Two Surprising Things About Pregnancy.


During the first trimester of my pregnancy I was pretty miserable.  Seeing as my mother had three morning sickness free pregnancies, I had it in my head that I too would just be a glowing, peaceful beam of new life and not the sweaty, bathroom-bolting person I was.  I was so anxious about getting sick in public and so generally physically miserable it made me feel some rather negative things about the pregnancy process.

I also was super worried about the changes to my body.  As you know, I have had a very tumultuous relationship with my body, especially around weight gain. And the first trimester made my body look more soft and like I had picked up a serious donut habit, not like I was growing a baby. Not to mention I developed porn star size boobs- going up three cup sizes in the first trimester alone!  Andrew looked at me one day and said “If this is what happens to your boobs, what happens to Kate Upton when she gets pregnant??” I could only shake my head and respond “terrifying things”.  To be honest, I felt pretty uncomfortable in my skin all around. I was a little concerned I wouldn’t love my pregnancy body and that some of my previous body image issues would resurface with all these changes.

But at 22/23 weeks my morning sickness cleared up all of the sudden (hallelujah!!!!) and I began to finally develop a legitimate bump.  And all of the sudden I started liking this new shape.  I now enjoy dressing my bump and get such a kick out of catching my reflection in a store window when walking by. It rocks my world that this is happening to me and I’m finding this stage where I look obviously pregnant to be freeing and fun.  I’m so much easier on myself, continuing to work out when it feels good, but not pushing myself when I don’t feel like it.  My appetite is not crazy and I mainly just crave fresh fruit and not bad stuff, which is surprising too!  There is less pressure to look a certain way and that creates a sense of ease for me. It’s really nice, to just enjoy this time and the changes happening daily (and all the little kicks!)

And speaking of ease, I also have been shocked by this overall peaceful and happy feeling I have most of the time. My family has remarked at how calm I’ve been, which has also been unexpected seeing as typically I’m a rather high-strung worry wart! I fully expected to be constantly fretting the whole 40 weeks and a crazy, hormonal mess like all those “pregnant lady jokes” would have you believe.  I’ve already written about how I chose to stay on my low dose SSRI while pregnant, but this is a whole new level of calm for me.  I feel so much more at peace with my life and decisions aren’t freaking me out like they tend to do.  Yes, I still worry- for sure- I lost sleep over picking a stroller and currently am having a a bit of worry about some minor finding on an a recent ultrasound (a little extra fluid on one of his kidneys)- but overall I feel so much better than I do when not pregnant! I’d really like them to figure out a way to bottle these happy pregnancy hormones so I can feel this way all the time!

Was there anything particularly surprising to you during pregnancy?  I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. I found that pregnancy and becoming a parent changed my perspective on what’s important. While I still stress about a lot of things (especially dumb stuff), overall I’m calmer than before I had my daughter. While I’m thankful for my daughter, I’m as thankful for my new outlook on life.

    1. +1,000,000. I feel I’ve totally matured and blossomed. The chaf of life is easier to identify and discard without extra worry. And now that my oldest is in school I’ve made the best friends in other parents and teachers. It’s a wonderful community to share in. You won’t miss your Friday nights when you’re at home playing charades and hamming it up with your little family. It’s totally the best!!

  2. A few surprising things: 1, How a human can be so tired, even when not choosing to exert so much energy. I still cannot decide what makes me most tired: pregnancy, new baby, or running after a two year old…whatever it is, I know I am tired! 2. How special I feel when pregnant, how I look, glow and re pride I feel growing a baby – my husband cannot do this! 3. How slow the 40 weeks goes and how fast – both t the same time and them before you know it your in L&D and dealing with a whole new level of feelings and sleepless nights. I love your blog Erin and am so happy for you!

  3. So happy to hear it you are enjoying ! Even though it’s been 5 years since my last pregnancy, some things, silly and not that I will never forget:
    -my keen sense of smell–I was surprised how I could sniff anything out miles away (good and bad)
    -I traveled with my job and carrying my son, I remember feeling comforted that during my travels I had a buddy with me. After I gave birth and went on my first trip, even just for a night, it was hard to realize he wasn’t “with” me.
    -we had a miscarriage with the first and I still would have kept it a secret–something so cool about having something so big that only you and your husband know.
    -lastly, birth plan? Ha! No such thing. Oh, you can prepare–but that will likely not happen. And it’s the universe way of helping you prepare for the unexpected wonderful world of motherhood.

  4. What Christine said! I loved having my son with me at all times, especially when I traveled for work. Very comforting. Also, feeling him dance when I played music or sang – pretty fun and always made me laugh. Enjoy this special time, Erin!

  5. Hi Erin!

    I’m so excited for you! There is something super special about your first pregnancy! Praying that those calm pregnancy feelings stay with you after the baby is born! Such a great feeling!!!

    I admire your honesty in all that you have be been thru, it makes me feel “normal!”


  6. I am now 35 weeks and my little one had the same kidney condition. Its quite common and very rarely does not correct itself before you deliver. Even then its not life threatening after birth and at the very least would result in a minor surgery ince the baby matures. I was a nervous wreck just like you but dont stress out these little ones are more resilient than we think!

  7. So happy for you! My son had extra fluid in his kidneys- they just monitored it throughout the pregnancy and after his birth. It resolved itself around 6 months (after me worrying and worrying). It’s awesome having modern medicine able to monitor our babies so thoroughly, but knowing everything going on can definitely be stressful!

      1. My son will be 3 in October and I’d forgotten all about the fact his ultrasound showed the same thing! You’re right it’s very common with boys and let’s face it the medical field unfortunately has to tell us/warn us of everything now because causing us mama’s to worry over nothing because so many people are sue happy. I’m glad you are enjoying your pregnancy and I applaud your honesty!

      2. We also had this issue in my first pregnancy, and my doctor, too, told me that it was a common issue with little boys. She also said that she’d never actually seen it turn into anything concerning. And, like she said it would, by that next 24-week ultrasound, everything was all clear! It’s hard not to worry, though. I know!

  8. With both pregnancies coffee immediately tasted disgusting. As soon as I gave birth the normal taste returned!
    After my first daughter the color yellow still makes me feel physically sick. I don’t understand why a color can make someone sick but I had to put all yellow things away and after almost 5 years I still can’t have them around.
    I had really painful pregnancies with pubic symphysis with both and with the second just got worse. I wish I would have been able to enjoy being pregnant because I really like my kids!

  9. I am so happy to hear that the pregnancy is going well! My biggest surprise is how different two pregnancies can be. My twin pregnancy had a horrible first trimester but everything else was a breeze until I delivered via c-section in January 2014. I only gained 20 lbs despite eating everything suggested to me (protein shakes, lots of soft serve, beef, beef, beef) and lost 30 lbs within 2 weeks of delivery. The surgery was quick but the recovery from a c-section was awful and I was never able to exclusively breastfeed. Flash forward to pregnancy number 2- the morning sickness was present but I was able to gain a couple of lbs. during the first trimester. The second trimester was a breeze. The third trimester was annoying because of constant Braxton Hicks contractions starting around 28 weeks and we had a false labor scare around 32 weeks. Luckily we made it to 39 weeks with a successful VBAC just 12 days ago. I was shocked how painful the real contractions were and I have a high pain tolerance. I had a 42-hour labor and the last 14 hours were the easiest because I had an epidural. Pushing was a piece. She was out in about 12 pushes/3 contractions. The good news was that the VBAC recovery was a cinch compared to the c-section and I have had no trouble breastfeeding this one. I’m also not worrying about weight with this one. I gained 30 lb for the single baby and have also lost about 20 lbs in 2 weeks. I agree with my husband, if it takes 9 months to put it on you shouldn’t worry about how long it takes to come off. It’s also more about how health and shape than actual numbers on a scale. In any case, two very different pregnancies!

  10. The second and third trimesters were the best and healthiest months of my whole life! I was also very calm. All my hypochondria and anxiety lifted. It was amazing! I loved flaunting that bump (and the new boobs!) too. I don’t think I’ve ever loved my body as much as I did when I was pregnant.

  11. I also was a much calmer version of myself when I was pregnant with my son, but then was a total nutbag when pregnant with my daughter. You never know what’s gonna happen! I was amazed by the schedule my babies kept when I was pregnant, and how it lasted long after they were born. The same waking/sleeping patterns of either sleeping late and long naps, or waking at the sound of my alarm and taking short naps – Des then Claire in that order – pretty much still holds true.

    Claire was super feisty in the womb – kicking and moving all the time, even doing full rolls until a week before she was born. She remains incredibly feisty at nearly 3yrs old, while her bro wasn’t quite as nuts in the womb and definitely has the gentler personality.

    It’s all so fascinating, isn’t it? So glad you’re getting to experience it for yourself!

  12. Pregancy was the most special time of my life until now! If you want to know, the most difficult part is after delivery, when your body is not pregant but seems like it, and it is not easy to return to what it was before…

  13. This is such a lovely commentary on the second-trimester. It’s such a great time and was probably one of the best times of my life. I completely stopped having my usual constant migraines! So glad you are enjoying it! It’s a great time for overnight trips. Best wishes!

    1. Agree! The second trimester/1st part of 3rd is the best period by far. Watch out for the last two months though (especially for those of us who are not so tall and carry huge). Those were some rough days…

  14. Our little guy had the same kidney issue at the 24 week ultrasound, but it had resolved by 28 weeks. Try not to worry too much – I know it’s difficult!

  15. Like you I was a worry wart. It was the first time in my life I felt what parents feel when you realize its not about you anymore. I was at peace because I knew I had a very important job to do in keeping my stress level down and it trumped EVERYthing. I was suprised by how much I loved pellet ice…I craved it. Immediately everyone said I was anemic but had it checked multiple times and I was fine. I was suprised by how much I didn’t know but also got annoyed quickly the know it alls. I was surpised by how I quickly i would cry at every sappy commercial. I was suprised by how powerful and feminine I felt knowing what my body was doing. I was surprised by how much l loved pregnancy jeans. I was suprised by uncomfortable sleep got in my third trimester. I am a stomach sleeper and for some reason this never dawned on me. Pregnancy has its moment. But at the end of day, the enormity of what you are doing far surpasses the aches, the pains, the body changes. So glad for you guys. Love watching the journey.

  16. I was shocked at around 33 weeks when the humid weather set in, and my ankles felt funny and heavy. I looked down and realized I suddenly had NO ankles — my calf and ankle looked like one giant log on each leg and then they started to get hanging ‘folds’ in them like an elephant! Some lady on the elevator noticed them and said — ‘Ow…that looks painful’. No..not painful, just embarrassing and a little uncomfortable. I had to start wearing flip-flops to work because I couldn’t get any shoes around the ankles. 24 hours after giving birth, I looked down at my feet and everything had returned back to normal :).

  17. I had heard a lot about postpartum depression (and even depression during the pregnancy), but I was surprised to find that I felt a sense of postpartum euphoria after my son was born. I’ve heard some women since mention this and attribute it to breastfeeding (which I was doing), but that feeling was just incredible. I was worried that after wanting a baby, I’d have him and then have these terrible feelings towards him, and it was just the opposite.

    I had also never felt so one with the universe after he was born. I’m not a religious or even spiritual person at all, but to know that every single person on earth has had a mother go through this same experience which was so earth shattering and yet common was comforting.

    Lastly, I did not realize I would not get my period the entire year that I breastfed/pumped.

    1. YES +1! I loved not getting my period back until I had completely weaned, although not everyone is that lucky!

    2. Catching up on your blog this week. Had to comment even though few may see it since this was yesterday. USE CAUTION!! I thought this about the periods and pregnancy too and was breastfeeding and pumping with my baby daughter and got a special surprise in my 7th month post birth: His name is Conrad and he is 7!! Happy surprise but unexpected for sure!

  18. I loved being pregnant with both of my kids, but had totally different pregnancies with each. With my son I felt the best I ever had, had no morning sickness, and up until the week before his birth, when I retained a ton of fluid, loved the experience. He was born June 2, and I always tell him June 1 was the worst day of my life–lol–due to back labor and fluid retention.
    With my daughter it was extremely high risk, and I fully expected to completely freak out due to the potential very real health concerns, yet I, too, went through that pregnancy in a sea of calmness. She was a scheduled early C-section so I didn’t have the fluid issue. And she was born perfectly healthy. Angels were definitely at work.
    Enjoy this time–it really is a little miracle you’re creating :)

  19. My first son had fluid on his kidneys which required extra ultrasounds to monitor. It finally resolved itself in my third trimester, and he is now a perfectly healthy three year old!

    I didn’t adore my pregnancy body, but I did love having my boys right with me at all times.

    1. This is why I am so grateful to you readers- I was feeling kind of alone in my worry about this whole kidney thing even though they told me not to worry- but all your comments prove that it is common and I really should not worry so THANK YOU!!!

    2. My first son also required extra ultrasound monitoring because of this same kidney issue! It corrected itself and I haven’t even given it hardly a second thought since birth… face I had pretty much forgotten about it until I read this post. :) He is now an active, funny, creative 6-year old getting ready to start 1st grade!

  20. I thought you had 3 brothers – so was one of your mother’s pregnancies morning sickness full?

    1. She had me and then my two younger brothers (my older brother is my half brother from my dad). Apparently the only difference in her pregnancies was she got migraines with me. And I continue to give them to her :)

  21. Alas, no babies for me. But very very happy to hear of and share in the joy of your pregnancy.

    Hearty congratulations to you and Andrew!

  22. I was surprised how much I enjoyed having a bump as well! I felt very “womanly”, if you know what I mean. Like, THIS is what my body was made for! Not just trying to be skinny & pretty all the time.

    Don’t worry about the fluid on the kidney, it’s totally normal for boys in utero (always happens with boys more than girls for some reason) and is RARELY anything serious!

  23. I have a two year old and an 8 month old and loved being pregnant. The main differences between the two pregnancies was that I was so emotional when pregnant with my son and couldn’t cry if I needed to with my daughter. They also had such completely different movement in my stomach and my daughter is always moving (like she was while pregnant) and my son is more chill (I forgot I was pregnant some days because his movement was much more subdued). My doctor said they’re little personalities are already developed in the womb, so you have a good idea of what your little man will be like! Enjoy it!!!

  24. I loved being pregnant with my daughter! Aside from some discomfort and difficulty sleeping in third trimester, I felt so at peace and happy. I also worried about weight gain before getting pregnant, but instead of feeling self conscious about my enormous bump, I felt beautiful and proud. I’m so happy for you, Erin!

  25. I am so happy to hear it gets better! I’m about 9.5 weeks and miserable, MISERABLE. I’m nauseated at all times. Can’t sleep comfortably. My Joe Malone perfume is killing me today, I wish I hadn’t sprayed it on my shirt because now I can’t get away from it. I was up at 4:30 this morning so sick while my husband just slept like a baby. Rough day for me today so this was perfect timing! Oh, and today my jeans actually hurt me because they are now too tight apparently. Hurry up 2nd trimester!!

  26. The last month your breasts start leaking colostrum! Thankfully, someone in my breastfeeding class mention this, so I wasn’t completely floored when it started happening to me.

    The other big surprise: After preparing for a premie due to placenta previa (the placenta was blocking the cervix), the placenta moved at 34 weeks the day we were to schedule an early C-section, and my daughter was eleven days late. Eleven very long days, which I spent watching Murder She Wrote reruns and looking at pretty “mom” skirts in the Boden catalog, daydreaming for my body back.

  27. So happy to hear that your pregnancy has gotten to an easier place. Sometimes it’s just rotten and hard, and all you can do is try to muscle through. But then sometimes it’s glorious and life-affirming and like the most miraculous, sacred, joyful thing. I think one of the most important things I learned from pregnancy was just to accept where my body and heart and mind are at and not try to fight it – not pretend that all is well when it isn’t, but just to be honest with myself about what’s real in this moment. Which has turned out to be the ultimate preparation for parenting.

    Becoming a parent has been such a transformation for me, and one that continues over time (my eldest is 3.5 now). It’s amazing to watch it unfold, in them, in me, in my husband too as he continues to evolve and we evolve together. Try to be very gentle with yourself going forward. It’s good practice!

    Every blessing to you!

  28. Erin,
    I know how you feel about your body changing, especially your boobs! With my first pregnancy my boods went from a 32B to a 42DDD!!! yep I could fit the cup over my head like I was in the move Weird Science!! I remember crying in the department store with the bra on my head. Luckily they went down but I will tell you they don’t snap back to perky and 23 years old again. I was so afraid to show my post pregnancy body to my husband, especially my boobs without a bra. They did go back to a 34D eventually.
    Another thing I found alarming was what I refer to as the coochie pain. I freaked out the first time the muscles ached down there – noone told me this was going to happen. As you get along further I guess those muscles also stretch to adjust to what’s comming up when you deliver but I tell you it freaked me out.
    That last month your feet and ankles may swell up like balloons, mine did with each pregnancy. Drink a lot of water and elevate your feet as best as you can. I would lay on the floor with a bunch of pillows and put my feet on the couch to get them higher than my heart.
    Speaking of pillows; have you gotten a body pillow yet? If not you should get at least 1. I found them great for when you are later along and you can’t get as comfortable sleeping. They help support your back, stomach and legs.
    Just try to remember that your body is beautiful and you are making a person so changes are inevitable and as I’m sure you know – worth it.
    I am glad you are doing so well. Continued good luck!

  29. I’m so happy you are getting to experience this part of pregnancy…that lets face it, not everyone gets too. I too suffer from anxiety and when the second trimester hit, it all seemed to melt away…and that was without taking a ssri. Gosh, I loved being pregnant. My senses seemed to come alive, appetite, attitude, sex drive. I understand that feeling of wanting to bottle those emotions. Sure there were aches and pains and other “lovely” side effects but I was good. Now, once the baby comes…it eventually goes away a bit. Don’t fret, it’s all the hormones, but you do return to “normal”, whatever that is, especially since you become a mother. I went right back on my medication right after birth and that was best for me. Anyway, I’m rambling, but enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!

  30. I’m so glad you are feeling so great, Erin! I, too, never felt more at peace with my body as when I was pregnant. I’m 25-weeks with my second son right now and even though I have legs full of spider veins (no stretch marks, though – shocker!) I look at them as little badges of honor and a reminder of what an amazing thing our bodies are capable of – carrying and nourishing another body. Amazing. (I’m also comforted knowing that lasers can remove all those badges at some point!)

    I’m naturally busty so the bust-size increase wasn’t that dramatic for me during pregnancy, but I will say that if you think what happened in your first trimester was shocking just WAIT until your milk comes in – craziness! Again, though, it makes me feel so good know that that happens in order to nourish your baby – makes me respect cows a lot more!

    And I will just add that I, too, didn’t get a period for most of my nursing career – 10 months! Happy side-effect :-)

  31. I was so relaxed during my pregnancy and even for the first year afterward. I think it was for 2 reasons. 1) Not having my crazy period and all the PMS issues that come with it for almost 2 years. I was rock steady everyday, no longer a roller coaster of emotions every month (I have TERRIBLE PMS). 2) I also had horrible morning sickness the entire pregnancy (even the day I delivered), but, I found that put things into perspective for me. I didn’t care about anything but feeling better and enjoying the connection with my baby. My boobs didn’t get big but my feet/ankles sure did!

  32. I was very surprised that I didn’t care how much weight I gained…I mean I cared but I just felt so blah that I ate whatever and didn’t really workout that first trimester. I thought I would be a fitness health nut but that first trimester can be tough!

    I also noticed a pretty level emotional feeling. I attributed it to no period hormone changes. However after baby I was ready to bawl if I thought of anything bad happening to him. Not ppd just normal mom crazies.

    Unlike you I was hoping for boob growth and alas hardly any. This turned into a low supply and having to supplement. This really surprised me. I was so concerned about labor (which btw not pleasant but not that big of deal) that I just glossed over breastfeeding and figured it would be normal and natural. But my body just didn’t cooperate. While it surprised and disappointed me I learned to love the benefits of bottle feeding. Currently pregnant with number two and hoping I will beat myself up less if the same thing happens. I do highly recommend a good breastfeeding class or support group (at most hospitals). Helpful when you’re tired and can’t figure out why they just won’t latch on!

    I also still remember the first time a stranger recognized me as pregnant and not just carb loving. It thrilled me :)

  33. Thank you for sharing your very real and valid reactions to your changing body. Though I am not pregnant nor planning on becoming pregnant any time soon, I worry that I will hate my pregnancy and post pregnancy body! Additionally, thank you for sharing your choice to remain on SSRIs during your pregnancy. I am sure many women have felt intense criticism from family/doctors/friends about similar choices.

  34. This is a bit cheesy, but I look at my husband a little bit differently (in a more loving way) and I’m so excited at the thought of us having a family. On a different note, it amazes me the number of people who feel the need to comment on my appearance and how I’m carrying (especially men). We don’t know the gender, but people also feel the need to tell me (with conviction) what gender I’m having with 100% certainty. I find the latter to be amusing.

    A sense of calm has also come over me, which is a bit surprising. I’m typically trying to manage a million things at once and keep my calendar packed, but my new approach is to not over plan and to take this all in stride. I’m due in late September and I’ve opted to keep my calendar free and clear for the entire month, which is odd, but also a bit refreshing knowing that I don’t have any commitments or travel. I hope this laidback mentality and approach continues post-baby.

  35. Hi Erin –

    I think it’s so great how you write these posts sharing your experience. I really didn’t enjoy pregnancy, and a large part of it had to do with all of the changes your body undergoes. Suddenly everyone feels like it’s okay to make comments about the way you look, and for people who have always felt awkward about their bodies, it’s an uncomfortable time. Has anyone (friend, family, or stranger) touched your stomach without asking you? Not okay.

    My mother and mother-in-law both told me they never experienced morning sickness, but I did. I think they both just don’t remember it. Also, my second and third trimesters were very stressful, and it was largely because of ultrasounds. After talking with other pregnant women at the time, I have decided that ultrasounds post-20-25 weeks create more worries than they’re worth. Also, they become a lot less accurate. At 36 weeks, my OB told me my baby was measuring small, but then she was 8lbs and 19.5 inches at birth (i.e. not small at all!!). At a certain point, your baby is going to come in whatever shape or size he/she is in.

    Love the blog,

  36. I was so much calmer with my boy than my girl. I’ve never felt that mellow or assured. I would get emotional: sappy, teary, angry, but I never felt that ever-churning anxiety that I do usually. With my daughter I had to do CBT to manage it. It was on another level. I think it was the hormones.

  37. I too felt incredibly calm & centered – more-so than in the past – I don’t know if it was hormones, happiness or just perspective, but it was one of the more welcome changes during my pregnancy for a nervous person such as myself. The general sense of contentment & patience continued on post-partum as well, so I wish the same for you!

  38. i was also super sick for much longer then the first trimester – but i actually liked the last tri the best – the end is near! don’t worry at all about weight, you don’t need to gain 50 lbs . i ate what i wanted when i wanted but never went crazy like it was my free ticket to totally pig out. i gained 25 lbs with all 3 of my pregnancies and worked out or did something physical almost every day – not hard, but just moved – all 3 babies were around 6 lbs and totally healthy – keep doing what makes YOU comfortable – its tough to not feel judged all the time but stick to your gut or as i think, tuck and roll:-)

  39. Girl, you’ve been holding out on us. Please post a few ‘bump’ pics. We’re all so excited that you’re pregnant and I’m sure you’re one super stylin pregnant mama, so bless us with some pics of that adorable baby bump ;) ;)

  40. I’m so glad you’re feeling good!! I also felt like the second trimester of pregnancy brought big relief from many body image issues I had, but it also brought a letting go of my fear of giving birth. I had always thought about birth as terrifying, but once I was actually pregnant I always reminded myself that I was blessed to be a “vessel of life”… and 300,000 other women around the world would give birth the same day as I did. It’s extraordinary and also ordinary, and the best advice I had regarding my body was to never insult or degrade or judge my appearance… these changes were what it took to literally create a miracle. Being kind to myself in that way truly helped me move on from so much self-judgement and that in itself is a HUGE blessing.
    I love having a son and I know you will too! Stay well xxx

  41. This is my third pregnancy (I’m about a few weeks behind you) and with each one I have been pretty calm and happy throughout (except the first trimester is always a bear). I also wish I could bottle the happy hormones! I always say that pregnancy is a breeze for me, but it’s the first year that I have a hard time with. The hormone shift that happens immediately after birth is brutal. I ended up with post partum depression and anxiety for about three months both times, and this time I’m going to try placenta encapsulation. Yeah, I know it sounds gross to some, but after what I went through, I thought, why not try something different this time. There’s no studies to prove its effectiveness, but I thought, it can’t hurt. I also hear you can freeze and save them for menopause. I wish all the best for you!

  42. My most memorable experience with being pregnant is the sensation of having those little people rolling around inside my tummy. I sometimes miss that feeling. And, although my kids are now 19, 17 & 12 – the memory of being pregnant is crystal clear (even though so many other things are not).
    PS I was able to visit Boston this week for the first time and I absolutely fell in LOVE. Everything was so clean and beautiful. I adored all of the brick paved sidewalks, the preserved history in the buildings. And I was able to visit your favorite store, Hudson…even picked up a few little trinkets to bring back to the Pacific Northwest ;)

  43. I had an easy pregnancy, all things considered – I felt particularly lucky because I got to avoid morning sickness entirely – but was pretty amazed by the way some serious back pain showed up right around when my bump got noticeable. I couldn’t take long walks, had to switch out my desk chair at work, etc., but within a few days of my daughter arriving it was almost completely gone. (My doctor mentioned at one point that back pain doesn’t necessarily go away after pregnancy. I was horrified. Happily, it did.) I obsessed over a lot of little details too – stroller, glider, etc. – I remember tailing a family that walked past me at one point because their stroller looked cool and I wanted to figure out what brand it was. It feels silly now… the baby doesn’t give a crap what kind of slipcover is on her glider, and I’m too busy worrying about REAL problems to notice if there’s a spot on it anyway. But when you’re nesting, and still have time to yourself, it’s hard not to overemphasize the details that will soon seem silly :)

  44. I had my first child back in December. I didn’t love being pregnant even though it really was not that bad for me. I was so concerned about eating right and not gaining too much weight. Then someone told me to eat what made me feel better so once I did that I no longer worried. All the things I loved before I loved even more, except for Bacon and Fish, which I couldn’t handle the smell of. I am a complete control freak and wanted to make sure everything was perfect. About three weeks after my daughter was born I looked her in her eyes and told her that I gave up and that she wins. So now I try not to control everything so much and just enjoy her because they really do grow up fast. The days will go by slow but the months will fly by. Someone else told me that in the end all you really need is to love them.

  45. I’m sure you’re tired of “this happened to me when I was pregnant” stories but my son had hydronephrosis on both kidneys one was severe and I was sent to maternal fetal medicine specialists as well as pediatric urologist when I was pregnant to go over plans for surgery when he was born because cases so severe never cleared themselves. Well after not sleeping and so much anxiety I was physically ill he will be one on Saturday and his kidneys have healed themselves. No surgery. Ultrasound findings are so high tech that they pick up on things that were never seen in the past which is amazing but can also cause nervous moms a lot of unnecessary worry I’m sure all will be well with your bub. X

  46. I love reading all these comments and have nothing to add re:pregnancy because I went through all the exact same things as you did and these ladies have already said everything I would. My only advice is for the stroller: Uppababy Vista! Not sure what you’re debating between but every single one of my friends who got the Bugaboo just hate it. We’re in NYC and the Vista has handled everything with ease: snow, rainstorms, extra kids, stairs, airplanes, subways. And don’t stress purchases, they can always be returned!!

  47. i’m so happy you are enjoying your pregnancy. i was one of “those” that totally dug being pg. it’s amazing. you look fantastic – enjoy every single moment. i’m sure you’ve heard that it gets better and better and i mean that sincerely – right through birth and beyond – it’s the most incredible thing we women are privileged to do in our lifetime. just ask your mom!! xo

  48. I enjoyed reading your post about pregnancy and feeling relaxed. We are only a couple weeks apart as I’m having my first child as well. The little kicks have started and it’s wonderful! I am also surprised at how relaxed I feel and I’m just relishing in the experience. Keep up the great nursery and maternity wear posts!

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