits similarly to the tatatamer, but the sky is the limit as far as sizing! They’re very comfortable, don’t smush everything and can convert to racerback.

  4. This stuff is all fab. My one fashion regret during pregnancy was that I didn’t buy enough tops/ dresses that would work for nursing. If you’re planning to nurse, be on the lookout for cross-over and button-down tops/ dresses. I know you get a TON of (unsolicited) advice – sorry to pile on even one more but your closet and wallet will thank you. :-) Also, Undercover Mama tanks turn any nursing bra into a nursing tank, and you won’t have to rely on those terrible shelf tanks that do nothing pleasant for the tatas.
    Congrats again!

  5. Love the tassel necklace! I wear a lot more plain ol’ black tops than I probably should, but this would totally make them less plain!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. That Lulu bra looks like a copy of the Panache sports bra, which is the best ever and comes in much larger sizes (up to 40H). I wear a 32DD and won’t use any other sports bra.

  7. Which style of the H & M jeans did you like best? Did you order true to your pre pregnancy size? Thank you and I love your suggestions! xo

    1. I just bought these and have them on today- love Also got this wash: The ones I bought a couple months ago are sold out in a lot of sizes: They are killer. I ordered one size up because I feel like H&M runs a little small in pants plus I wanted some room for when I actually get big, and that worked out great!

  8. I second the question above! Which style do you like best and what about sizing? You look great!

  9. Once you have the baby your boobies will get bigger. Once my milk came in my boobs got so dry and began to get stretch marks. I used Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube and it’s amazing. will probably continue to use it for a long time!

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