Teenage Dream

I was poking around RH Baby & Child the other day looking for a giant stuffed giraffe (thanks Instagram followers for the recommendation) and saw a little banner introducing RH Teen. I had not heard anything about this new line and assumed it would be something good to bookmark for kids rooms for clients but MAN was I suprised! SO. MUCH. GOOD. STUFF.  And not for teens, for us grown ups!  Yes, the beds only go up to queen, but everything else could be used in a room for someone of any age- it’s a great reminder to not limit yourself source wise! Take a peek and my favorite finds:

Cool canopy bed and drop dead desk…

rhtn_prod102602_E1721550_TQ rhtn_prod102423_E67195165_FP_clrhbc293003

AHHH, this dresser!!!!


Love the idea of two of these beds together in a guest room or kids room (comes in other finishes) and this black nightstand has such great details…

rhtn_prod102625_E87211140_TQ rhtn_prod102695_E77233518_F_clrhbc299003



Soft rugs that could work in a living room or bedroom and a cool Swiss cross pillow.

rhtn_prod100135-v rhtn_prod100777_E77063387_F

ADORE this collection with the modern lines and brass details!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.24.19 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.25.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.26.09 PM

A gorgeous, simple dresser with lots of storage and one in a cool metallic finish.

rhtn_prod102514_E27204152_F rhtn_prod102504_E9720313_F

Great bedding and shower curtains (I need a new one for my guest bathroom and this may be it!)

rhtn_prod101179_E47046385_FS rhtn_prod101405_E57080925_FP

Super awesome bulletin boards in white or black linen with brass nailhead! Swoon!

rhtn_prod100565_E77019416_F rhtn_prod100567_E57019648_F

A dresser and hutch in a rustic wood finish- useful in many application in the home.


An amazing mirrored screen (so glam) and some cool wall art.

rhtn_prod102531_E77205660_TQ rhtn_prod100073_E66321633_F

This bed looks so comfy and soothing.


Classic monogrammed sheets and a GORGEOUS crystal column lamp.

rhtn_prod103165_E2728763_O_clrhbc289083 rhtn_prod102008_E77161985_F

Love this modern dresser in wood with sleek hardware.


Floating shelves in wrapped brass (!!!) and white with brass brackets.

rhtn_prod100686_E27030445_FP rhtn_prod100680_E27029844_FP

More brass- this time lighting!

rhtn_prod101975_E27159138_F rhtn_prod101888_E4715122_F

Some cools little stools.

rhtn_prod102756_E47239688_TQ rhtn_prod101509_E97094583_TQ

Nice textured white drapes with grommet tops and simple brass hardware.

rhtn_prod101702_E87113864_FP rhtn_prod101727_E27116353_F

Gold hide mirror (quite the bold statement, yet I oddly love it) and a gorgeous matte brass/ gold mirror.

rhtn_prod100641_E77027027_F rhtn_prod100076_E46320134_F

Brass storage baskets and frames. I love that they love brass as much as I do!

rhtn_prod101567_E37100347_FP rhtn_prod102803_E67242876_FP_RS



  1. Great find – thanks for sharing! I’ve been on a furious search for nightstands – I see so many things I like, but when it comes time to select something for myself, suddenly it’s impossible! RH teen has some real contenders.

  2. Hi! I am obsessed with this new line! Question – how do you feel about putting that white dresser with the nail head detail in an entry way? Would it look strange to use a dresser in a place other than the bedroom? Just wanted to get your thoughts on unconventional furniture placement. Thanks!

  3. Individually the items are nice, and I can see how this would be a nice new resource from a design perspective. However, I got the catalog in the mail yesterday and I had an immediate visceral reaction to the way everything was presented – all the fetishizing of teenagehood as this pristine and “instagram ready” time of life. Teenagers sitting and blandly texting in the middle of these sumptious suites of rooms. Two teenage girls taking a ‘duck lips’ selfie in the perched on the edge of their $3000 “teen” sofa in front of a large glitzy framed print that says “You only live once.” Ugh. God help the person who has to be those kids’ first boss. Blech.

    1. Agreed! And I wonder if this stuff even appeals to teens? I think there is a market for something other than pink and green polka-dotted or tie-dyed PB Teen stuff, but this seems so grown-up looking to me! (Probably why those of us reading really like many of the pieces. I just don’t see them for my soon to be teenage daughter’s bedroom redo.)

      And I had to laugh about the queen bed comment. There are grown ups out there who happily share a queen-sized bed with their spouses, believe it or not. :-)

      1. i agree. while i LOVED everything all the items for myself… i couldn’t get the image of these crazy spoiled teens out of my head… it’s partly offensive. or maybe i’m just jealous and bitter that these spoiled teens have access to nicer things that i do! PB teens handles it much better i think…

      2. I just wanted to say that I’m so glad you brought this up. This DOES look like a really, really lovely source for me to splurge on, and obviously, everyone can afford different levels of investment for their teens, but it is such an interesting point that now these high price point items are for teens, too!

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  4. I’m telling you, I pinned 99% of this post. Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a campaign desk to serve as a console table and definitely see an option here.

  5. A friend and I were just going through all our favorites from RH Teen yesterday. Love places like this, Land Of Nod, and PB Teen for some pretty cute and affordable items (especially the lighting). Buuut think it’s hilarious that this stuff is for teens and kids. My parents would still be laughing at me if I asked them for my initials in mirrored letters at $180 each.

  6. Thank you, Erin! This is so timely- I found the PERFECT table for my clients. Now to see how many they have in stock! Off to pin these so I don’t forget the source!

  7. Haha! No kidding ! I got the catalog and thought this stuff is not for teenagers it’s for us grown-ups! Lots of pretty things and not at all what I had growing up!

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