Which Nancy Meyers Kitchen Would You Choose?

Nancy Meyers is as known for her set decoration as she is her movies- I mean, the sets kind of MAKE the movies for me- they are like another character! In this month’s Tradtional Home I spotted a sneak peek of the set design of her new film, The Intern, and the kitchen may be one of her best yet!  She based the Brooklyn townhome of Anne Hathaway’s character on Jenna Lyons’ previous and furiously blogged home.  But this kitchen looks better than Jenna’s for sure!

The Intern, Jules' house, Brooklyn NY  (Warner Bros.)
The Intern, Jules’ house, Brooklyn NY (Warner Bros.)
The Intern, Jules' house, Brooklyn NY  (Warner Bros.)
The Intern, Jules’ house, Brooklyn NY (Warner Bros.)

But there are SO many good Nancy Meyers kitchens- like Cameron Diaz’s modern, open space in The Holiday.


Or perhaps you are more attracted to the cozy charms of Kate Winslet’s English cottage kitchen?


Or Meryl Streep’s amazing kitchen in It’s Complicated?


And then there is the kitchen on the set of Something’s Gotta Give- the house that made everyone absolutely swoon.



Which would you pick if you could have one of them??


  1. And don’t forget about the amazing and my all time favorite kitchen in “It’s Complicated”.

  2. I find the interesting thing about all of these gorgeous kitchens (with the exception of Somethigs Gotta Give) – the lack of traditional upper cabinets. Makes such a HUGE difference in the way a kitchen feel I think.

  3. I watch, Something’s Gotta Give, just to visit that house! The kitchen is beautiful and functional. It’s important to remember FUNCTIONAL in kitchens. IF you cook, of course. I think many people today are creating kitchens to impress rather than to cook in them.

  4. Definitely “Something’s Gotta Give”. I love the openness and all the light it gets. And living here on the coast- I’m a little biased. But I wouldn’t complain if I had any of those kitchens! They’re all stunning!

  5. Something’s Gotta Give has always been my favorite, but The Intern kitchen is amazing, too. Love Nancy Meyers!

  6. That’s easy – I have drooled over the Something’s Gotta Give house for YEARS, but I didn’t have a clue who designed it. Such a great mix of elegant and comfy. Thanks for this post!

  7. It’s complicated for sure!! Erin, could you do a round up of baby shower dresses? I’m having such a hard time finding one! I need your style expertise :)

  8. The Cameron Diaz/Holiday kitchen is my favorite (with the addition of a little open shelving up top), but for whole house appeal, Meryl Streep/It’s Complicated takes the cake!

  9. I want “It’s Complicated” which, oddly enough, Streep’s character was having it ripped out and installing a new kitchen designed by architect Steve Martin. ????

  10. My kitchen at my last house was designed around the kitchen of Something’s Gotta Give….white cabinetry with soapstone. I recently read that the countertops of that set weren’t even a stone, but painted black. Although I still love the elements of the kitchen, my vote would be the kitchen from It’s Complicated. Have you seen ‘This is 40?’ I bought that movie just because I loved the interiors so much. Plus, it’s funny. I’m curious which kitchen is your fave?

  11. Oh wow. I’m going to have to go see ‘The Intern’ now, if only for more of the townhouse! The arch of subway tile with the range hood kills me. And that floor…

  12. I love Cameron Diaz Los Angeles’ kitchen from the movie “The Holiday” most of all. My second choice would be from “Something’s Gotta Give”

  13. It’s Complicated. I couldn’t wait to get that Kitchen (and house) into my design files after I saw the movie.
    Did you know that Nancy Meyers uses her personal Interior Designer to do her movie sets? I forget his name……

    1. I believe his name is John Hutman and I love pretty much everything he does! I did a whole blog post on getting the living room look from It’s Complicated on a budget a few months ago and did a little research on him then. Seems like a very cool guy:


      We’re just moving into a new house and planning a kitchen renovation for 2016 ; the It’s Complicated and Something’s Gotta Give kitchens will definitely influence my final design; they’re both such great spaces.

  14. Love love love Its Complicated. I am not sure why, maybe its a combination of the great light, open shelving, and the laid back, family-first feeling. Great post!!!

  15. Meryl Streep’s kitchen! I actually want a sequal to It’s Complicated just so i can see the finished dream kitchen by Steve Martin – c’mon, Nancy!:)

    1. I so wish there will be a sequel to Its Compplicated!!! Fabulous kitchen! Great story with enough good story lines forms super fabulous sequel!!!!

  16. I love the kitchen from her new movie, The Intern. But the It’s Complicated kitchen has always been a long time favorite. Perhaps because that kitchen is seems attainable and so much good looking food was served in the movie, I just love it. Ironic that the movie plot involves building a new kitchen in the movie.

  17. Although open storage looks good, in reality a busy mom doesn’t have time to artfully arrange glasses on a daily basis! All the kitchens have merit, but I agree that the ” Something’s Gotta Give” is the most functional kitchen.

  18. I might have to watch “The Intern” now just so I can check out the kitchen a bit more! I love how beautiful it is, yet it also feels fairly casual considering the humongous size!!

  19. Something’s Gotta Give for sure….storage and light! I love open shelving and have some currently – the arranging is not so bad (but I don’t have to chase little ones around), but the washing everything before you use it because dust settles – it gets old quick. (or, I’m just really lazy)

  20. Every time I watch Something’s Gotta Give I am blown away by how truly timeless that entire home design is. And that kitchen will forever hold a special place in my heart!

  21. The English cottage kitchen from The Holiday is me all day long. I love it. Cozy, fireplace, yada yada yada.

  22. Something’s Gotta Give. I love that kitchen. I do love the blue cabinetry in the kitchen from The Intern, so warm and welcoming.

  23. I choose the Something’s Gotta Give kitchen since I’ve had breakfast in the real kitchen it was modeled after!

  24. Great debate. The best site for this stuff is a blog I follow called hookedonhouse.net (not .com). Julia posts all sorts of shots of these things plus behind the scenes shots of the rooms we all swoon for. Sometimes the house is real, sometimes not. iI it is a real house and it goes on the market for sale she will post some of the real estate shots. So much fun to look at.

  25. Definitely The Intern – as I have the same setup in my kitchen with the open shelving! Cant wait to see the movie!

  26. I remember swooning at the available counter space in It’s Complicated, but as someone who cooks a lot, I find that open shelves in a kitchen only works for a movie set or a magazine shoot. The thought of having to dust/rinse everything from those shelves before use (including the shelves themselves on a regular basis) would put me over the edge. Kristen

  27. Hi Erin, Decisions, decisions……..I’m in a dead tie between It’s Complicated and the Intern! Love the open shelves…….okay I think I’m leaning towards It’s complicated. Great post today!!

  28. I’ve designed several start up offices and I can say she hit the nail on the head with this one! I’ve designed for mostly male-oriented tech companies but I’ve been dying to do one for a female CEO like this and amp up the glam factor!

  29. The impossibly huge kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give is my hands down favorite. But in reality land I’d be handing the contractor a pic of the It’s Complicated kitchen, because it’s lovely and would actually fit in my house!!

  30. I swear, when I need a quick design hit, all of the above. Still a soft spot for Something’s Gotta Give- all those preppy blue striped rugs, soapstone( well, painted for the movie), and Oly furniture- always worth a sigh and a swoon.

  31. And P.S., has anyone else noticed the little “lived in” dent in the It’s complicated Subzero fridge? I guess that’s why it needs a renovation! Please… send it my way!

  32. Coming to this post late, but my favorite thing about the It’s Complicated kitchen is that she’s getting an ADDITION TO IT in the movie, and actually complains about the kitchen, when it’s amazing (and by my NYC dwelling standards, enormous). Her garden in that movie is truly amazing as well. To dream!

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