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My Curated Joss & Main Sale


Live today is a sale I curated for Joss & Main featuring some of my favorite items from them as well as things reminiscent of objects and pieces I’ve used in my design work over the years!  Comment with a link to a product you love –you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Joss & Main!


lamp // bench // bust // chest // art // mirror // blanket // coffee table // chair

Go check out the sale for lots more!




Fashion Friday: Fall Faves

Can you even believe next week is September??? I can’t at all!  All the fall catalogs and new releases have me itching for it though.  And while I won’t get to wear many of the trends due to my “condition”, I can focus on some of them- namely ponchos/capes (great for a nursing mama), boots (a may splurge on those over the knee ones since I can see myself in leggings and boots all fall and winter) and great outerwear.

Here are some faves from these trending fall categories:


PONCHOS: left // middle // right

OUTERWEAR: left (I bought- LOVE) // middle // right

WEEKEND: left // middle // right

BOOTS: left // middle (obsessed) // right

DARK STAPLES: left // middle // right

FANCY FLATS: left // middle // right

70’S INSPIRED SKIRTS: left // middle // right

Also, my Gates Satchel from Gigi New York now comes in two new AWESOME colors for fall- Slate and Bone! LOVE!


Spreading the Wealth.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.14.06 AM

As I enter my third trimester, I still cannot believe I’m pregnant.  Even though the little guy kicks and punches me all the time, I still feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop- that I’ll get tot he delivery room and they’ll be like “Oh, it actually WAS just a very large, spicy burrito you ate! Sorry, maybe next time!”  This, no doubt, is an after-effect of going through infertility.  It’s just so hard to believe it worked and that becoming a mom may actually happen for me (I still say “may” because I am so jinx-y about this whole thing!)  The negativity and distrust in your body really takes a long time to exit your thinking process, because it served as a much needed self -protection mechanism for you during the dark days of fertility treatments.  I am prepared to not be able to fully embrace impending motherhood until I am holding that screaming, slimy little newborn no matter how many cute onesies I buy.

The other thing that doesn’t leave you is the empathy and recognition of the pain others are feeling while going through the fertility process.  It’s such a unique brand of suffering, and when I hear about someone else going through it I want to just reach out and grab them and tell them to keep going, that it will be okay, but that I know how much it sucks right now.  So when I heard about this new website,, and met with the founders ( a great couple who have been through, and are continuing to go through, this journey) I knew I had to help them however I could.

You readers were invaluable to me during the IVF process- I found my amazing doctor thanks to your recommendations! But not everyone has a bevy of blog readers to poll for good medical care, and the internet is a scary, untrustworthy thing.  There are bitter people who slam doctors in reviews who really are good at their jobs and others who sing their praises, but perhaps don’t share exactly what kind of care they received, which may end up not being a good fit for you.  Finding the right doctor is so important in this process because it is so emotionally charged, but you also want to be efficient because fertility is time-sensitive and can be unbelievably expensive.   So the founders of are working to compile an amazing, nation-wide database of very detailed reviews from real patients (you have to send them proof you were an actual patient for your review to be published) about their fertility doctors with the hopes that it will make it much easier for you to find the right match thanks to valid, thorough commentary.  They are still in gathering stage of their venture, and since I know MANY of you shared your amazing experiences with me, I hope you will consider taking 10-15 minutes to fill out a review on the site in an effort to help other couples and women across the country find the best care.

It’s very important to me to give back in some way now that I am on the other side (or 11.5 weeks away from being on the other side) of the IVF process.  I hope those of you who are currently wishing your IVF babies would just take a nap or eat their damn breakfast will also feel the desire to help too.


We Are Looking For Help!


Things are getting a little nutty around here at Erin Gates Design, and with so many exciting projects this year (from homes, to a second book to some other big opportunities) we need some more hands on deck.


Looking for someone with experience in the design industry and the ability to draw in AutoCAD as well as source product, collaborate on full concept design projects, quote goods and help around the office in various capacities (including assisting our Project Manager with ordering, scheduling and general putting out of fires).  Must have examples of design work to show. This role is paid hourly based on experience and is needed for roughly 25-30 hours per week currently.  A sense of humor, fun attitude and do it all approach necessary!   Please e-mail resumes to [email protected]


We need someone to manager and troubleshoot the back end of the blog and website on a hourly basis.  From helping me when I get hacked (AHHHH!), updating programs, adding content and making sure we’re up to snuff with all the fancy tech things going on.  Remote applicants welcome as long as they have relevant experience, but local applicants preferred.

Our Basement Renovation Project with Lowes!

When we bought our house we were glad that half of the basement was “finished”.  Well, turns out “finished” was using the term lightly. Not truly habitable, we basically use it as a storage space for our crap.  After we got rid of Andrew’s office to make way for our master bathroom- he had to move his desk down there too.  He works from home, so this kinda sucks for him is BIG way.  So when Lowes wanted to partner up to do a basement makeover with me I jumped at the chance (like, frantically scrambled).  With little Baby Gates on the way and visions of piles of toys in my future, I thought this space could make a great den/playroom and office for Andrew.

Turns out we have to build out the walls a bit for proper insulation and wiring (the wiring right now is super shifty and exterior) so it will be a little but smaller than this, but here is our overall plan to make the space usable.  A spot for a sofa (sleeper?) and media center, a small bar area for drinks and stuff and an area for a desk.  Obviously when the baby gets bigger and actually plays down here we’ll add some more storage for toys.   To keep things contained (and quiet) I want to use a cool reclaimed wood barn door on a track to close off the door opening to the room.  We also have to add an egress window into the space to make it legal (since we took out the basement door when we did our first renovation upstairs).
Gates2 1

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