It’s Only Paint.

My nesting urge is reaching far beyond the nursery right now- we had our house re-painted (I think it had been 15 years since it was last done and was peeling in dinner plate sized chunks!)  Now that it’s all fresh and clean, I am thinking I’m going to go bold for this fall/ holiday season and paint my door chartreuse (the color I blogged about recently as being hot for fall!)  I know, the black is nice, but I can always paint it black again when I get sick of it. I’m game for a CHANGE!  Your front door is such an easy, inexpensive place to try something fun.

I tested two Benjamin Moore samples this weekend and am torn between the more yellow, brighter one left and the slightly more muted version at right.

Side note: I hate my walkway and steps but after getting a quote from a mason to redo it in bluestone we are most certainly going to have to wait.


Some inspiration imagery of doors in similar colors:




Loving this color with grey siding and white trim (pic by Chic Little House)


Lauren Liess used this color on the interior of a door too and it looks awesome (but I’m sticking to just the exterior in this house)


Thinking ahead to the holiday season, I think this color makes an awesome backdrop to wreaths, like this magnolia leaf one (maybe with a gold ribbon? Or black and white plaid?) and window boxes filled with chartreuse toned greens!


I need a new doormat and house numbers too.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.20.01 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 7.26.25 PM

Also hoping to find two boxwood topiaries like this to flank the door since one of my current evergrenn ones has clearly bitten the dust hard. Hey, they lasted almost three years, so I feel pretty good about that!







  1. F&B Churlish Green. Similar, but more complex. It’s amazing, you won’t need that much so it’s worth the splurge!

  2. I would suggest you put the samples against the white siding, rather than the black door. Also set them down next to the porch stone. That will give you more clarity and help you decide. :)

  3. Go bright! There is a house similar to yours near me and they just repainted their door the same color. It’s tucked away behind some trees but I made my husband turn around and drive past it because it caught ny eye, I love it!

  4. The color on the right, paint the steps white, lose the planters, replace with boxed planters with lower greenery like ivy surrounding cone shaped boxwood. ?

  5. This is so funny………as I type this, my husband is giving our front door a fresh coat of apple green paint! A little different than your colors, but what a coincidence!! I love your choices, either one would look great!


  6. I love the wasabi!
    I just went to James Madison’s home, Montpelier, in Virginia. Dolley liked bright colors and painted the doors to Montpelier a bright mustardy yellow which reminds me of the colors you’ve shown here.

  7. Purchase a very large door mat to completely cover the colored area of your stoop, or use a large piece of seagrass matting, or paint that area with concrete paint.

  8. I like the brighter color on the left. Go bright!!! Gorgeous with black and white ribbon on a wreath! You will love the masonry when you redo it – I have bluestone edged in brick and it’s really nice. I also use cobblestone and the three work nicely together.

  9. Wasabi for sure. Also have you considered painting the steps like the second example? Could look really nice until you’re ready to re-do.

  10. I love this idea!! I am also partial to the Wasabi against the white. More neutral? And I love this look for holiday!

    Would you ever pull off your little white candle covers in the fixtures and spray paint them gold to match your brass hardware? Might be pretty against the black. Got holiday on the brain now. : )

    I also second the budget-friendly ideas about the stoop. I was actually thinking about mortar washing, which would hopefully be more cohesive with the rest of the path. Have fun! Baby Gates will love it.

  11. This may be a shot in the dark… but is the second picture of a house in Wellesley? If so, I know exactly which one it is and am obsessed!

  12. The lanterns on that second house are amazing!!! I like the brighter color – go bright or go black! For those asking about boxwood topiaries, I’ve seen them at Cavicchio’s in Sudbury but you have to have an account to buy there (available only to the trade). If you have a landscaper, they can probably buy them there for you. Call first to make sure they have them before asking someone to go for you!

  13. P.S. My husband is finally doing our walkway and patio in bluestone after ten years of living with gray pavers (very ugly gray pavers)…he has a landscape design company and we have had to wait an entire decade due to the cost of materials alone! I totally understand why you have to wait! But it will be so worth it when you can finally do it!

  14. I know whichever color you choose will be great.

    Have you considered a faux limewash — ie white paint painted on those bricks/stones like is done in the second picture of the yellow door you show.

    Just did it on a building in Albuquerque where the red brick had graffiti. White paint and water, very watery and brushed on.

    Do decide if you like the look first, as it is hard to remove.

    Our neighbor did it as a true and traditional limewash. Actually beautiful and a true treatment for bricks.

    Love your blog.

  15. Just painted my front door in the UK in chartreuse I used a crown paint called ‘chartreuse mix’ in gloss it’s gorgeous and I’ve had people stopping and staring with very positive comments! Love your blog x

  16. Ps. Here’s the link to my front door.
    The grey trim really brought out the colour it looks yellow in the photo but definitely chartreuse in reality. The octagonal chrome hardware really sets it off. I say go for either of your Color choices you won’t regret it. My door was black too originally and it makes me smile everyday I come home. Can’t wait to see yours done x

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