Pretty, Pretty Pictures

After a long day of travel which left me a cranky, third-trimester pile of whininess- I was not able to put together a mind-blowing blog for you. So instead I’m going to simply share a place I love to kill some time looking at inspirational pictures. This Tumblr account, L’extravagance, has such insanely good eye candy.  Fashion, food, life, travel, interiors- it’s just picture after picture of what I’d like my life to look like in some alternate, perfect universe. Enjoy.
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tumblr_n7qlxy4TAd1r4lxqto1_500 tumblr_npiwctosq01qblfg5o1_500

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  1. Even when you’re out of kilter, your eye is still going strong. I can see your love of black and white with touches of color reflected in this grouping.

  2. But don’t you realize your life
    DOES look like this? At least from
    The other side of the screen.
    Hang in there! Third trimester is REALLY hard- think of it like marathon training for the first few months with baby.

  3. Erin, you are seriously the sweetest blogger in blogland. Instead of just missing a day, you post something to give your readers some inspiration. It’s obvious how much you care about us! Thank you so much.

  4. You take all the rest time you need! I just wanted to tell you I wish I had thought to refer to EOS BEFORE driving myself crazy trying to find a color for my dining room. Literally 14 samples of grey later, and my walls looking like a patchwork quilt, I realized you’d recommended your favorite colors in your book–duh.
    So, I’m off to the paint store yet again for free samples! If you ‘ check in’ on FB, you get a free sample, which is cool. What is not cool is enduring the teasing from friends on FB about being there so often.
    Anyway, getting close to TL:DR, but just wanted you to know that based on your recommendations I think I’m going with Balboa Mist. Or possibly Shoreline. I hope :)

  5. Definitely as you have said above, this is an awesome place to see beautiful pics. How do you choose such exotic images to post here. I have checked many of your posts and you didn’t forgive for the quality of the posts that have been shared here. When I moved from one to another, I was feeling awesome for a while because I had hope for the best in the next post. Surely, I have expectations in your next post. Anyway, thank you for this amazing pics.

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