Massive Brass Sconce Roundup!

I spend a lot of time every day sourcing lighting for my clients, as of late most of them have begun sharing my love of brass fixtures- particularly sconces! So I thought I’d do a round up of tons of my favorite brass sconces. If there are any other products you’d be interested in me doing roundup of please let me know below in the comments!


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  1. I’ve been considering #5 for our new master bath… I feel validated that it’s on your roundup!

  2. Great post – love seeing a pretty collection to help in decision making and designing! I’d love to someday see a roundup of kitchen faucets, flush mount lights or bathroom mirrors / medicine cabinets :)

  3. Hi Erin! I would love a round up/post of headboard/nightstand pairings. I love how your bedroom ensembles are never matchy-matchy but somehow always look pulled together. Thanks in advance!

    1. I second this! Would love to see the headboard/nightstand round up, and also a round up of standard mantel decor that can work year round. We have a huge fireplace and I change up the decor seasonally, but need some staple pieces I can keep up when inbetween holidays.

  4. Headboards!!!! I have a bed but am looking for a separate headboard! Would love to see your ideas!

  5. I realize you do interior design, but I would love exterior ideas. Like paint color combos, hard scales, or patio ideas. Just a thought. Thanks for the sconces

  6. I also love brass so how about for dinning room casual not formal since I have 6 kids lol but also pretty and a little sophisticated, I know I ask a lot :)

  7. Good collection–I have #29 for my bedside! If only I could convince my husband to let me put a matching one on his side…. but he loves his ancient Pixar-like one.

  8. I could use some of these in my life! As for a suggestion, how about cool hardware options for furniture and cabinetry updates? Maybe paired with some paint/stain color ideas?

  9. Awesome roundup thank you!

    I’d love to see a roundup of leather armchairs, kitchen and bathroom faucets, polished chrome hardware, and all your fave blue and white fabrics. :)


  10. Somewhat related to this post, I would love some designer tips on styling the nightstand / sconce combo. Our new master has sconces in lieu of bedside lamps and the nightstands look so bare and sad no matter what I try.

  11. 2nd vote for headboards…maybe at a variety of pricepoints? Love these! Thank you so much! :)

  12. This is awesome – helpful and beautiful all in one great post! We have had the best light with Circa, great options and still pretty reasonable.

    Please do a round up on dining room furniture (specifically, buffets/consoles are not fun for me so far).

    Happy 4th!

  13. I’d love to see you do a round-up of flush mount and even semi-flush mount lighting. Not sure if my problem is finding one I like or if I just can’t make a decision!

  14. THANK YOU for this post! Just moved in to a new house, so this is perfect.

    I would LOVE a coffee table roundup. I find coffee tables to either be A) beautiful yet impractical (esp. for kids) or 2) functional but ugly. Would love a roundup of tables that are both A and B :)

  15. Hi Erin-I love this post–although I could find something to love about each of these! :) I second the exterior doors/lights/–it takes seconds to make a first impression! Thanks for asking your readers thoughts-fun to see what everyone else is looking for. Happy 4th!

  16. Adding another request for a roundup of flush mount lighting – I have such a hard time with them! I think the problem is that there are very few that don’t look generic and cheap, or maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. I pretty much love everything Visual Comfort does but even their flush mounts seem a bit blah. Thanks Erin!

  17. Stylish swing arm lamps, please!! I’ve been on the hunt for one for MONTHS and so many of them are either hideous or hideously expensive. I would love a brass one but would settle for silver if I could find a decent and affordable option! Love this post, thanks!

  18. I’d love a round up of dinning room chandeliers/lighting, as well as the headboards as previous posters mentioned.

  19. YOU’RE AMAZING. This is exactly what I needed… I currently am in need of three sconces and I certainly wouldnt mind if they were all brass :) thanks!!

  20. This is amazing.
    Would love to see a round-up for alternatives to boob light fixtures (what are they actually called…flush mount?) And one for window shades!

  21. This is great! Curtain rods and accompaniments – your work always looks great and I would love to know where to shop for your style!

  22. I’d love to see a round-up of gorgeous flushmount light fixtures, too. I’ve found a few glamorous options on Pinterest, but would be really interested to see which ones you’d choose.

    Thanks for taking requests, Erin! Hope you and Andrew have a fun, relaxing holiday weekend. :-)

  23. I would love to see a similar roundup of brass bathroom accessories, i.e. towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc.

    I’m currently renovating my condo and can’t seem to find that many pretty brass options out there!!

  24. Great post. Who has tips for choosing a chandelier to go with sconces? I’m in need of dining room lighting and find that there are a ton of chandeliers I love but I don’t necessarily want the matchy sconces…and vice versa with these sconces…any thoughts?

  25. A round up of. Chrome or polished nickel or even nickel scones and /or fixtures would be great too! Dealing with a husband who doesn’t do bronze…it’s a struggle.

  26. Erin I’d love your advice on carpet – we just bought a house from the 1890s in London and I’m having trouble figuring out how to have carpet without the house feeling dated. How many flooring types can one mix – i.e. hardwood, sisal, and carpet? Can you have sisal on the stairs and landing and a cream carpet in the bedrooms? Any types of texture recommendations that don’t feel like you’re in your gran’s house? Thanks!

  27. Erin, I LOVE THIS POST! I can’t get #21 link to work for me, though. I second headboard/nightstand combo roundup and more exterior ideas!

  28. Hi Erin,
    LOVE them all, but especially #21 for my master bathroom renovation! However, the link to #21 is not working…… Would you be able to send me the link?
    Thanks & congratulations!!! :-)

  29. Would love one on kitchen faucets! I need a new one, and there are so many options!!

  30. I would love to see a round up on beds, specifically looking for an affordable 4-poster in a light wood color like yours but not with the upholstered headboard. Thanks!

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