Nursery Design Reveal!

The pressure to make this nursery something spectacular has been intense- mostly of my own doing, but also because it’s been such a long time coming and I want it to be beyond perfect! While I was long debating the bold versus serene vibe, I knew in my heart that I wanted something soothing but also with a modern edge. So I decided to really mix both traditional items with modern ones- buffalo plaid, scenic wallpaper, lucite, brass and streamlined furniture.  I am loving it, and I think when I’m trapped inside all winter with a newborn it will be such a peaceful place to relax with the baby.  And I know there are lots of people who will think this is impractical or not “bold” enough for the baby- but it’s basically where he will sleep and feed. The rest of my house in so black and white I think he’ll develop just fine. :) So here it is!

leather elephant bookends // side table // floor lamp // leather pouf

The design began with a grisaille Susan Harter mural wallpaper. I have long wanted to use a grey scenic wallpaper somewhere in my house, and this turned out to be the place to do it. I was debating between this and a more graphic block print navy and white paper, fearing the mural would be too feminine- but then I decided I have lots of time to do a bold room for this kid. And only one chance to do a baby nursery. Let’s face it- I’m a designer for a living so by the age of two this kid will probably have a completely different room. So I went with the grey mural paper and accompanying light blue, grey and white scheme. This is the section we are using. I was inspired by this nursery but wanted more color and more modern furniture (but less expensive paper than this INSANE deGournay!)


I also have long loved the feeling of this image.


So this is the section I chose for the wall behind the crib- I hope it looks as amazing as I think it will. It’s printed on durable canvas so spills or anything unsightly can be easily cleaned- a huge bonus! It’s a bit warmer in tone than this picture shows…

I am BEYOND thrilled with my crib choice- the Campaign Crib by ducduc in white and bleached walnut. OBSESSED with this style because it’s slightly boyish without being heavy or boring.


I decided to go with the Morgan changer by ducuduc in the same finishes- complete with leather strap handles! It’s wide and offers tons of storage.  And I love the stripe of wood down the middle- so me!

I was totally stuck on the idea of using a big buffalo check for the window treatments and have decided to go with Robert Allen’s Checkered Out. It’s a mix of grey and a blue that has a tint of green to it. It’s so cute.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.30.04 AM

I have yet to decide on a couple things- the wall colors being one of those things! I’ve been sampling this past weekend, and am down to Benjamin Moore Horizon, Alaskan Husky or Wickham Grey. I want a grey/ blue that is quite light and soothing.


(Left Column: top-BM Horizon, bottom- BM Wickham Grey // Right Column (top to bottom): BM Alaskan Husky, F&B Borrowed Light, F&B Cornforth White, F&B Strong White)

The other items I have not decided is the Sharon Montrose photograph.  I know SO many nurseries have these in them, but I LOVE them (and animals).  So I’m trying to decide between the baby giraffe, the grown lion (could be used in a big boy room), the baby elephant (diiiieeeee) and the lion cubs. I like bringing in the warmer colors of the lions or giraffe as opposed to matchy matchy elephant- but he’s so darn cute.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 7.35.31 PM

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose


Baby Giraffe_1_Baby Animal Photography Prints

The Animal Print Shop


The rug (that I think I’m using) is from Loloi and is traditional in pattern, but in soothing tones of grey. I plan to use a big sheepskin over it in the center for fuzzy tummy time too.


And yes, I’m using my dream Jonathan Adler Jacques bookcase in here.  It can be cleated to the wall at the top and most likely will make it’s way into another room in the house when the little guy becomes mobile anyways- but I just LOVE it in here for the non-mobile time we have. :) I also am doing the brass Jonathan Adler Sputnik semi-flushmount on the ceiling! It’s going to look so fab. :)

Jonathan-Adler-Jacques-Etagere-17473 Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.57.21 AM

The glider/ recliner on the board is not the one we ended up going with- we sat in the Little Castle Monterey this weekend and loved it- high arms for feeding and so soft and cushy.  Andrew is insistent we use a recliner in here because I think he plans to sleep in the nursery a lot :) We also realized that our doorways are super narrow (a little under 30″) and most gliders/ recliners are way bigger! This one is 30″ exactly- but we still may have to hoist it through the window!

I’m going to do this in a medium grey with white piping (not this print). I have to say, there are SO few good looking gliders that also recline! I see an opening in the market for some good designs!


One the room is actually DONE, I’ll share all the final sources.  In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do in the next 3 1/2 months!

 * A big, huge thanks to Wayfair and ducduc for helping me create my absolute DREAM nursery.  Some items in the room were gifted by these two great companies.








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  1. Love your choices!! I have been dying over grissaille wallpaper and murals but can’t find anything online regarding price point and installation. Would you share what you found regarding price range and installation? Also interested in using Peter Dunham’s fig leaf fabric as wallpaper but do you have any experience with how well that works (using fabric in the walls) and how much cost it adds?

  2. So pretty! Just be careful on the fuzzy rug during tummy time, my daughter often would spit up then so we would always put a little burp cloth underneath to protect our rug! No need to get rid of elements as some people are suggesting, you just find ways to protect the furniture (as well as baby) to make it safer or keep baby from ruining/breaking.

    1. I purchased a cheaper ($40) sheepskin at Ikea for under the baby’s face. It was just as soft (for my little man) and large enough that his whole body fit (until he was mobile) and much easier to clean than the larger one I had in the room!

      1. Are you able to wash them right in the machine or do you use a spray and scrub? I’m having a second child and love the look of these but assumed the fuzziness would make it hard to clean

    2. Beth, I put them straight in the washing machine with Tide, and tumble them dry. I have three boys and have washed them MANY times!!

  3. Simply perfection! It’s modern, peaceful, and child like all at the same time. Truly fabulous!

  4. Love it all…so chic and sophisticated and masculine. Had to laugh at your non-mobile YEARS…just FYI…it is, in actuality, non-mobile MONTHS but if the bookcase is cleated to the wall it can stay in there indefinitely…just keep things he should not have way up high.

  5. Love all of this! I am 7 months pregnant with a boy and have done a very similar nursery with Farrow and Ball wallpaper, the Jonathan Adler Sputnik, and lots of blue, gray, and white….including a big fluff y sheepskin throw rug. People said all the same things to me… “how expensive?” or “oh you will learn soon about how messy boys are” or “You really shouldn’t invest in nice stuff in your house with children”. You hit the nail on the head–each household is different. Kids don’t have to destroy your lives or your sense of style! :) Can’t wait to see the final install! OH and I used Farrow and Ball Skylight on the walls which is a great blue/gray if you need another option. :)

  6. Nice! But definitely not ‘baby’ wnough and seems too serious ! I say add some more whimsy and “baby” in there – they are only this little once and as a mom I’d say its nice to celebrate the baby stage in their surroundings too!

  7. It is lovely. However, people are just trying to help with their suggestions. While it’s great that we all have different taste and can make whatever decisions we want, we are coming from a place of experience with little ones and are simply suggesting that not all choices are safe! Why would you want to deal with “oh it should be fine…” when it comes to a bookcase?! Just not worth it to me.

  8. Just so beautiful, Erin! I love every element! We too did a recliner/glider 5+yrs ago, and have been thankful for it. And for any readers browsing through comments, my only advice is to not skimp on the glider! You will spend HOURS in it nursing, sleeping, reading books, and possibly for multiple kids, so it’s worth it, imo, to get the most comfortable/well-constructed one you can afford! So excited for you guys – and will be waiting on pins and needles to see the finished product!!

  9. Love everything you’ve choosen and can’t wait to see it pulled together. Wishing I had thought of buffalo check- so masciline, even in the serene colors.
    Congrats. So happy for you to be getting a little man to dote over.

  10. So beautiful! My favorite memory of being in the nursery with my daughter was playing on the floor after bath time every night. Great call on going with a comfortable chair. We’re about to start our 3rd version of this room – nursery, big girl room and now……tween room! I’m seriously struggling with this one. Everything she wants goes against every.single. design cell in my body :-) So happy for your family!

  11. I love it all, what a stylish room this will be!! I have two kids, and will heartily second having a recliner/chair in the room. I discovered this the hard way with my first one…….I ended up moving our giganto easy chair + ottoman into the room after 2 months, and practically lived in it thereafter. I am still using it for storytime with my second (now 2). At 2 am it’s great to be sitting propped up with a feeding baby in something comfortable!! ;)

  12. I think it’s beautiful and calming which is sooo important in those first months (in my humble opinion. It was for me anyway with the “pterodactyl” as we called him ;) ). I wouldn’t worry too much about what has to stay and go in terms of mobility (not all babies walk or even crawl before a year). I’ve found that, within reason, it is good to have things that I teach my son not to mess with and they do get it after a while. For example, I was so stressed out when he kept touching the electrical outlets to see my reaction until a friend told me not to react and he would move on. It was really hard but I just kept repeating no and trying to stay neutral (while eagle-eying him out of the corner of my eye!!) and he forgot all about them within two days. They seem to be a little less intense about ‘baby-proofing’ over here in France. Anyway, long-winded but I guess I’m suggesting to take it as it goes and enjoy!

  13. Guess helpful advice should only be given on a specific mommy blog and not on what is clearly, so state several commentors, a design blog. My mistake. Thought this was open to all comments, but apparently just those in agreement, according to some rather barbed replies.
    I didn’t realize advice would be construed as judgment or interference when coming from someone who has raised two children to adulthood and seen enough accidents in my own home and others to warrant advising caution. Whatevs. I’ll still follow, but will from here on out comment with extreme caution. Yikes

  14. Erin and her brothers somehow managed to grow and thrive with little special concern for nursery design. Outlet covers were about the extent of it! A little discipline and attention are what it takes to keep a toddler safe. Baby Gates will be where his mom/ dad are. The room is beautiful , serene, and Erin…….can’t wait!!!!

    1. True that Momma! Trust me, when you get a knock on the door that Jr. has just mooned a passing car from the front yard, you’re gonna need this sanctuary room #beenthere!! I sure appreciate your blog and sure hope you continue to share with us. K

  15. OOOhhh i hope that lady who freaked out and accused you of turning this into a mom blog isn’t reading today. Who doesn’t get a smile on their face looking at baby stuff?

  16. Love it! Did you happen to try FB Light Blue? I used it in my last living room and absolutely loved it.

  17. I LOVE your design board so much! It’s going to be absolutely perfect :-) Thrilled for you, Erin! xoxo

  18. Absolutely design this as a baby room…for you! (And Andrew). You will be the ones spending time in there and noticing everything. I said the same thing, it will be a baby room obviously, but for us. Kid rooms are for later.

    And seriously everyone, kids and babies do not destroy everything. Yes you will have to clean the occassional spill but everything does not need to be outdoor fabric, vinyl, wipe able, or plastic. And yes I have kids.

    Looks great!

  19. I love your nursery design! People need to chill. You can still have pretty things just because you have a child. And good move getting a glider you like. I spent many, many hours in mine with a baby who was not a good sleeper! We had a bookshelf in our nursery and it was attached to the wall as well. Once they become mobile you just have to move a few things up higher. I was never one to have my house look like Toys R Us exploded in there.

  20. So gorgeous. I’m obsessed with ducduc designs! I didn’t see anyone else mention this (sorry if I missed it), but just wanted to throw out there that the Enchanted brand at Walmart is made by Little Castle for anyone looking for a budget alternative. I’m a little embarrassed to even mention Walmart on this blog (and a little nervous I’ll get jumped on for saying I’m embarrassed by Walmart, with the way everyone is jumping on each other), but I just thought I’d share that little tidbit. Please don’t judge me for mentioning Walmart on such an opposite-of-Walmart-taste blog and please don’t also judge me for bashing “Walmart-taste-and/or-budget”? ?

  21. I LOVE IT! It looks likes it will be very peaceful when you’re in there with the babe for hours, you or Andrew. I think you’ll be fine with the bookcase as it’ll be attached to the wall.

    Miss Mustard Seed used a very similar wallpaper in her bathroom and it looks fabulous there and if it works in a bathroom I can’t see why it wouldn’t work in a nursery. I really love the whole design.

  22. Absolutely stunning Erin!! And here I thought you’d have a Winnie the Pooh nursery with matching lamp, light switch, rug and curtains ;-)

  23. You “three” are going to be SO HAPPY in just THIS ROOM!!! It is just fabulous…fantastic design complete with love. franki

  24. I knew you would rock it. Quite possibly the most stylish yet still baby-appropriate nursery I’ve ever seen.
    Isn’t fun to imagine your little man in such a space? May you have many wonderful memories there:)
    I’m already anticipating how you’ll change it as he grows!

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous! So thrilled for you, Erin. I just found out I’m pregnant and I am loving all of your ideas!

  26. Such a BEAUTIFUL nursery for your sweet boy! Looks just like you. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us. As a long-time reader (since 2007), I can’t imagine if you ever stopped posting, although I’m sure it crosses your mind when you read some of the not so kind or overly “helpful” comments. I just wanted to acknowledge that I’m sure it’s a lot to continue to share your life so openly, particularly when you bring little ones into the mix – thank you!!

  27. WOW you made some great choices! Love that crib…and so many of the other items as well. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  28. These are beautiful ideas! You are the designer so you dont need much advice! But….I have used Wickham Gray in my old kitchen and now in a bedroom in my new house. Virtually every person who saw either room says “Oh thats such a nice pale green.” Definitely looks green when its up on a wall. Another nice true blue gray (thats lighter than Alaskan Husky) is Bunny Gray. Cant wait to see that wallpaper when its up. Amazing. Congrats to you.

  29. Nice, but where’s the baby in here? It seems so adult-like. Baby will have many grown up rooms but can only have a baby/first room once and it should be sweet – not this ‘grown-up’.
    Just don’t agree that this should be space for parents as its your little ones first room!

  30. Beautiful! I second the folks who mentioned making the curtains blackout shades. Adding these added literal hours of sleep for our little guy. I cannot emphasize enough what an absolute godsend this was during year 1. I’m actually looking to replace my roman shades for baby #2 because they fit in the window frame rather than outside it, which lets in light around the edges despite blackout backing. Anything for sleep! And welcome to mommyhood – as is clear from the comments the judgment begins the moment you get pregnant and NEVER ENDS, while your husband will be praised to high heaven every time he changes a diaper…

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