Fashion Friday: Strap In

Last fall THE watch to have was an oversized gold men’s watch with a metal bracelet. This season, I think we are going to see a return to the classic leather strap watch. Worn by such stylish women as Jackie O and Princess Diana, this style is truly timeless (ha ha).  The best looking and most eternally stylish- the Cartier Tank.

It looks good with everything and on everyone. :)



You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this look for yourself this season though.  Yes, there are some beautiful timepieces out there that are worth investing in, but some great looking ones for less than $100 too!

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  1. I bought my Cartier Tank 10 years ago – before marriage + baby and just when i opened my business at the time – a tea house. A friend had said do it – while you are working long days and sweeping floors you will look down at your wrist and be happy for it. i did and i am. classic is timeless and a beautiful treasure i can pass down to my daughter.

    1. I was just offered my dream Tank Louis for an awesome price from our jeweler but alas, I have a front walkway that need repairing. Being a grown up is not fun sometimes :)

      1. Hmmm…what’s your take on “push presents”? Andrew? A special engraving could commemorate the day you finally got your lil nugget and stretched your hooha to unthinkable limits. A worthy feat;)

    2. He already bought a push present- I actually get I this week on our 10th anniversary (he says it’s a combo present which means it’s good) ?

  2. I just received this Cartier tank for my 50th birthday 4 days ago! I wanted something timeless and classic that I would love forever and could pass down to my now 7 year old daughter.

  3. I have a Cartier Tank also, but it is the all metal one and the men’s size. I got it five years ago for Christmas from my husband. I love it, classic and gorgeous and not flashy or obnoxious. I never leave the house without it.

  4. I vote you talk to Andrew about a “push present.” It’s timeless and will remind you of all the precious time you have with your new little guy!

  5. I’m getting a watch for my birthday (already wrapped). Wish I’d seen this post before. Very surprised how affordable all the ones I loved were. Between $150 and $55. Color me shocked.

  6. Love the Shinola and Hermes. Ugh, who came up with the “push present”. I think a healthy baby would be the “present”. It’s almost as bad as Dylan Lauren using a surrogate because she was too busy to carry her babies herself.

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with being given something special to commemorate your pregnancy and the birth of your child.

      1. I actually got my husband a “push present” as well, a watch that he can pass down to our little one – like you, we had a boy. He refers to it as “[baby’s name] watch” and points it out to the little guy all the time – “look, you’ll have this someday!” Too cute. Though I do hate the term “push present.”

  7. I’m so glad that watches are making a comeback! I hate digging through my purse to find my phone every time I need to know the time!

    Now I have to do some serious digging around to find my old leather strap watch I got from my grandmother. :-)

  8. It’s lovely to get a gift honoring the most loving and transformative (not to mention selfless!) experience in your life. I think it’s the term ‘push present’ that turns people off. I have a piece of jewelry for the birth of each of my kids and I will pass them to them when they are old . . . really, really old. :)

  9. I didn’t “push”. My babes didn’t know the correct way out, so they came out the “sunroof”. Agree that the baby is the ultimate present at the end of the day, but the lovely ring my husband surprised me with certainly was a welcome surprise!
    I was given a lovely metal watch last year that came with a second (black leather), strap. I must get it out and start using it!

  10. The last watches I wore were from Sasha Rhett. I loved them. Double wrap interchangeable bands. For $75 you could have a new watch in any leather or color your heart desired. And they were all tank style with a double leather band. Now I think they offer lots metals and they added a round style when the huge round watches became popular.

  11. I couldn’t agree more ! I finally got my Tank Solo a few months ago (the best gifts are the ones you make to yourself!) and I am happy to discover that these watches are making a general come-back.
    I love the selection – those Hermes’s are gorgeous…but they might have to wait a bit…

  12. I pinned these same pictures a few years ago because this was my dream watch! My husband surprised me with a Cartier Tank with black alligator strap and gold face for my 35th birthday and after I had given birth to my 2nd baby. I wear it everyday with a simple gold wedding band. It’s the most comfortable, understated, incredibly chic piece I own, that I wear everyday!

  13. ahhh you are killing me!! i have my eye on this one like forever—- and now seeing it on jackie makes me want it even more :/// i have to finish my studies faster and get a job!!!

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